Hate Crime Suspected in Murder of Man Found Stabbed to Death in Puerto Rico Motel

The second brutal murder of a man in a potential hate crime has occurred in Puerto Rico in less than a month. In November the
decapitated, dismembered, and partially charred body of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado was found by the side of a road
in Puerto Rico.

Colinas Yesterday, the body of a man in his early forties was discovered at the Las Colinas Motel in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He was stabbed to death and was found yesterday in a pool of blood. He was 5’1” and weighed 230 pounds and was found naked and facing down. The victim, who has not yet been identified, arrived at the hotel with another man.

Said National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Spokesperson Pedro Julio Serrano: “Due to the circumstances, the hate involved and the clear signs of violence that are similar to other hate crimes in the past, we are asking authorities to investigate the hate crime angle in this case. The Puerto Rico hate crimes law forces Police officers to file if they suspect that the crime was bias motivated in their investigative report. It should be a standard procedure for every crime. We urge authorities to follow the law and investigate this and every crime without prejudice.”


  1. says

    OK. Before people start jumping on the bandwagon about how bad Puerto Rico supposedly is, I’d just like to state a few things.

    I was in Puerto Rico with my partner last week. During the entire time we were there, I encountered no homophobia even though we were obviously a gay couple. We smooched on a local beach and went to a gay bar with outdoor seating visible to passersby. No problems.

    On this killing: we don’t know who the perpretator is. He may be some random psycho who had sex with the victim before killing him, and he may be from outside Puerto Rico.

  2. prisle2010 says

    re; Hank

    I live here and as a guest…people will not harass you; they want your money. And for this “outdoor” gay restaurant? I assume I know where you were, in Condado. 1) Condado is $$$ and tourists galore, of course nobody there will say anything to you, again, $$$ and 2) its not a gay restaurant; its a nice restaurant that they gays go to.

    Go inland next time, I guarantee you homophobia.

  3. says

    prisle2010: I was not in Condado. I hate the city. This particular place was in Luquillo.

    We also went to Caguas, Cayey (and took the rural roads back from Cayey To Fajardo), Aguadilla, Cabo Rojo – we encountered no troubles.

    I’m not denying homophobia exists in Puerto Rico. It exists everywhere in the world, even Provincetown. What I object to was the incessant bashing of PR in a previous post by people who had probably never been there.

    Oh, and we’re not tourists spending money. My partner is native and I’ve been there before.

  4. Dandre DuBois says

    One would like to believe that being gay is a personal choice and acceptable, but the person that murder the young gay man now admits he was drunk, etc, etc., but he has had related problems before. There is no excuse for his having taken another person’s life, then to prove his hatred, he mutilates the body. He is an animal, and has no place in society. He must be incarcerate for the remainder of his life. No parole, no freedom ever again. Being gay is not a crime. Murder is a horrible crime.