Window Closes: Gay Publisher Shuts Down Papers, Websites

Window Media, the former publisher of Genre magazine, which also publishes the Washington Blade, Southern Voice, Houston Voice, South Florida Blade, David Atlanta and The 411 Magazine, reportedly closed up shop over the weekend.

Window Its parent fund, Avalon Equity, run by David Unger, had been forced into receivership by the federal Small Business Administration in February.

A notice was posted on the company's door over the weekend: "It is with GREAT regret that we must inform you that effective immediately, the operations of Window Media, LLC and Unite Media, LLC have closed down.

Please return to this office on WEDNESDAY, November 18th, 2009 at 11:00 AM to collect personal belongings and to receive information on your separation stipulations. Please bring boxes and/or containers that will allow you to collect all your personal belongings at one time."

A message from the editor (to whom the closing came as a complete shock) of the Southern Voice was left on the publication's Facebook page: "With deepest regret, as editor of SoVo, I have to tell you that we arrived at the office to learn that our parent company, Window Media, has shut down. While the 20 years of SoVo have come to an end, our civil rights movement is only beginning. I am personally grateful to all of the staff, and to all of you who have had the courage to share your stories. It has been the honor of my life to help you tell them."

Some of the company's websites are offline. The Washington Blade is still online. This is sad news. The publications will be missed.


  1. says

    This is sad news for many in Atlanta. Southern Voice has been a staple for real news in our community and the south for something like the last quarter-century! It will be greatly missed.

  2. Tony X says

    How did this happen ?

    One rich white spoiled Ivy Leaque CONSERVATIVE Gay Man did not like the “liberal slant” of the progressive community papers – so he bought them up — and sold them off to the straight managed equity firm that just closed them.

    He long ago split to Brazil with his trophy boyfriend with the profits.

    This tool is still online at

    In the end he got what he wanted – a deminished gay liberal press.

    This is the same a-hole who hired Jeff Gannon the GOP Propogandist once he was exposed as a Gay Prostitute — you know for his CONSERVATIVE POINT OF VIEW at the Washington Blade.

    When Chris was gay-bashed in Amsterdam I had to say — it could not happen to a better gay man.

  3. Dan says

    If there was a demand for these publications, there wouldn’t be a problem. They just aren’t attracting an audience. Personally, I’m bored shitless by most of their output and I don’t visit them unless it’s via a referral link.

    Personally, I think the only news that works for gays is Naked News.

  4. qjersey says

    Not sure if Chris Crain took the money and ran, but some carpetbagger sure as hell did.

    Seems corporate carpetbagging pigs have found our community and are doing what they have done everywhere else: take over a company, pay yourself very very well (beyond what is affordable to the bottom line) and run the company into the ground.

  5. Jason says

    …run it into the ground…wasn’t that the idea all along? I think this was a business deal, never journalism. Use other peoples money to pay yourself…when that ends just close up and open again tomorrow with yet another name…you haven’t seen the end yet.

  6. DavidLRed says

    The Houston Voice suspended publication over a year ago. The daily papers in most cities are having trouble making ends meet, and I am sure that it is even harder to do so at papers with smaller circulations.

    An unintended consequence of the internet . . .

  7. Dave in Northridge says

    This is appalling, as is blaming the internet for it. Anything that silences the voice of GLT (yes, that’s intentional) people can’t be seen as a good thing until the mass media covers everything the Blade and Southern Voice covered.

    Let’s hope someone with some civic responsibility buys them, and, in the meantime, click on every ad you see at the Washington Blade website at least five times.

  8. Tony X says

    Chris Crain most CERTAINLY took the money and ran when the price was high…. he sold to the equity group for serious profit.

    He sold out the community and took control of very important local publications – in the end to sell them off (he of course said to make them stronger — you know like the consolidation bs line used when they consolidated the banks to make then stronger).

    He 100% is the villan here.

    Just another gay boy of privilage who hates the liberal community that set him free. (I have emailed Mr. Crane in the past and he is vile in his contempt for the progressive liberal movement that IS the gay rights movement.)

  9. henry says

    I used to read the queer press all the time, picked up all the papers and read them cover to cover.

    I haven’t picked up a queer paper in about 2-3 years or visited one of their websites.

    The only place I go to for queer news is right here. I also come here for news on sharks and space : )

  10. says

    The web is a great community-building tool, and of course we all love Towleroad.

    But many gay community issues are local and municipal issues. City papers like the Washington Blade and Bay Area Reporter serve an essential need that is not easily replaced by a blog.

  11. marica rabiosa says

    The Washington Blade was a great newspaper and website, it had the best information of the politic world of Washington and the interviews were excellent, it’s a big loss for all.

  12. X-opher says

    Sadly, is also gone. The shame of this is the 40 years of archives are also now gone. I hope a thought can be given to preserving them and eventually posting them somewhere online.

  13. Jason says

    Why would the people in charge of selling a publication, want to sell if they had an interest in owning something themselves. I inquired about purchasing one of the publications and never got an answer. I was told that one of the officers of WM was interested, but he needed money. It would be cheaper for them to shut down everything, thus clearing the way for a new start without the overhead and cost of the existing publication. This would also allow for new SBA loans, starting the process all over again.

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