1. crispy says

    I think I missed my true calling in life… writing dialogue for soap operas.

    “I don’t want to disappoint you. I haven’t been with a man since college. Since you.”

    “I’m sure it’ll come back to you. It’s just like riding a bike. Without a seat.”

  2. David in Houston says

    Apparently, gays are not allowed to touch each other whilst kissing. Aside from that, it’s great that One Life To Live is featuring a gay couple. Scott and Brett are both adorable, which is makes the soap opera theatrics easier to go down.

  3. patrick nyc says

    CRISPY once again, LOL.

    Chris may be the prettier Evan’s brother but Scott is sexier.

    It’s easy to forget that only 27 years ago Dynasty was the first to have a lead actor be gay, then straight, then gay. Today kids see it everywhere. It’s not Shakespeare but hey, it’s much better than what I grew up on.

  4. Harry says

    David in Houston,

    You’re wrong. If you watched One Life to Live, you would have seen really hot for TV kisses between Kyle and his ex-Nick.

    Oliver is shy. This was supposed to be a tentative embrace because of the character’s recent coming out.

    Watch the show. OLTL is written and produced by two gay men. They don’t get squeamish with gay stuff.

  5. Joseph says

    According to The Advocate, Fish and Kyle will have sex (or, as Kyle says, “make love”) before the end of the year.

    Also, Scott will be Instinct magazine’s December cover man.

  6. Daniel says

    About 2 weeks ago on “young & restless” Adam had a conversation w/ Sharon (whose baby he stole about a month ago while she was in a mental hospital) that he seduced a man–his attorney–to curry favor with him. It sounds much soapier in the retelling, but the way it played out on TV made me think there probably wasn’t a precedent for Adam’s conversation in CBS TV soap history.

  7. Kerry says

    Pretty much what I would expect from an American soap with a gay story line. The producers and writers should look to the German soap Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) for some inspiration on gay characters. Christian and Oliver are pretty hot and have developed a worldwide following on YouTube. But I don’t think mainstream America can handle it.

  8. Joseph says

    Yes, Kerry, Christian and Oliver set the bar pretty high, but they haven’t had a good, front-burner storyline since the end of last year.

    But One Life to Live has done a magnificent job with Fish and Kyle and I, personally, think they’re right up there with Christian and Oliver. At the very least, One Life to Live is now filling the gap left by Forbidden Love.

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