News: Mexico City, Volcano, Sonia Sotomayor, Albatrosses

 roadMexico City enacts marriage equality law: "The law, approved by city legislators on December 21, was published
in Mexico City's official register on Tuesday and will take effect in
March. It will allow same-sex couples to adopt children and
municipal officials say it will make Mexico's capital a 'vanguard city'
– and attract extra tourism revenues."

Volcano  roadTourists flock to Philippine volcano in hopes of witnessing eruption; may get burned.

 roadMad: Staffers turn on Tyra Banks.

 roadBirth mother in Vermont-Virginia lesbian custody battle, Lisa Miller, appears to have fled with the child.

 roadOne Iowa plans rally to counter wingnuts on eve of legislative session.

 roadDutch Caribbean islands to recognize marriage equality: "Married and registered gay couples will obtain legal protection against
discrimination by government agencies in the BES islands Bonaire, St.
Eustatius and Saba after the islands have obtained their new status as
public entities in the Dutch Kingdom."

 roadJersey Shore cast gets 'Hollywood' makeover.

53Cover  roadMichael Musto takes on Carrie Prejean on annual Village Voice cover – his end of the year wrap-up here.

 roadNew Madonna album on its way in 2010: six directions it might go? A Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle duet?

 roadVariety on Tom Ford's 27-year-old DP Edward Grau: "Perhaps he was taking a risk with the Barcelona-born cinematographer —
Grau was 27 at the time and had only a few obscure films to his credit
— but few would dispute the success of their collaboration."

 roadJustin Bartha to go Broadway in Lend Me a Tenor?

 roadBizarre incident in Minneapolis: Park staff member tells kid he's gay, inspiring altercation, then police arrive and break the kid's arm.

Sotomayor  road'Wise Latina' Sonia Sotomayor is also now a cover girl.

 roadJonas brother gets married, finds out what that purity ring was all about.

 roadGirl acquitted in rock-throwing incident against three boys she claims were yelling anti-gay slurs at her friend.

 roadNames sought for chick being raised by lesbian albatrosses.

 roadNY Senate Committee debates girlfriend-beating senator Hiram Monserrate's fate: "A New York Senate committee met Tuesday to decide whether a state
senator convicted of assaulting his girlfriend should remain in office,
but reached no immediate conclusion…The Queens Democrat was sentenced earlier this month to probation for
injuring his girlfriend by dragging her through his apartment lobby on
Dec. 19, 2008. He could have been jailed for up to a year for
misdemeanor assault."


  1. Tan says

    @ PHILIPPINE VOLCANO: I’ve been following this blog for some years now. I am hapy to see that our volcano is featured here.I cannot believe that something so close to me be featured here. I live an hour and half away from Mayon Volcano. At night it’s so majestic with it’s flowing glowing lava. It’s something so pretty yet destructive. Ironically, our volcanologists here tells us that it might have a massive eruption on new year’s eve (approximately 21 hrs from now). I pray that we will all be safe from it’s fury.

  2. TANK says

    How does michael musto have a career? Let’s see, shit writer, hates gay people that aren’t him, and is one of the ugliest sows about town. To watch him on olbermann is to see open mic night at some nondescript comedy club. Can’t you smell the stale beer and hear the booing? He so desperately wants to be funny with his generic one liners that it seems he’s in the wrong profession…oh right, you need to be funny to be a comedian.

    Or, I could be overreacting.

  3. jamal49 says

    Michael Musto took over from Arthur Bell at the VV after Mr. Bell died from diabetes-related illness. Musto is more gossip-oriented than Mr. Bell who was very political. It took a while to get used to Mr. Musto. Most times, he’s funny. A few times, he’s not. Sometimes, he tries too hard to be glib and witty, whether in print or on Olbermann. Usually, he’s right on the money. He calls it as he sees it and he when he gets his sights set on some of the more brazen hypocrisy of modern life, watch out!

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