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News: Dominick Dunne, Elephants, Waterworld, James Duke Mason

 road Domestic Partner benefits for federal employees advances through Senate committee in 8-1 vote. "On Wednesday morning, Dec. 16, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee favorably reported the Domestic Partner Benefits and Obligations Act out of committee on an 8-1 vote. The mark-up, which took less than a half hour, stood in stark contrast to the several hours of debate that the bill faced before being reported out of the relevant House committee in November."

Mason_carlisle road Some pretty adorable photos of Belinda Carlisle and her gay son James Duke Mason from the new issue of Attitude.

 road Jake Gyllenhaal is A Single Man.

 roadExperts weigh in on Ron Livingston's lawsuit against Wikipedia over frequently reappearing claims on his page that he is gay.

 roadBeenie Man: Anatomy of a Facebook protest.

 roadNYDN: DNC Treasurer Andrew Tobias was behind Jon Cooper's endorsement of Kirsten Gillibrand.

 roadBuju Banton being transferred to Tampa.

 roadIf you've watched the documentary Food Inc, you've heard of Monsanto, the evil seed company forcing smaller farmers out of business. The AP has just finished an investigation on them: "We now believe that Monsanto has control over as much as 90 percent of (seed genetics). This level of control is almost unbelievable. The upshot of that is that it's tightening Monsanto's control, and makes it possible for them to increase their prices long term. And we've seen this happening the last five years, and the end is not in sight."

 roadWATCH: the much better director's cut of Britney Spears' "3" video.

Dunne  roadDominick Dunne: confirmed bisexual. "His son said on the TV news show that it was just like his dad to 'finally come out and then leave. It was hardly a big deal either way. He was was closeted about heterosexuality as much as bisexuality as he was about celibacy. He didn't have boyfriends or lovers, they were never part of our lives.'"

 roadRingling Brothers' elephant training method: break 'em young.

 roadWATCH: Ridley Scott's new trailer for Robin Hood.

 roadGay couple living in lockdown fear in Tasmania: "Tasmania Police also has been advised of the couple's situation after their clothes were slashed on the clothes line and bricks and rocks were thrown through their windows on several occasions. But because their lives are not considered at risk by police, they must remain locked inside, limit their movements outside their tiny apartment and wait for another property to become available for them to move into."

 roadJohn Mayer tells Ellen he's tired of thinking with his penis.

Waterworld road Astronomers discover massive waterworld orbiting nearby star more "earthlike" than any seen before.

 roadNJ Governor-elect Chris Christie on Bruce Springsteen's announcement endorsing marriage equality and The Boss's decision not to play his inauguration: "Obviously, two bad decisions on his part...Bruce and I don't agree on certain things politically -- big shock. But it doesn't diminish at all my enjoyment of him as an artist and a performer."

 roadAndy Murray and his team have a shirtless training session.

 roadDisgusting: Italian student arrested in UK while filming for fun.

 roadTruro, Nova Scotia mayor gets hate crime complaint after remarks he made about a local gay cruising area.

 roadFantastic new image from the Hubble.

 roadAT&T calls 'Operation Chokehold' "pointless" and "irresponsible".

 roadMeet the designers for Project Runway: Season 7.

 roadThe L.A. Times looks at the Autry museum's current exhibition about gays and transgender people in the American West: "So far, the Autry hasn't received any complaints about the series either from the public or internally, according to museum leaders. One trustee they wouldn't name voiced concern that the program might portray conservatives as bigots in the vein of the character played by Randy Quaid in 'Brokeback Mountain.'"

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  1. Everyone with any knowledge of agriculture has known that Monsanto is evil incarnate for decades. Their global control allows them to go after destitute farmers in Africa and Asia, for chrissake. Yet politicians like the contributions they receive and look the other way. Disgusting.

    I never understood anything especially interesting or redeeming about Dominick Dunne. Sure, he claimed to be focused on victim rights, but he was really an opportunist gossip hack.

    Posted by: Paul R | Dec 16, 2009 3:10:27 PM

  2. I *LOVE* that Belinda is raising an out gay teen.

    So sweet .... being a gay teen and having a gay icon as your Mom.

    It helps me forgive Belinda for marrying a privilaged REPUBLICAN son of Beverly Hills / Hollywood royalty (James Mason - look him up)who worked in the Reagan White House (gross).

    So nobody is perfect - but she and her son seem very happy.

    Posted by: Tony X | Dec 16, 2009 4:06:16 PM

  3. So glad Dominick Dunne revealed his sexuality. I resent those that don't. It leaves the impression for heterosexuals that there are more of them and less of us than actually exists and because heterosexuals tend to be very dismissive of claims of homosexuality of the dead.

    Posted by: Bill | Dec 16, 2009 4:53:09 PM

  4. Love the Belinda pics -- she's still gorgeous. And her son is adorable too.

    As for Morgan Mason, he only worked for Reagan in 1981 and 1982, when he left to work in the film industry. And fiscal Republican that he may or may not be, he's definitely a social liberal. You can't always fault someone for whom he or she works.

    Posted by: JR | Dec 16, 2009 5:08:32 PM

  5. I always like Dominick Dunne and still watch his show on Tru TV. Sounds like he led his life with discretion, especially around his family. Nothing wrong with that. RIP.

    Posted by: niles | Dec 16, 2009 5:39:18 PM

  6. Its called the terminator technology (aka suicide seeds) and Monsanto's goal is to control just about every aspect of food supplies. Bear in mind that all of our poultry. pork, beak etc - all graze on agricultural projects.

    Don't think it ain't possible - it already is.
    Just Google Monsanto Terminator. You'll find more info than you probably wanted to know.

    This is scary as all shit!

    Posted by: Mark | Dec 16, 2009 6:45:50 PM

  7. Why would anyone EVER care what Andy Murray looks like, with or without a shirt - ugly-looking geek on a good day?
    Times are tough when this article becomes newsworthy.
    Time to move on AndyT.

    Posted by: carter | Dec 16, 2009 10:56:10 PM

  8. Yes, Belinda rocks, but at first glance, I thought that photo was of Priscilla Presley. Which is not a good thing. AT ALL.

    Posted by: Richard | Dec 17, 2009 7:18:23 AM

  9. I've seen BROKEBACK just once but recall that Randy Quaid's character was less awful than he might have been. He spied on his workers and refused to rehire them--but emphasized that he'd taken them on to look after his sheep, not to spend time "stemmin' the rose".
    That's not gay-supportive, but not openly belligerent, either. He may have felt homophobic disgust but refrained from either violence or vitriolic remarks. Given who and whre he was, and when, that's tending toward neutrality.

    Posted by: gregorybrown | Dec 17, 2009 10:48:15 AM

  10. I actually think the British police were right to stop and question the Italian woman. She was doing something odd (filming ordinary skyscrapers) and, after some prodding, changed her story from "fun" to "art project". I too would have wondered if something were amiss. I support their actions 100%.

    As for the Italian artist, she comes off as self-entitled, narcissistic, and elitist.

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Dec 17, 2009 1:12:03 PM

  11. I actually think the British police were right to stop and question the Italian woman. She was doing something odd (filming ordinary skyscrapers) and, after some prodding, changed her story from "fun" to "art project". I too would have wondered if something were amiss. I support their actions 100%.

    As for the Italian artist, she comes off as self-entitled, narcissistic, and elitist.

    Posted by: Rodney Wollam | Dec 17, 2009 1:13:25 PM

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