GLAAD Issues Third Statement Over ABC and Adam Lambert

GLAAD released an additional statement on the ABC – Adam Lambert controversy this afternoon less padded than the two awkward statements issued in the previous 24 hours.

Adam Says GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios in the new statement:

"We appreciate ABC's commitment to gay and transgender inclusion in other programming. However, let us be clear that GLAAD remains steadfast in our assertion that Adam Lambert is being subjected to a double standard by ABC as an openly gay performer. We do not support ABC cancelling Adam Lambert's past and future performances. We urge the community to reach out to ABC and express their concerns that Adam Lambert is being subjected to a double standard."

GLAAD also sent along a link leading to information on its website about who  at ABC you can call and email with your outrage, something that many of you have already been doing without their help.


  1. Lonnie says

    GLAAD can go to hell. When a so-called “gay rights” organization stands on the same side as Focus on the Family and Elizabeth Hasselbeck on an issue of censorship and queer sexuality, they are politically irrelevant. Cancel your membership: they are defending homophobia.

  2. johnosahon says

    DAMN, I cannot believe it, there is actually an organization more CONFUSED than Log Cabin.

    are they run by the same people?

  3. walter says

    The organiations that are supposed to support and defend gay rights are useless. They issue lame statements with no backbone and when theree is negative backlash they are surprised shit can glaad hrc and the others and get better and more aggressive representatives

  4. Bill says

    Gay activists are supposed to work for gay people. I am tired of gay activists doing what heterosexuals want. If gay activists don’t lead than you can forget about progress because gay people who have regular jobs won’t take the risk because there is no support. Adam took a risk and once again many in the gay community didn’t support a gay person who expressed his sexuality as openly as heterosexuals. This needs to change. There needs to be millions more gay people like me who are supportive of gay people and truly want equal opportunities for gay people.

  5. Linda says

    Well, obviously, GLAAD has suffered a massive attack by Lambert’s GLAMTARDS.
    Greater foes have fallen beneath the heavy axe of revenge & retribution wielded by his devoted followers. Don’t blame GLAAD. They really had no choice.

  6. Linda says

    Oh no. They’re here too. (above me) Most of them have no interest about gay rights @all.
    It’s all about Lambert & that’s it which is sickening.

  7. says

    I not only left a complaint about the cancellations, I let complaints about MM’s song (think you have enough readers to log 1500 complaints against MM?

    I also complained about Chris Brown.

  8. says

    GLAAD has egg on its face. As I posted here earlier, when they were on statement #2, GLAAD=HRC. Adam Lambert should be thanked. He was the pop quiz our so-called-leaders needed so that we could all see them fail so miserably. We need new leaders (actually we need leaders) we need new organizations (the plantation mentality or the country club mentality, take your pick, but they are clearly about access and not change). I don’t care how many clarifications GLAAD can offer, it’s time to find another way to challenge those who defame us. GLAAD’s first reaction(s) were the most telling: they were more concerned about those who defamed ABC.

  9. chasmader says

    The continuing failures and inadequacies of GLAAD, the HRC, Equality California all clearly demonstrate that NOW is time for new, younger, leadership in these organizations.

    All they ever seem to do is throw parties fOR themselves and basically apologize for daring to ask for civil rights.

  10. says


    They are right though we all should call. But GLAAD also proved its upo to us and there is no need for thier thier organization anymore since we are doing their job.

    GLAAD, HRC, Equality CA, GAY INC. They are doing no more than holding us back. We need to take the power back from them because its bad enough that we have to police our enemies NOW we have to police our own organizations?

    Diwn with the lot of them and we need to start NEW ones that have some BALLS.

  11. kujhawker says

    I find this whole thing comical. Here is an organization which has been around over 20 years and they couldn’t find their voice and figure out what they wanted to say.

    Perhaps because they have become so ingrained into Hollywood they couldn’t figure out how to be firm and at the same time appear friendly to ABC which gives them money, face time, and use of their celebrities.

    To most of us it was clear what the response should be, yet they the “professionals” had to issue three different statements. They have proven themselves unable to handle defamation against gays. They can’t do their own job.

    Time to find another organization to actually help the community.

  12. says

    Michael Petrelis brings up an intresting point about GLAAD and ABC Disney:

    “What was omitted by GLAAD was any mention of ABC Disney’s sponsorship of the org’s money-making media awards’ ceremonies. The media giant is listed on page 22 of GLAAD’s 2008 annual report as a corporate sponsor of this lapdog org. Nooooo conflict of interest of there”

  13. says

    I totally agree with what Walter said.During his performance on the AMA’s , I was rooting him on through the whole song.I honestly don’t have anything against straight people, but us (gay) people out there have always had to watch everything through your eyes.A famous saying I have heard through the years comes to mind – I mean as long as they don’t show their sexually in the public, I guess I don’t mind those people being gay…Whatever.The days of us sitting in the back of the bus is OVER! Oh and before anybody says anything, I am not saying all straight people are like that. 😉

  14. Bryan says

    Whether you’re a pop star, just an individual homo, or really, anyone at all… The only thing I can imagine more pathetic than hankering after network broadcasting is to value the approval of those who watch it.

    Somebody please shoot me the day I stoop to equality with ninnies, feebs, and cretins.

  15. TANK says

    Woah! They really screwed the pooch here… How can glaad be that confused about the situation for that long? A child could understand this for what it is very quickly. I realize that they can be mistaken from time to time…but this is a big one…and they had to do an embarrassingly transparent and awkward one eighty to pull out of tailspin. This blatant error in judgment has shaken my confidence in their competence to be an agressive, honest media watchdog for lgbt advocacy…duuuuuuuh! Can’t change the establishment from the inside…because the rules you play by weren’t created to help you; quite the contrary.

  16. John Normile says

    I guess they were kissing ass cause ABC has a gay family in Prime Time but come on whiskey bottle animal sex is not offensive? How many ho’s does glaad have?

  17. Chitown Kev says

    Oh, oh. Looks like some major gay money was getting ready to be pulled from GLAAD for their foolish statement.

  18. Lawrence Estes says

    GLAAD once again looks ridiculous. Its first statement supported ABC’s position, and implicitly opposed Lambert’s terrific, erotic performance, which will eventually be seen as a break-through for gay artistic freedom. With this action, reaction, GLAAD has become obsolete.

  19. Cyd says

    I’m just not up in arms about this one. Lambert’s performance was way over the top and I don’t mind ABC not going along with it.