Scientists Find Large Amounts of Water on the Moon

The NASA probe that impacted the Moon in early October has found water:

Probe "The confirmation of scientists’ suspicions is welcome news both to future explorers who might set up home on the lunar surface and to scientists who hope that the water, in the form of ice accumulated over billions of years, could hold a record of the solar system’s history. The satellite, known as Lcross (pronounced L-cross), slammed into a crater near the Moon’s south pole a month ago. The impact carved out a hole 60- to 100-feet wide and kicked up at least 24 gallons of water. 'We got more than just whiff,' said Peter H. Schultz, a professor of geological sciences at Brown University and a co-investigator of the mission. 'We practically tasted it with the impact.' For more than a decade, planetary scientists have seen tantalizing hints of water ice at the bottom of these cold craters where the sun never shines."

And the discovery also gives new life to a song from Celine Dion's eponymous 1993 album, AFTER THE JUMP...

Posted November 13, 2009 at 12:58pm ETC by Andy Towle
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