1. David T says

    Hey, Maggie, your husband probably wouldn’t speak of your marriage in such glowing terms either.

  2. Jake says

    The queen in the center is there to prevent the gay woman from beating the shit out of Gallagher.

    Maggie can disapprovingly shake her head no all she wants when Cathy Marino-Thomas is speaking. Gallagher’s side IS filled with lies and the same ole homophobia we’ve seen and heard for years.

  3. Donovan says

    It’s even more annoying when they admit “their” marriages aren’t great. They’re discriminating against us for the “principle” of the thing, then they say the “principle” isn’t that great anyway… So why don’t these fundies just shut up and get a life? Why are they bothering? Answer: because they’re stupid and full of hate they need to direct SOMEWHERE.

  4. princely54 says

    The most telling line is the last one Maggie says: “I think that even if the government of NY says its a ‘marriage’ I think its not a marriage…”

    No matter WHAT you point out logically, emotionally, religiously, philosophically…people like here will NOT concede our rights. Take the rights!! Get in court and force the rights from their clinched hands and make sure we all are on the same level as American citizens.

  5. Gregus says

    Worth noting that Maggie’s husband didn’t even show up at the ‘opposite marriage celebration’ that she organized a few months back. A bunch of hateful idiots renewing their vows and celebrating marriage….and her husband didn’t even bother to show….very telling.

  6. Bosie says

    Sad sad sad….that woman’s life is a sad…not tragic just sad.

    I’m ok with people’s bodies but she is obviously an emotional eater, she is fat and a bigot, her marriage is a sad one…that even her husband is embarrased of her.

    I’m sure to F*&K her he puts a pillow cover over her head.

  7. Joey says

    Ha! Not only was Gallagher owned throughout, but right at the end she basically unraveled all her haphazardly constructed lies. She came right out and compared Marino-Thomas’ remarks with the basis for a happy marriage! I mean, if those few sentences were heard outside of this unfortunate context, you might think it was too friends finally coming to an agreement of what marriage is!


  8. jakeinlove says

    Maggie: Is it even considered a debate when everything you say can be so easily discounted?

    C’mon. Give a real solid reason other ‘you don’t think something is right.

  9. GregV says

    So if Maggie thinks the biggest purpose of a marriage is to see that kids are raised by their two biological parents, then why is she married to someone who is not the biological co-parent of her child? Why should she have the right to call hers a “marriage” (with all the rights that term entails) when her own marriage does not even fit her own definition of a marriage?

    As usual, the bigots who want to withhold rights from others seem to use their criticism of others as a way of projecting their own guilt about needing to pretend to believe something which doesn’t fit with their own contradictory actions.

    They always seem to subconsciously be saying, “Well, maybe my own marriage goes against everything I believe in, but at least I’m not gay like you, so I have something to feel superior about.”