1. cityofangels says

    most obnoxious song ever. singlehandedly lowers the bar for american songwriting. makes “i love college” look like faulkner.

  2. says

    it *is* terribly catchy. but i once read about the song being summarized thusly: “Fell over drunk LOL” which is also true. fun enough tune, but i hope she is going to show us something else soon because: tiring.

  3. patrick nyc says

    Comparing her to Debbie Harry is a joke. The fact that Paris Hilton considered her a friend speaks to her level of talent.

  4. FizziekruntNT says

    Sidebar: Is mullethead trannydriver with the sweatband Simon Rex? That makes the video somewhat tolerable. I mean, if it is…

  5. soulbrotha says

    Catchy disposable pop. Nothing more than that.

    And as for it being the “worst song ever”…puhLEEZE. That honor belongs to JLo’s asinine, self-indulgent crapfest, “Louboutins.”

  6. jerry says

    Sounds like the vocal step is Lets Dance and the music is the opening riff to Love At First Sight…or is it just me.

  7. Jesus says

    Again, all I can think of is Harry Allen’s Unbearable Whiteness of Emceeing. I like the dollar sign she uses in her name… Class act.

  8. Nick says

    I have to wonder if it gets exhausting for some of you to be so tragically hip all the time.

    Can’t you just enjoy a song because it’s fun, or does everything have to be the musical equivalent of Proust?

    Lighten up…

  9. John says

    Yeah, not even going to go near the Gaga comparison… I find this song so bad on so many levels, the substance of the lyrics to the ever repetitive pop hooks. I hope Ke$ha passes quickly into obscurity.

  10. patrick nyc says

    It looks and sounds like she’s having fun. Let her have her moment.


    Moments up, go away now you talentless bitch.

  11. Shae says

    I like the song but i think its going to be her only hit, and i really cant belive they compared her to Lady G…..noone is on GaGas level!

  12. alguien says

    what’s scary is that tik tok is the #1 download on iTunes right now.

    her voice is somewhat more annoying to hear than eminem’s.

  13. Bernadette says

    ‘Moments up, go away now you talentless bitch.’


    Why don’t you just keep your fucking mouth shut, faggot?

  14. Eric says

    She’s nothing special. Top 40 garbage.
    She’s no Debbie Harry or Gaga.
    She’s a wannabe Uffie. Uffie might not have the best voice but her music isnt chessy.

  15. patrick nyc says

    Why don’t you just keep your fucking mouth shut, faggot?

    Sounds like someone missed her anger management session. Hey douche bag, fuck off.

  16. beb says

    I wouldn’t compare her to Debbie Harry or GaGa, but the song is what it is…a fun song to sing along with when nobody else is around or when you’re totally wasted (aka a “guilty pleasure”). You can listen to snippets of her entire CD on iTunes and there are a few songs that remind me of Fergie’s solo work. I think it’s worth the $6.99 to have a little fun.

  17. says

    I’m more pissed that “TiK ToK” went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and “Bad Romance” didn’t. “TiK ToK” is, even by annoying pop songs, annoying.

  18. MrRoboto says

    DAVIDS has it right. I don’t understand how some of these people squeak through and reach the top of the charts, when folks like Uffie and Amanda Blank have been doing it much longer and much better.

  19. Zazu says

    She ain’t no Madonna, and no one wants to be the next Gaga, but this girl got into the genre that LG cannot get into: Hip Hop. This is disposable crap, but it ain’t trying to be a masterpiece and the artist is claiming to be a genius, unlike that tedious LG schtick.

    Tic Tok, Lady Gaga. Everyone in 2010 will want to bring you down. Let’s hope they do…..

  20. JoshiesChick says

    I actually like this song because its catchy. Who cares if it sounds like whatever? Give it up guys for real? And whoever said she sounds like that uffy chick or whatever is smoking crack.

  21. Tralalala says

    Hmm do any of you have songs playing on the radio? I don’t see anyone bitching about YOUR known music.

    Just jealous, methinks; admit it, you’d LOVE to be the centre of the attention that this girl’s getting.
    See, you even make her more ‘famous’, for lack of a better word, for looking her up online and wasting precious time and posting hateful remarks.

    It’s not terrible music, otherwise she wouldn’t be making money, would she?
    And she doesn’t care what you think.