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Gays Flogged in the Streets in Pakistan?


This video showed up on Liveleak yesterday with the caption: "Homosexuals Pakistanis receiving their punishment. You can see two lovers kiss at 0:15 before their flogging."


Even more sickening than the video are the comments on Liveleak celebrating it.

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  1. Great and we support this country with BILLIONS of Dollars??? Send this off to Hilary and let's put an end to this madness!!

    Posted by: alexInBoston | Dec 6, 2009 12:48:43 PM

  2. Should look more closely at the two people who kiss.. the person that comes in from the right is female. Seems someone is trying to mislead with this video.

    Posted by: Doof | Dec 6, 2009 1:03:31 PM

  3. I agree with Doof. It was a woman. Where is the news story to go with it. Is there someone who can translate what these people are saying?

    Posted by: Dairyqueen | Dec 6, 2009 1:18:05 PM

  4. I think the comments from US and UK based citizens on Live Leak are far moor disturbing than the senselessness of this video. To hear American citizens lauding such acts and calling for similar action here is not a pretty site.

    Posted by: Andrew | Dec 6, 2009 1:21:08 PM

  5. Not a pretty sight, sure. But hey, at least it's illegal here, and not dictated by law. Welcome to the sixth century!

    Posted by: TANK | Dec 6, 2009 1:24:25 PM

  6. Regardless of whether these are gay men or criminals, it's the reactions that are the most frightening to me.

    Even in the safest communities, now I'm looking around at the straight people wondering, "what do you really want to say?"

    Posted by: Kevin | Dec 6, 2009 1:25:10 PM

  7. People people people...there's no distinction in pakistan between gay men and criminals. Get it?

    Posted by: TANK | Dec 6, 2009 1:30:48 PM

  8. Savage and barbaric. And yet still the ire of the so-called "progressive" community is on Israel rather than the anti-gay anti-woman Muslim world.

    Posted by: GrabbinNewscum | Dec 6, 2009 1:42:40 PM

  9. I can't help feeling that this could one day (soon) become acceptable here if the trend to classify gay people as degenerates or even simply 'less than' continues.

    Posted by: Geoff | Dec 6, 2009 1:45:47 PM

  10. @ kevin : I think you've got a serious point. I never have , never will, totally trust straight think they're your friends ? .....good luck with that !
    Most of them don't want us around, don't want to hear about our issues and feel awkward if they're seen too much with us. That's what I feel....many will differ. The medieval Islamics are worse than any straights.....

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Dec 6, 2009 1:50:14 PM

  11. @ Kevin

    Wellcome to the world of black people!!

    SEE why we think/thought we may have common ground?

    Posted by: Rowan | Dec 6, 2009 1:59:16 PM

  12. Good points KEVIN and ROWAN, and yet, if we look at these "others" (straight or white/non-black) as such, then we risk being just as bigoted.

    I'm a gay white non-relgious (atheist dammit!) Jew who's been physically attacked by black teens and white young men. So I get the fear, but we can't lived cowed by it (and I'm not suggesting you are).

    @ ROWAN: the black people I know do see the common ground that I do, for which we are all grateful ;-)

    Posted by: David R. | Dec 6, 2009 2:18:46 PM

  13. Pay no attention to the comments on the video. A site like LiveLeak is troll central. The point is to say a bunch of fucked up shit to piss people off.

    Posted by: Aiden Raccoon | Dec 6, 2009 2:23:28 PM

  14. I'm with @doof on this. I don't think he kissed a male. If he did, it was a young man, possibly a teenager (and possibly his son).

    The other thing to realize is that avowed homosexual probably wouldn't get a series of relatively tame floggings (I'm sure it hurt like hell, but these are "standard" floggings). Short of stoning or execution, outright lashings, long-term incarceration or hard labor are punishment options I've heard doled out to homosexuals in other nations.

    Toward the end of the video, when they hand the flogging device to a policeman, you can see he is overeager to ramp up the punishment. That's the most disturbing part of the video to me.

    Posted by: TommyOC | Dec 6, 2009 2:29:49 PM

  15. Hold up -- are we certain these individuals are actually being flogged for homosexual activity? LiveLeak does not cite its source and my skepticism is piqued by the shared kiss between one of the detainees and what very much appears to be female at the 0:15 mark.

    I'm not disillusioned and certainly understand that corporal and capital punishment against gay men and women is a reality in various countries, but let's not forget that propaganda against Islamic countries is also pervasive.

    Posted by: Thomas | Dec 6, 2009 2:42:23 PM

  16. I saw this same thing at the Folsom St. Fair.

    Posted by: unicorn rider | Dec 6, 2009 3:25:47 PM

  17. AlexinBoston,

    You're an idiot. We give aid to Pakistan because they have nuclear weapons and have an unstable government. We also give money to Pakistan because the Taliban and al-Qaeda have camps there. Our money pays to help destroy would-be terrorists and prevent nuclear technology from being sold. (How do you think the North Koreans were able to develop nuclear technology? Not on their own.)

    Also, would you people stop pretending that there aren't violent homophobes living in the U.S., Europe, Canada, etc.?

    Didn't a gay man have his head beaten in by a cop in Houston? Weren't gay men arrested in phony sting operations recently in NYC adult book stores? Haven't government leaders in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, etc. all condemned gays?

    Why do people so easily dismiss the vicious comments on Liveleak? Why do you think they're meaningless? Did the revocation of marriage rights in California and Maine teach you nothing?

    Get your heads out of your asses. You too can easily see your basic human rights disappeared more easily than you think, officially and unofficially.

    Get into an altercation with someone and violence takes place. All someone has to do is use the gay panic defense and presto, it's adios to you. Get in a fight to defend yourself and you happen to be HIV+, welcome to an attempted murder charge because you are a living weapon.

    Posted by: Rich | Dec 6, 2009 3:28:57 PM

  18. Rich get your head out of your ass. Homosexuals are not put to death by mandate of the state as they are routinely in muslim countries that operate under sharia law. If you think that homophobia in the u.s. and canada is at all comparable to state sponsored genocides that occur in the middle east, you're a delusional crackpot. Homophobia isn't even as bad in eastern european countries as it is in most islamic theocracies. I'm disgusted by these flat earthers denying that state sponsored genocide of homosexuals in islamic countries is the same as homophobia in europe and the u.s. And as soon as anyone calls them on their vacuous pluralistic gibberish, they scream racism. You pigs are in the way.

    As to Pakistan being an unstable country with nuclear weapons, this is why are we in afhganistan? Why did obama send 30k more troops to afghanistan when the resistance isn't coming from the taliban and al qeada (who've fled to pakistan), but locals? If we were truly concerned about securing the pakistani nuclear arsenal from terrorists, we'd change the venue. And the reality is that nuclear weapons are not difficult to make. They're crude devices, comparatively, and there's simply nothing the u.s. can do to keep developing nations from getting their hands on it. We can, however, only delay the inevitable.

    Posted by: TANK | Dec 6, 2009 3:42:23 PM

  19. @ David R


    This was put towards the twisted Towleroad posters with short attention spans and selective memories!

    Like you I've been attacked by both black and white people but I get it worse with the 'blacks'-I'm an athiest!

    Posted by: Rowan | Dec 6, 2009 4:03:29 PM

  20. Pakistan has nukes and is a highly unstable country. No matter who or what you are, if you're sane this should disturb you. This alone is one of the main reasons why the U.S. and E.U. are concerned with maintaining ties so as to have the maximum amount of influence.

    WTF does this have to do with race, or 'Minority' rights in advanced, western, democratic, first world nations? The analogy is piss poor.

    Posted by: John in Boston | Dec 6, 2009 4:11:50 PM

  21. Gee Rowan, David and others; if only a lot black folks practiced what they preached about racism, bigotry, violence, getting along and respecting others. Maybe one day.


    Philadelphia school's racial tensions [black/Asian] lead to fights


    I attended high school in NYC and Boston in the late 80's-early 90's. Whites/Asians got along. Latinos/whites got along. Asians/Latinos got along. Blacks didn't get along with anyone. Any racial or ethnic tension was caused by blacks 99% of the time. And as a white dude I know what it's like to be a minority, and I'm not just talking about sexuality. I grew up mostly in majority P.R. and Dominican neighborhoods and had no problems. My final year of H.S. was in a Chinatown neighborhood. The majority of students were Asian,. mixed ethnicities, most American. No problems. Some of my friends attended majority black schools at least for a period of time and it was a nightmare.

    Posted by: John in Boston | Dec 6, 2009 4:32:11 PM

  22. i agree that state sponsored killings of gays in islamic countries has no parallell in the West......
    i guess I shouldn't even mention homophobia on a micro level in the same blog....

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Dec 6, 2009 5:01:19 PM

  23. That country is garbage

    Posted by: KFLO | Dec 6, 2009 5:04:29 PM

  24. "Gee Rowan, David and others; if only a lot black folks practiced what they preached about racism, bigotry, violence, getting along and respecting others. Maybe one day."

    The same could be said about a lot of white folks, John, who consistently wear their racism on their sleeves.

    Posted by: Ernie | Dec 6, 2009 5:09:57 PM

  25. True Ernie, but it would be nice if 'Progressives', ESPECIALLY WHITE MIDDLE AND UPPER MIDDLE CLASS 'Progressives' would treat black racism and bigotry the way these treat white, instead of trying to always excuse it or worse cover it up or pretend minorities aren't capable ofv racism, sexism, homophobia, et al.,

    Posted by: John in Boston | Dec 6, 2009 5:29:28 PM

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