1. says

    He’s not in great shape (his pecs are not very firm), he looks younger than he is (too young), and his face is great but these pics lack any fire, masculinity, passion or even confidence. Can the dude not grow proper stubble yet?? I’m a better poseur and I’m ancient and in way worse shape than he is. Check me out at blahblahblah

  2. Greg says

    These look a lot better than the previously released ones, but they also have a curiously dated look to them. He looks like someone out of the early 80s in these shots.

  3. Rick says

    I think he’s adorable in a naive, disarming way. Anyhow, the guys who complain that what you’ll find on Corbin Fisher or Michael Lewis is what hotter don’t get it. It has nothing to do with how great one’s body or face is. After all, Nancy Sinatra’s Playboy shoot — done when she was in her 50’s — was one of their biggest selling issues ever. The erotic frisson has to do with seeing a public figure risk embarrassment in order to act out our secret fantasies about wishing we could see him or her naked after they have established a “personality” in the public arena. That is the advantage non-porn celebrities have over professional porn models, who are all strip with no tease.

  4. Randy says

    I like these much better than what we saw previously. Cute face. Disappointing butt. Still, if it’s good enough for Kathy Griffin, it’s good enough for me.

  5. marco says

    Handsome young man. He has a sweet smile, beautiful eyes and a great body. But, he needs a haircut, his baby butt does nothing for me and for Christ’s sake have those tattoos removed! :)

  6. says

    These pics are horrible!

    They were obviously taken by someone who doesn’t really think men are sexy.

    They look like they were taken in a Glamour Shots studio after hours.


    He should get a ‘mo to shoot him in 6mos.


  7. GEEBEE says

    What makes these pictures appealing is the thought of Sarah and Todd passing them back and forth, saying: “This is your fault. I told you he was trouble. No, this is YOUR fault.”

  8. JeffNYC says

    And then Todd says, “Like I always said, that boy’s got a butt like a newborn-baby butt. That’s not a man-butt, that’s not a boy-butt, that’s a BABY-butt.”

    To which Sarah replies, “What do you mean, like you ALWAYS said? When did you say it BEFORE? When did you SEE that boy’s butt before? Todd…START ‘SPLAININ’!”

  9. TheOtherMark says

    I am sad that some of you guys really find him hot.
    Even the fact that he is a “public figure” doesn’t help; publicly he is a naive moron. There is nothing risque about this shoot.

  10. Rob says

    Is he the utter epitome of hot? No, I don’t think so, especially when you consider a broad range of people and their views of hot. However, is he attractive? Yes. I don’t think you can deny he is good looking. I’d chat him up.

    And hell, I’m 27 and I still rarely need to shave and forget sexy stubble. It ain’t gonna happen.

  11. nic says

    leave levi alone!!! sob, sob, sob…

    he looks like the boy one lusts after in school. he is not model perfect, but he is plenty all right with me. i’d munch on his butt, oh yeah!

  12. Frank says

    These are just pics, not a lot of sexuality or thought put into them. Nonetheless, he’s still beautiful to look at.
    I don’t think any of you would be complaining if he came knocking on your door :-)

  13. JVC says

    He’s a handsome guy! I would dare say he’s a hottie. I agree with Frank that there is nothing alluring or enticing about his photos. Not sure who’s to blame (the photographer, etc,) but one thing I know. I doubt Playgirl will get their money’s worth out of all this. All the other companies that offered Levi big $$$ to be nude, etc. are thanking their lucky stars right about now.

  14. rovex says

    He’s a decent looking average guy. If he walked past my window id look intently. So he isnt Hollywood (plastic, fake, photoshop) perfect, thats a good thing!

    <5% body fat and hard abs are not all that, in fact they are really boring and indicative of a guy who cant relax and enjoy himself.

  15. Jeff says

    His is sexy in that “He needs a real man to make him a man” kind of way. He looks like he needs someone to make him walk like he just rode a moose! 😉

  16. MrRoboto says

    After seeing him in interviews, he’s always seemed dumb as a rock to me. But to have gotten paid the money he got for this, when his profile was still within its 15 minute window, proves to me he’s at least got a little bit of savvy.

    He made more for this one shoot than most Americans make in three years of working a 40-hour/week job. So, good on him. Hopefully he’ll save the money for the very likely future of ordinary slobhood that waits for him not too far down the road.

  17. John says

    Handsome kid and dumber than a bag of rocks. I love when he has been doing some promo work and they make fun of him to his face and he doesnt even get it.
    Whats next on his career list? gay for pay porn? Isnt that who buys Playgirl anyhow? I will buy a copy.

  18. rebirth says

    Levi is indeed a handsome young chicken. He needs a personal trainer to help him put on some muscle definition, and after that happens; little chicken Levi will be steaming hot.

  19. rebirth says

    Some of the comments here are so negative, that one would think that Levi was a serial killer or something. His life circumstances have brought him to a place of opportunity, and I find nothing wrong with him taking all that he can get. No one knows what the future might be for this young man; but right now he might be experiencing a bit of happiness. I say let the boy hold on to his smile for as long as possible, because happiness can be hard to come by.

  20. Lawrence Estes says

    Levi is very handsome, very sexy. I have a suggestion for the people leaving bitchy remarks(jealous?): Post a photo of yourselves, naked, and then let the comments fly. This kid–and he is a kid, remember?–19 years old–is not only very good-looking; he’s brave. He took on Dragon Lady Palin in “Vanity Fair”; the only one to do that with any kind of authority. Congratulations, Levi.

  21. Jimmy/Boston says

    I love his face. What a great looking guy. And he looks great in a uniform or dressed up, but him naked doesn’t do it for me. His body looks too boyish. He worked out for the shoot, but obviously it wasn’t long enough. A couple of months is not enough. If he seriously worked out he could have an amazingly buff bod.

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