Copenhagen ‘CO2 Cube’ Debuts, Constructed for Climate Summit


The CO2 Cube has debuted in Copenhagen as a reminder to those attending the United Nations Summit on Global Warming about carbon dioxide:

Cube "The structure, pictured, sits on St. Jørgens Lake, near the city's Tycho Brahe Planetarium. Its creators said the cube represents the space that one metric ton of carbon dioxide would occupy if stored at standard atmospheric pressure -- specifically, a space that is the equivalent of 27 feet cubed, or 19,683 cubic feet. The size of the installation is crucial: The average citizen of an industrialized country releases one metric ton of carbon dioxide per month, according to a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change."

The cube, which was designed by L.A.-based architect Christophe Cornubert, also serves as a video screen and is currently rotating three hours worth of content. It's currently running off the local power grid but calculations are underway to determine its carbon footprint, after which solutions will be found to make it a carbon neutral installation (given its purposes, don't you think they should have figured out how to make it carbon neutral from the outset?).


And a slide show of its construction: