1. Bill says

    Wow. (sniffle) Levi Johnson thinks I’m human. (sniffle)

    What an asshole.

    Matter of fact, most heteros these days are making me more thankful than ever to be gay.
    The way that they openly debate us and secretly try and hurt us while screaming their heads off about morality is particularly lovely.

    And if they would do this to their own gay children, it would appear that the sky’s the limit with them.

  2. Christopher says

    I’m glad that Levi doesn’t mind that I stay extra long in the shower and imagine exploring his willing hidie-hole with my fingers and then….

    Makes me feel like less of a dirty old man!

  3. John M says

    Wait, he is a gay icon now? Did I miss something?

    I mean, god bless him for knocking up Palin’s slutty daughter and assisting in making Palin look like the fool she is but he isn’t fucking Cher. Well, unless he is. I would support Levi fucking Cher.

  4. earthlingdave says

    Wow, the comments on here are starting to get as classy as Queerty comments. Why are his comments not a good thing? He says “it doesn’t matter to him.” I think it’s great for it to be a non-issue, as it is with anyone under 30 these days.

  5. Bradster says

    Oh, Bill – give Levi a little slack. He’s an uneducated (while quite charming) rube, and gave a very honest answer. He’s actually a very good role model for other young men with similar backgrounds.

    And Kathy Griffin wouldn’t have boinked him if he were a genuine homophobe.

  6. Gregoire says

    Why are we attacking him? He’s no ‘gay icon’ but clearly he doesn’t know what that means. These kinds of interviews are amusing but not damaging.

  7. jamesintoronto says

    Once more we are worshiping at the feet of any straight who would deign to acknowledge our existence… who gives a shit what Levi Johnston has to say. Where are our gay leaders? Give me someone I can believe in.

  8. ricky says

    Levi Johnston’s comments may not mean a lot to many here – but to those his age – or who hope to one day be his age – they may mean everything.

    Any voice that counters the blinding irrational ugly hate – is a voice that needs to be heard. He may not be as eloquent as some – or as politically informed – but his matter-of-fact acceptance of his gay fans and homosexuality in general may mean a great deal to those young gays and lesbians living lives of fear and loathing in small towns like Wasilla all across America.

  9. Randy says

    Don’t care what you all say, I think he’s still great. Given how his 15 minutes of fame could have gone (cough Carrie cough), what more could you ask of him?

  10. Jon Brian Blake says

    First, we have no proof “he hates us.” So i’m taking him at his word for now.

    Second, I have no problem with Levi. He’s attractive, taken some risks with all this, and he hasn’t attacked anyone yet.

    Regarding Palin, all he’s done is tell the truth. I like him. He’s not a great interview, but careers have been born on a lot less than this.

    Palin used him to present her “pretty family picture.” If he gets something out of all this, good for him.

  11. BT says

    James in Toronto: “He hates us”?!?! I invite you to produce one shred of empirical evidence to support your claim.

    If anything, Levi seems to be scrupulously honest.

    I adore him because of the extent to which his existence makes a fool of Sarah Palin, who is a threat to all of gay people, our country, and our world. (And he hasn’t said all he could say about “Sarah.”) It’s a bonus that he’s a babe as well.

  12. jamesintoronto says

    I will go with Banshiii’s advice and take the high road… Levi Johnston may be a good guy and I should give him the benefit of the doubt. That is all.

  13. Tell it like it is says

    Guess I didn’t get the notice he is now a gay “icon.”

    Guess it doesn’t take much to be an icon these days. Either that or the word is overused.

  14. Rob West says

    I think he’s sweet, just saying he’s okay with gay fans puts him on the wrong side in Wasilla.
    And he has a few (gay fans).
    “gay icon” that’s pushing it.

    He does seem overwhelmed by all this.
    Stay sweet Levi.

  15. FunMe says

    OK, he’s not exactly Playgirl or gay porn material. I mean he could have worked out at the gym a little more.

    But his novelty is just the fact that he is the father of the grandson of the homophobe Palin.

    And if he says he’s cool with gays, I’m cool.

    Will I be looking up to him as a “gay icon”? Absolutely not. But hey, anytime you see someone be cool about gays, especially the 20 something guys, it’s a good thing.

    Chill guys. I know there has been a lot of gay bashing around the country, by the police no less, this guy is not the one we should be mad at. It’s the homophobes who want to beat us up that we should be fighting.

  16. Marc C says

    Honestly, this is the best that you guys have to fight over? No wonder we’re considered second class. Most of you don’t have enough to fill a thimble.

    Faggots indeed.

  17. TANK says

    Ricky, are you joking? Do you think levi johnston has an impact on his male peers? They look up to him as a role model–someone to be? This level of cluelessness demands that I waste no more time thinking about it…but I can’t help it, because if I don’t, I’m going to have a fucking stroke. Yes, many young men levi’s age (straight young men) look up to him, and have posters of him hanging on their bedroom walls, right next to k fed… Which reminds me of the homer simpson adage never try, because then you’ll never fail. As to him being a gay icon, get out of here with this shit… If true, the only thing that requires is a pulse.

    and joy behar’s yenta dreck wannabe (technically, she’s shikse, but I think she’s with some obnoxious, tacky loud mouthed jew yorker).

  18. richard says

    i generally like joy behar, but i’m offended that she calls him a gay icon. by her standards, any man in the public eye who some would consider attractive is an icon. and that’s just stupid. please joy, give us some credit.

  19. Scott says

    So guys… how about that Afghanistan thing huh? 30,000 troops. That’s really going to strain our military… And STILL no end to DADT. Yet. That would be pretty fucked up if we get DADT repealed only because the military needs fodder for a hopeless war…

    Wait a minute!!! Levi Johnston just said something nice and harmless about gay people while having a flat ass and an almost barely noticeably doughy middle! How dare he not look like a Sean Cody model! Homo’s assemble! We have some misplaced bitchiness to administer!!!

  20. Hollywood, CA says

    I think Joy was just baiting him by repeating “YOU’RE A GAY ICON” over and over. Pretty lame, Joy. Kevin Aucoin is a Gay Icon, Levi is a sexy straight guy. Period. Stop trying to make him trip up and say something stupid.

  21. says

    What the fuck is a gay icon ? Maybe Donal Og Cusack, senior hurler with Cork, who is the only athlete to come out and announce that being gay is just acceptable as being straight… that’s an icon, …,a breaker of moulds, one who has the balls to stand up and tell the emperor he has no clothes, or tell the pope that he is wrong, we are not “disordered”……

    Levi might be a nice guy, but I don’t see that he’s an icon just because he’s got some gay fans. He gives me nothing to follow.

  22. akChris says

    Only one asshole here and that is you. This kid is trying. He is learning more in a few short months than some of the people posting here will n a lifetime. Alaska isn’t a gay violence hotbed. Although as a queer who lives near Wasilla all I can say is that the cretin gays wishing a ghetto closet on straight men who try to understand, I’d kick your @ss myself. Credit where credit is due. Evolution is change over time. We should be so lucky. More young men would wake up and stand against the trash they were fed as children to embrace diversity.

  23. says

    So… When someone says anything negative and/or hurtful about us, we are all over them. Which we should be. Then when someone has something good to say about us, we are all over them, stating that they are lying and secretly means otherwise?

    Aren’t we just precious…

  24. jason says

    Icon?? Puh-lease, will someone get Joy Behar some reality pills.

    And why does posing for Playgirl qualify Levi for “gay iconic status”? Doesn’t Joy believe that women have a right to objectify men as well. Or is her thinking still stuck in the 1700’s as far as female sexuality is concerned?

  25. says

    Joy’s use of the word icon is misplaced here. While I find Johnston as interesting as a paper clip, I don’t think any anger should be directed at him. He’s trying to roll with the punches in the interview.

    The word icon is thrown around way too much. When Lady Gaga called herself a pop icon on SNL recently, I was like, “um, don’t you have to have a few years of pop stardom under your belt?” Maybe by her third album . . .

  26. says

    Side-show celebrity? Man, that guy loves attention.

    Note: this is not an insult. I’m actually quite impressed he’s rode his 15 minutes this long. I’m now convinced that so long as Sarah Palin is famous, he’ll be able to take his act on the road. Furthermore, while I don’t find him particularly interesting or entertaining, I *do* find it very entertaining that he’s still around to be the pebble in Sarah Palin’s shoe (well, one of many, but probably the most hilarious one). So, keep on trucking with the Levi stories, Andy 😉

  27. major707 says

    What a f**king bunch of a**hole fa**ots. I remember Marky Mark stripping at gay clubs and the gays going crazy over him and when he got his 15 minutes he kicked gays in the teeth……but you still worshipped him! Go look in the mirrors guys I bet most posting here can’t get a date at 2 AM as the bars are closing. No wonder gays can’t get equal rights, worse than junior high girls!

  28. Rocky says

    @ Major707

    Yes! They really are a bunch of f****t assholes,its no wonder there are so many social problems with gays.And yall expect to be taken seriously by “them”? I dont see how that will work

  29. patrick nyc says

    It is not surprising that the media labeled this kid a gay icon, I doubt he knew what the word meant when he first heard it, or has ever opened a dictionary. The word icon in general is tossed around too easily. Just like the word diva, the current VH1 divas include Miley Cyrus and Kelly Clarkson, WTF. Cher is throwing something at a mirror right now.

    As for Levi, Palin dragged this young kid onto the center stage, he is just making the most of it, and considering his education and background, he’s holding his own.

    As he has said, he has plenty of dirt on the Palins, he seems to be keeping his mouth closed for the sake of his kid, and was very clear if Palin trashed him, he’d hit back. She’s not said much since then.

  30. clint says

    Levi is a Taoist icon. He goes with the flow, tells the truth, is comfortable with all things natural, including his own body, and, like a Taoist adept, always has something up his sleeve.

  31. jamal49 says

    Ricky, thanks for what you said. Too bad some of the other posters here can’t understand this. Um, I wonder just how many guys here did buy Playgirl? He’s a young guy with a good attitude having a great time in his young life. I detect just a little bit of jealousy in many of these posts. People like jamesintoronto need to ease up or else try some different meds.

  32. ricky says

    Tank – are you an idiot? No, wait – there must be a better way to phrase that. . . let’s try “how stupid are you?” Yes, that is better and probably a phrase you are very familiar with.

    Tank – can you read – I mean, is this a reading comprehension issue – are you s-l-o-w or are you just so eager to denounce a post that you rush through comments until you find your negative slant and then fire away regardless of the actual content of the post? For the record – stupid and eager is generally not a good combination.

    Levi is more of a friend and hero to gays and lesbians his age and younger than an ignorant, bitter, sniffling, trifling, whiny, idiot like you will ever be. And while I am sure that means nothing to you – newsflash – this is not about you.

    Read my post idiot – and then comment – and maybe this will help – I said nothing about Levi’s impact on straight guys – period – his age, younger, or at all – now go back and read my post s-l-o-w-l-y Princess – out loud if it helps.

    And as for the Joy Behr “Jew Yorker” comment – nice. . . real nice. . . classy – do you feel better now having said that – does it make you feel like a real man – like a real American – you are neither.

  33. Jimmy/Boston says

    Of course he loves being a gay icon. They’re the only ones who think he’s hot, and Playgirl is a gay mag not a woman’s mag. If he started knocking gays he’d have no fans at all.

  34. rebirth says

    Why are so many of you so quick to judge Levi?
    Why is it necessary to throw insults at him?
    He’s a young guy, and has been lacking in personal responsibility; but all us have been there. Let the guy alone for now. Slamming him is not justified.

  35. TANK says

    Ricky, you’re a joke. I misread nothing…I got you down cold with desperate defense of your way too young crush on levi. It’s a creepy, you creepy old man. Family guy, anyone? Creepy old pervert on family guy? That’s the vibe. You’re a sad old man. Go away, you give us all a bad name.

  36. TANK says

    Derrick, isn’t this yet another shining opportunity for you and your cohorts to derail this topic into a diatribe about white racism keeping ya down? LOL! Idiot.

  37. Derrick from Philly says

    “Derrick, isn’t this yet another shining opportunity for you and your cohorts to derail this topic into a diatribe about white racism keeping ya down? LOL! Idiot.”

    “Jew Yorkers?”

    A white supremacist with an inferiority complex–that’s a triple idiot.

    …bet Rahm Emanuel could whup your anti-semitic ass.

  38. TANK says

    C’mon, derrick, you can do better than that…not much, admittedly…because the only card you know how to play is the race card, or the bigotry card. You’re a about a twenty watt, but you can do better than that. Calling me a white supremacist? That’s a start. Now you’re just a hop and a skip away from race baiting. My perceived antisemitism? LOL! Idiot.

  39. ricky says

    Tank – You don’t know a thing about me – but then being an ignorant dumb ass piece of carny trash – America’s great shame and great burden — has never stopped you from posting has it? Jew York – again, really, such class – what a man.

    Don’t project your sad, pathetic, needy, school-girl feelings for Levi onto me – there is more to Levi that your sad sexual fantasy of him – than your ache for him – than your need to be slapped like the dirty girl you are by him – he is more than just just another man who will never want you.

    And for the record — I am guessing the only tank you have ever been near had fish in it.

  40. john says

    wow guys, really…calm the eff down, don’t like the guy? move on with your lives…don’t think he has a perfect body and therefor shouldn’t exist? go find someone else to objectify. The guy is just a kid, he’s going to regret EVERYTHING he says in 10 years anyway…and what’s so bad? This small town kid comes out on national TV and tells people that his small town mentality was challenged and proven wrong about gay people and that he isn’t a hater. He may not be changeing the world but at least he shows that some people can change..jeesus now I’m taking this too seriously.

  41. TANK says

    Actually, Ricky…I know way too much about you. You’re a creeper. One of those sad old gays who salivates over young straight men. The extent to which you’ve gone to defend this five dollar bill blowing through a trailer park is disturbing. And now you’ve pulled the I know you are but what am I routine. You’re a joke that’s losing its funny.

  42. TANK says

    “Don’t project your sad, pathetic, needy, school-girl feelings for Levi onto me – there is more to Levi that your sad sexual fantasy of him – than your ache for him – than your need to be slapped like the dirty girl you are by him – he is more than just just another man who will never want you.”

    But this is funny if I can block out just how much it reveals of your damaged psyche. You’re about as classy as a jerry springer brawl over “mah mayun!”

  43. sharksfansd says

    Damn, so many of you bent out shape. Next time someone pisses in your Cheerios I would suggest taking it out on the FOX news forum or some other right wing site.

    @jamesintoronto – you are looking for a leader. You stepping forward?

  44. ricky says

    Tank – Again my good woman – no one has talked about Levi sexually but you – poor, lonely, desperate, you — what’s the matter Princess – isn’t taking the screen name of a military weapon enough to make you feel like a man? What will it take to make you feel like a man – or is it as it has always been for you – you simply can’t get there from where you started.

    Levi has shown more maturity at 18 – more simple kindness – and decency – than you or anyone you have ever known or ever been turned down by is likely to show in a lifetime.

  45. NBS says

    Among the biggest challenges for Bristol Palin’s baby daddy has been adopting an attitude of “versatility” and becoming more tolerant of lifestyles different than his own, the 19-year-old single father says in the July issue of GQ, on sale June 23. The article mentions Levi’s “mentor” — a large burly gentleman called Tank — working on reducing Levi’s “homophobic outbursts.”

    Dan Savage-

    “But what’s more interesting than sorting Johnston into his exact gay etymological category is watching Johnston, once a major homophobe, become increasingly comfortable with teh gays. Celebrity—that’s what he is now—means having to hang out and work with (and work for) a certain number of out homos. Homophobia is a luxury that Levi can’t afford anymore”.

  46. Rowan says

    @ NBS

    You beat me to it.

    I just can’t believe how people on this blog are wanting to even ‘like’ someone like that??

    Very, very disturbing.

    I wonder if they’d be so warped if he was black? when that Mechad Brooks guy who was in Desp Houswives said the most intelligent and kind comment about gays, I wonder if these same posters were quick to praise him?!

    It’s that bully mentality > victim mentality that never leaves and is received in high school. You take it with you until you die.

    Some gays and some blacks really have that in comment. Inner self hate and forever cowering under the bully’s gaze and so quick to ‘forgive’ the bully but ignore the people who helped them always all along the way.

  47. Scottie says

    He is NOT a gay icon. He’s just a kid that showed some ass in order to make an ass out of his baby’s famous grandmother and some gay guy jerking off to that doesn’t make Levi an icon. Both of these need to be jerked out of our lives.

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