1. says

    Good job by the interviewer. He allowed the ignorance of the Palin follower to unveil itself naturally without prodding. I imagine it was harder than it looked to remain calm in the face of such sheer stupidity.

  2. gregorybrown says

    I wasted time last week watching 2012 but can’t imagine that losing some of these folks would be such a bad thing. From the first time I saw Sarah wink at me from the TV, I knew that she would be embraced by people who are ignorant and proud of it, and recognize her as one of Them.

  3. Marc C says

    Wit, now you realize why I moved away from the western PA area. It’s a lot like this in so many ways.

  4. robert says

    Surprise! Surprise! Sarah Palin embraced by the moron contingent! I love that the interviewer didn’t have to prod these idiots to make fools of themselves, they did it by simply opening their mouths. These people are guilty of what Oscar Wilde called the most grievous sin:stupidity!

  5. Rowan says

    Robert and Timothy..

    The interviewer did well?? Really?

    So tell me how people who are JUST like the guy being interviewed will come to the same conclusion as you guys?

    You’re so typical of the left in the UK who live in this educated bubble that people are naturally self-reflective or analytic and all they have to do is see someone talking ‘stupidly’ and suddenly ‘bing’ they will come to the same conclusion as you both!

    How many times do you need to be proven wrong, wrong andw wrong again?

    And now Obama with his bipartisanship has been proven wrong, wrong and soo wrong that they crazy hate for him has grown to such warped capacities that it makes people in the US seem really dumb. But I’d bet that some other ‘dumb’ people abroad don’t think what I do, instead they shake their head and agree.

    A smart interviewer would’ve said AND shown proof that Bush had more and then that could give an opportunity for the viewer to think this guy was stupid. Even if the viewer is still so violently dogmatic, a seed would be planted.

    Years of working with people like this, gives you a perception of actually how to work with them.

    All these interviews are just preaching to the choir.

  6. sparks says

    That interviewer (Chase Whiteside) is a smart cookie, quick to recognize when people were just repeating Fox News soundbites and quick to call them on it. More times than not, they couldn’t provide a single example or explain what the term they had used.

  7. ggreen says

    Most people had one or more of the following in common:
    Fact challenged
    Dressed in polyester
    Branded/Advertising clothing
    Dirty hair
    Hairstyle from decades ago
    Born again (because once isn’t enough)

  8. gaylib says

    I hate to break up the superiority complex ispired gloat fest, but most of you are just as uniformed and likely to parrot administration talking points when it comes to bigoted homophobe barack Obama. Pots, meet kettles. You’re ALL a bunch of morons.

  9. Arturo Beeche says

    Ignorance like that portrayed manifold among these people is frightening!!

    More so when one realizes that they get worked up at Churches and Bible Study groups, which are now used by the Conservative Right to politicize their flocks…and I thought Churches were not allowed to do so. If they do, they ought to lose their tax-exempt status!

    This level of ignorance is even more frightening when we stop and think…they VOTE!!!


  10. BradK says

    As Rowan and Gaylib point out, the majority of voters on both sides of the (alleged) ideological divide are equally mindless drones. A right-leaning media outlet could just as easily put together a similar piece on Messiah Obama and all of his sycophants piously regurgitating campaign soundbites. But then they’d be racists, wouldn’t they?

    OTOH, the interviewer is cute.

  11. Rob says

    Rowan: You’re totally missing the point of these interviews. They aren’t supposed to be “self-reflective.” These people will never believe anything but what they already do. They are completely devoid of any facts. The hope is that mostly-intelligent people who don’t follow politics (swing voters) will be scared from voting for someone (palin) who has a following like the folks above.

    Gaylib: I’m pretty sure most of the people who follow towleroad are more informed than the people in this clip and are far less supportive of obama than these people are of palin. Suffice it to say the lgbt community is not thrilled with obama’s actions thus far but to call him a homophobe is pushing it. Also, to call everyone here a moron just makes u sound like a giant douche.

  12. Jeff says

    I live in Columbus, which is very much a liberal and very gay city, and I am SOOOO embarrassed! If it means anything to anyone, she was doing her book signing in a fairly conservative section of the city, near Dublin, where most of “them” live. Had she done this downtown or in the Short North…protests, boos and no fans!

  13. Rafael says

    2012 will be a closer race than people think. Sarah Palin has 3 more years to become a viable candidate. Say what you will about her base, they are 100% behind her, the same cannot be said of our President, who with every inaction loses more and more support.

  14. Paul says

    Conservatives on talk radio do these kind of these all the time. They show up to truther conventions, NARAL meetings, and all last year they were posted outside every Barack rally making people look dumb (Yes, without prodding). I think it’s lame and misanthropic when either side does it. This may be an exception because Sarah Palin is so ridiculous, but still it’s a little unfair.

  15. Bart says

    What these people should be worried about is each other. Dumb is contageous and it seems to be spread rampently at these book signings. Forget swine flu, dumbshititis is rapidly taking over this entire country and Ms. Palin is ground zero for stupid.

    Makes me embarrassed to be an American. Maybe I just hang around smarter people (anyone who would stand out in the cold to get a book signed by this woman is suspect anyway…) But even the people I disagree with politically that I know can explain why they disagree with me. These people are just dopes…and it really rankles my hide when they bring Christianity into the mix. For most of these folks, that’s code for lower class, dimwit white people. It has nothing to do with the life or teaching of Jesus Christ.

    Do you want to know why American is in such bad shape…listen to these morons.

  16. PEDRO M-G says

    Some americans need more information…of what happens further out of their borders. People should understand that what they call “socialism” is just caring about others. “Socialism” is working in Sweden, Nordic countries, Switzerland, Germany and other strong countries. It means you give money when you have it so the weak is supported, and you will be helped in return when you are in trouble. No one will die on the streets and people get decent medical aid. Why not showing in National TV those socialist “experiments” that work: for example Switzerland (the Experiment has been working for more than 500 years).

  17. jamal49 says

    Rowan proves that even the left has its “ignorant” contingent. The interviewer did great by simply letting the interviewees talk and only occasionally interjecting a question that made them pause to “think” and then respond. By letting those people talk (and talk), the interviewer reveals more about them and their “movement” than it would if he was asking them more pointed questions. The whole idea of the interviews was to show just how uninformed the Palin supporters are and how frightening it is to contemplate that there are MILLIONS of people who will support her and go out and campaign for her. They and their candidate are dangerous, precisely because they are willfully ignorant. Facts do not matter to them. What does matter to them is that Sarah Palin validates the mediocrity and vapidity of their lives. This is very sad and very, very scary.

  18. Tony X says

    these people are the product of the “Redneck” pride that is ALL these loser have and what she plays too.

    These are people who feel they are lower class – and live accordingly – and want “one of their own” in the office.

    I know these under-educated people.
    REMEMBER Towleroad readers only 10% of Americans have a college education.

    We need to educate people or we will have an ever growing pile of “the masses” like these people. Sad but true — they can vote.

    And they vote to PUNISH all those they feel are better than them — the educated, the different, the artistic, the creative, the homosexuals.

  19. Tony X says

    Agreed — THE ELECTORIAL COLLEGE is a MUST in AMERICA as long as the masses are this undereducated….. and just plain stupid.

    We all know family we do not speak to because they are just too plain stupid … guess who will give them praise and attention on TV — SARAH PALIN.

  20. patrick nyc says

    As Rowan and Gaylib point out, the majority of voters on both sides of the (alleged) ideological divide are equally mindless drones. A right-leaning media outlet could just as easily put together a similar piece on Messiah Obama and all of his sycophants piously regurgitating campaign soundbites. But then they’d be racists, wouldn’t they?

    OTOH, the interviewer is cute.

    While I agree that there are drones who just repeat the talking points of the right or left, the latter would say they were voting for Obama because ‘he’s for change’ but could not name one thing that change would be.

    The difference is that if you spoke to many here, or on the ‘elite’ blogs that the right hates, they could tell you what thing he was running for. These people filmed were just repeating what they hear on Fox and from Palin. She is a master at double speak and using many words to say nothing.

    The major difference is that Obama can answer in great detail what he’s for. Am I disappointed he’s not doing enough? Yes, especially since he built a movement based on doing it. I wish he had Hillary’s balls, she is better at knowing the GOP has no plans to work with the left.

    Another thing that tells the followers on the left, you don’t see many telling the right what to believe, how to behave in the privacy of their homes, and while some did mock Bush, I have never seen the level of hate for the left, or death threats to him.

  21. TANK says

    One of the central planks of their (this MINORITY of Palin supporters) self identity is pride in their ignorance. Facts and logic do more than confuse them, they only serve to annoy. They believe that the more ignorant you are, the better you are. If only they’d subscribe to this belief when consulting a physician on their health. They cultivate an a priori model of the world, and confirmation bias (among many other failed tactics) is a tool for sustaining it. Understanding the invalid reasoning behind it is maddening, so I’ll stop at that. But these are the people who not long ago would label a person a “queer” (derogatory) for something as simple as literacy.

    Education (effective education) forces people to think, and often, for themselves. It’s inherently radical, as it causes people to understand themselves in terms of/relation to what they learn, and often with results that undermine beliefs held without introspection or criticism. So they’re uncomfortable with it. But these people aren’t representative…I hope…and sarah palin doesn’t stand a shot of being president.

    And we do need better citizens. But that’s up there with saying give peace a chance.

  22. CKNJ says

    It is so numbingly depressing knowing that these utter uneducated braindead morons actually have the power to sway an election. I agree everyone has the right to vote, but it scares the hell out of me knowing that stupid voting for stupid could really bring the country to its knees!

    Republicans have an inherent interest in making sure people stay stupid and uninformed… it’s their base! Ugh!