1. crispy says

    When a Brit says “big dick,” it sounds so much more sophisticated.

    “Sweet-eh, won’t you come ovah fo’ tea and big dicks?”

  2. says

    It’s not just big it’s actually quite pretty — as is Aidan.

    A number of yeas back I ran into him in Palm Springs. He was doing a porno shoot and he and the crew came over to the hotel I was staying at at three in the morning. to romp in the hot tub. Druinks all around, plenty of lively conversation and best of all a session of “Truth or Dare” which Aiden handily won by giving himself a blow-job.

    Lovely fellow in every way.

    If you can manage to get ahold of a copy don’t miss John Maybury’s great avant-garde video feature “Remembrance of Things Fast” starring Rupert Everett, Tilda Swinton and Aidan.

  3. differingview says

    Aiden know that is all about that luscious uncut thick and dick; I love watching the head of his dick ooze pre-cum before he mounts a tight ass ready to go deep in that hole.

    He is openly HIV+ and this has not decreased his sex appeal.

  4. ty says

    He would be more appealing if he was sucessful in a legitimate business. Porn creates a misleading role model for the community, leading to dilusion and unfulfillment. Who can compete with that?

  5. Scott says

    Aiden’s openness about his being HIV+ has not decreased his sex appeal? Wow. How magnanimous of you Differingview! I’m sorry that you think most poz guys don’t have any sex appeal.
    Aiden is sexy and entertaining; however, after reading his book “My Undoing” I would have to add dreadful author to the list.

  6. differingview says

    Scott, sweetie darling..I will go on record and say that poz men are as sexy as Cheyenne Jackson…my comment was not meant to be taken as a lessening of sex appeal…I think my real statement should have been…

    More HIV+ gay porn performers need to be open and vocal about their status which will lessen stigma in some ways.

    Far too often being poz is treated like a pity parade and well in the porn arena Aiden is clearly not one to be pitied, as with any subculture within a BIG culture (gay) there needs to be more visibility and less stigma

  7. TANK says

    What is with the strange, obsessive relationship between the gay community and porn? It’s definitely amplified given the attention and status that are assigned to gay porn performers. I think it’s a symptom of marginalization. This doesn’t happen to this extent amongst heterosexual pornstars.

    Anyway, good for him…

  8. Fred says

    @CB: LOL! You’re absolutely right, this is idiotic. And wow has Judith Regan fallen! Why is she talking to Aiden Shaw like he’s the Dalai Lama?

  9. Rich says

    A self-indulgent jerk. His writing is even worse than Rupert Everett’s. There are far more interesting people who’ve done porn.

  10. rjp3 says

    Gay porn is a gift from guys to other guys … Straight porn is abusive to women in many if not most cases.

    Different thing all together….

  11. says

    he’s always been a favorite of mine, but I have to block out some of his “poetry” I read once. It was a real buzzkill.

  12. alguien says


    i don’t know that gay men are more obsessed with porn than anybody else-certainly not our straight counterparts. the difference is simply that we’re not embarrassed to talk about it amongst ourselves. it’s easy to think that we’re totally obsessed because of this.

  13. Michael Strangeways says

    People have obsessed over big dicks for millenia…it’s not a recent “thing”…

    judith regan is such a douche.

  14. patrick nyc says

    No desire to read his book, but he did get me off back in the day and still is hot, if not hotter today.

  15. David in Houston says

    I’ve never heard of him. He is very handsome, and he has that cute accent. But the idea of being intimate with someone who has been with 1,000s(?) of men is repulsive. So, no, I will not have sex with him if he asks me to.

  16. Kitty Boots says

    What a scum bag.
    Illiterate asshole who is the posterboy for mid-nineties self-obsessed druggie bareback-promoting loser.
    How do you guys read his crap and think he can write? He can’t even speak!?
    I meat him at A Different Light in NYC a dozen times promoting his ‘books’. He had the charm of a drugged out asshole trading his good looks for drugs and a bit of attention.
    He is NOT an example I would want any young gay person emulating.

  17. Fred says

    @Cajiva – Aiden Shaw’s cock is pleeeeenty big. If you’ve had bigger, I really doubt you have an intact, working sphincter.

  18. Kirkhell says

    I don’t think I ever saw a porn with Aiden Shaw… but I got one of his books! And that is true!
    I’m happy to see him in such a good shape!

  19. freddy says

    As lovely as that accent is, he’s much more attractive when he isn’t speaking, or at least trying to to say something interesting.

    I’m glad the porn stars that get lionized by the gay community still get trapped in their boxes, so to speak.

    Colton Ford, for example. Super hot guy, good in porn, but thank goodness nowhere near interesting/talented enough to make it mainstream.

  20. TANK says

    “i don’t know that gay men are more obsessed with porn than anybody else-certainly not our straight counterparts.”

    Not porn, per se, but porn stars. There’s a different attitude that the gay community takes toward gay porn stars than the straight community does (where the superfans are usually these porn addicted slobs who show up to the conventions and picture signings…not your typical straight porn consumer). However, I’ve observed that there are more gay men who are fans and know things about their pornstars, etc…that is unique to gay men. It’s kinda pathetic, actually. That they’re “our” celebrities, almost…straight stars just don’t get the same degree of respect by the vast majority of hetero porn consumers that gay pornstars do.

    “the difference is simply that we’re not embarrassed to talk about it amongst ourselves. it’s easy to think that we’re totally obsessed because of this.”

    Ever hang out with a heterosexual man before? They aren’t embarrassed to talk about it, either.

  21. TANK says

    Oh, and I’ve never seen a porn with aiden shaw in it, either (though I don’t really watch porn…except for the laughs, as I find it hilarious). But going by how old he looks…I guess that has something to do with the fact that I don’t own a vcr.

  22. anon says

    It’s always hard to generalize about porn, but where else could you see guys kissing 20 years ago?? Even 10 years ago.

  23. says

    Just watched the video and I know he’s had a sordid history, but his gentle demeanor and voice and drop dead gorgeous looks made me swoon. Can I have an Aiden Shaw for Xmas please?

  24. Bryan says

    Excuse me, but aren’t we looking at Anderson Cooper with facial hair? Wow, now I know how much hotter AC 360 can be! LOL

  25. says

    Differingview, et al: This is going to sound weird, but, I am getting my doctorate in advanced human sexuality and I am very interested in studying whether or not POZ porn stars “coming out” would be a good thing to take away some stigmas related to having sex with POZ men or a bad thing because it may “normalize” unsafe behavior amongst Gay males, especially younger ones.

    Anyone want to give me their opinions?

    Sorry Andy, but, I can’t pass up possible research subjects! Thanks!

    Oh yeah, much like Colton Ford, Homie is hella hot and has aged perfectly!

  26. Daniel says

    His dick may not be the biggest, but it’s got a healthy curve to it that you can still feel a few days after it’s assaulted you ass…

  27. New Jersey Girl says

    Uh… John Holmes. Ron Jeremy. Rocco Siffredi. Linda Lovelace…The Heterosexual Porn Star list is just as big and just as …how did you put it?….oh yes…just as symptomatic of marginalization.

    Utah. Largest State Pormography Internet Subscription Ever. Guess those straight Mormons are into porn.

    And the amount of heterosexual porn is 1000 to 1 in production schedules. Hmmm

    What can we derive from this?

    You’re a big fat lying homophbic heterosexual republican christian troll who’s paid to anti-blog on a gay site, your ignorance and moronic comments are…

    par for the course as usual.