1. says

    Frankly, Gaga and Lambert have two of the best commerical albums out at the moment, giving me hope that we might see a resurgence in invotation and talent in pop music. Keep up the posts for two of my current heroes in the entertainment industry. Life would be so boring without them.

  2. sparks says

    I like most of LG’s music but watching this interview I’m really becoming a fan. She’s humble and personable. In a 4 minute segment, without sounding preachy, she manages to send some invaluable messages to kids: be yourself, be open-minded, appreciate your parents, and have respect for the accomplishments of others.

    I don’t think being an attention whore is why she dresses in crazy outfits. I think it’s more an extension of her outlook, that it’s cool to be an individual and okay to be unique.

    Honestly something that impresses me very much about Gaga and other younger stars is when they bring their parents with them to shows and events.

  3. Joe says

    Stefanie, please ease up with the wholesale tokenism of us gays.

    It might be charming to those who are gagging for support from white, straight America, but enough already. If I liked your music, I might be more receptive to your “love” but gays already have a tendency to embrace only superficial pop Pablum. It gives us a bad name as (or perhaps solidifies the accusation that we are) unthinking, feeble minded airheads.


    Joe, a gay white American male

  4. Jesus says

    Amen, Joe. As much as I might enjoy (or dislike) her music, being able to express a dissenting opinion about her attitude towards “the gays” without having people jump down your throat and accusing you of not being supportive is always nice. IMHO, this is just another example of an artist picking up on a trend in a subculture and capitalizing on it by marketing it back to the community, often sans context or credit…


  5. Shae says

    I love LADY GAGA!!!! She is so nice and can sing the shit outa any song. And i like it when she talks about the gay community, she is a celeb and lets people know that its ok to be gay. I dont know what i would do without GAGA!!

  6. Dave says

    Funny, she never said anything about “the gays” in this Ellen interview. She simply said “my fans.” Will anything positive ever make you happy? Perhaps the curbing of your obligatory “gay sharp-come-back attitude” will best serve our community. Try smiling, maybe you’ll hate yourself less.

  7. Chris says

    Lady Gaga……David Bowie + Madonna’s love child…..I suppose Elton was the godfather…just great!!!

  8. Chris in Kansas says

    She’s amazing. It’s a shame that some people have to dislike the mainstream in order to think of themselves as cooler-than-thou. If she was still on the fringes and sold about 10,000 copies of her CD you’d all be foaming at the mouth about her greatness and isn’t it a shame that not everybody knows about her but I do so I’m great too. Blech.

  9. says

    She is HANDS-DOWN the most talented performer in the music industry today! And she LOVES her gay fans and is an outspoken gay rights advocate. Lady GaGa–You are simply AMAZING and (minus the 2% of haters who just hate everything because they hate their own lives) EVERYONE LOVES YOU!!!

  10. AG says

    Anyone else see “Watcher of the Skies” in that look? Reminds me of Gabriel-era Genesis.

    I’m not a huge fan of her music, but as a performer, she’s really something. She manages to create performances and songs into which you can read nearly anything you want, and at the same time, she’s got her own view informing what she does — and manages to get it across. It’s an amazing trick to pull off.

    If you think her music is strictly superficial, honestly, I’m not sure you’re paying enough attention. Not every song is “The Waste Land,” but the depth and breadth of her influence-trawling is amazing.

    And I don’t feel like a token yet, but thanks for thinking of me. She’s still at the stage where she’s remembering to “thank the little people” who supported her on her way up, and do it unironically. It might seem like it’s happening at every turn, but that’s a product of media saturation, not her gratitude.

    And can you imagine the uproar if she ignored her supportive fans, gay or otherwise?

  11. Joe says

    You marys are so protective of your diva of the moment and so kunty at any criticality aimed at one.

    The best part is the assumption that a gay man who doesn’t embrace her or her music — or her cloying huggie wuggies around the homos — can only mean that said homo hates himself and his life.

    A white, straight woman whose primary target / fan base is gay men is not fighting for gay rights even if she says “I love the gays” 1000 times a day. She might make you marys dance and buy her CDs and scream “girl,” but she’s not doing anything for your equality.

  12. Lucas says

    Just because you don’t like her music Joe, doesn’t mean you sound anything but pretentious shitting on everyone who does.

    For the mere fact we can take enjoyment, from something you do not, does NOT make us ‘unthinking, feeble minded airheads’, as you so eloquently put it.

    And quite honestly, I’m surprised that you’re also shitting on Lady Gaga for the sole reason she positively receives her gay fans. Yes, she may not be an advocate, funding gay causes left right and center, but that is HARDLY a reason to think less of her, as she is accepting and wonderfully kind in regards to her LGBT fans. Also, her complete support of individualism and ‘freaks’ as she warmly and endearingly puts it, is to be applauded, and not just from a homosexual standpoint.

    So, perhaps you should get over your personal vendetta against popular culture and the ‘diva of the moment’, and realize that just because YOU don’t like her music, or like how SHE expresses her individuality, doesn’t mean she’s a worthless person, by any means. And maybe, just maybe, she’s gotten where she has because she’s not only a talented and hardworking person, but also because she’s extremely kind and accepting.