1. T.R says

    Watching his smile-grimace as Rachel pounded him into the ground was satisfying, but was anyone else distracted by his abnormally shiny ears? Perhaps he should have listed that as a factor for homosexuality instead of race.

  2. Nick says

    Rachel is wonderful. She is consistently prepared, informed and accurate and apologizes when she occassionally misspeaks-very refreshing. Unfortunately the folks that need to hear her don’t and won’t and will probably not have an audience of any kind now that NBC is in the process of being bought out by a cable conglomerate and will probably eviscerate the news division -meaning Keith and Rachel have a short shelf life. Afterall- America wants to be entertained not informed-god forbid.

  3. sparks says

    She pretty much wrecked his confidence. I’m VERY glad that she emphasized his lack of credentials. People like Mr. Cohen are just con artists who gain trust by misleading people into believing they accredited professionals with proper training.

  4. Disgusted American says

    this guy is such an ass….hey I could make babies too with a woman, but I am NOT attracted to them. Thi idiot is STILL gay, he’s just not acting on it.

  5. TANK says

    The ex gay movement is, as others have noted, a grift. In principle, it’s not different from faith healing, or purchasing a famous monument… It should be regulated like the scheme it is. Given the potential for serious harm that it represents according to the APA, it should be limited. Parents that send their children to ex gay camps or therapies should be deemed unfit by the state, and those kids should be removed from those homes as well as any other children that those parents have.

    This guy is a contributing factor to the Ugandan kill the gays bill, but those things were just looking for an excuse to demonize gays and introduce the bill.

  6. Ken says

    I watched this last night. She let him speak and then just went after him.

    Excellent job Rachel. If you are seriously not watching her everynight, there is no justice.

  7. dbzeag says

    I enjoy how he said he got married and didn’t want to, but just because. And still stuck with his wife after over 20 years and three kids. Well that’s love right there. What an evil husband to be married to. What does that say about the wife?

  8. TANK says

    And then he claims to be the victim of a hate crime for being barred from the american counseling association for unethical practices (re: demonizing gay people and promising false cures). Perhaps he ought be acquainted with what a real hate crime entails…I don’t think he’d continue on with his artless abuse of language if he were privy to the kind of crime his rhetoric encourages.

  9. sugarrhill says

    Of for Christ’s sake, Comcast won’t get rid of popular MSNBC program anchors. Comcast wants to make money. Those anchors make them money. The reason why MSNBC is gaining in ratings is because they’re the anti-FOX. Partisan reporting is a boom industry. Regardless, I’m just happy Maddow plays for our team.

  10. nic says

    he got fucked by a woman (rachel maddow). as ugly and weasley as he is, no man would have him, so he went for a desperate woman.

    he is a despicable excuse for a man.

  11. says

    I watched this last night and was jumping up and down with giddy laughter during this interview. Rachel’s handling of this douchebag last night is the main reason Ruthuglicans and right-wingers won’t come on to her show: she’s informed, persistent, counters with facts,and can spot BS from a mile away.

    She’ll hand them their balls on a platter, coat it with humble juice and force them to eat them.

    *whimper* I love you Rachel…….leave Susan and move-in with me….we can be happy gay roommates forever…..

  12. Todd says

    They don’t come any creepier than this guy! Anyone else notice that he appeared to literally be shaking by the end of his disembowelment? I LOVE it! You GO Rachel!

  13. Trog says

    First off: People, let’s not demean ourselves and Towleroad by trashing people for how they look. Let’s elevate the conversation, lest this site devolve into another Queerty.

    Second: What’s sad about this ex-gay therapy is that so many gay people are conflicted about their sexuality and religion and “normalcy” that they subject themselves to these therapies. I hope that as time goes on, gay people no longer believe they can’t be gay and also have a family and church.

    Third: Rachel rocks! What an example of real journalism and asking the real questions. I wish she could put Obama through the ringer too!

  14. says

    Rachael did an amazing job of calling this guy out on the disingenuous bullshit he’s propagating. If you’ve ever read his books, you know just how dangerous this guy is. Way to go, Rachael!

  15. says

    Beneath all the pseudo-love and tolerance he preaches (not to mention the pseudo-science) is the fact that what he wants to do, basically, is recruit gay children and convert them to an unnatural (for them) heterosexual lifestyle. Yet he thinks gay people are the predators! These con artists are increasingly insignificant in the US, so they’re taking their mission worldwide with effects like we’re seeing in Uganda. Blood on his hands and on his dirty money.

  16. says

    Saw him speak in the early 1990s. He blathered a long laundry list of why people were gay- basically every person in the room could identify with at least one of his causal factors. I burst out laughing and kept laughing until everyone laughed along with me.

  17. musicdivaSF says

    I love Rachel Maddow and her team behind The Rachel Maddow Show. It is a sad state when you have people like Richard Cohen who thinks that “therapy” would cure the gay away. There were a lot of very conflicting points, such as being homosexual has a deep psychological underpinning is such BS. And what was that about the factors of turning gay –divorce, failed relationships w/ fathers, and race?! WTH!! Thank you TRMS for your ALL your good work.

  18. jamal49 says

    Notice that she refers to him as “Mr. Cohen”; he refers to her as “Rachel”. The guy is an ass-wipe supreme.

    Ms. Maddow did an excellent job exposing that fraudulent creep’s hypocrisy. I only wish every time he said “choice” or “chosen” when referring to gay men and lesbians, Rachel would have had the presence of mind to retort “Where I’m concerned and millions of other gay men and women are concerned, there never was any choice. This is how we were born.”

    Further, Cohen uses the same, tired old arguments about “domineering mothers” and “absentee fathers” when discussing the “causes” of male same-sex attraction. One wonders what his “theories” are for female same-sex attraction.

    Regardless, I would imagine that millions of gay and lesbian people grew up having great relationships with their parents. Nothing in Cohen’s books is verified by qualified, scientific research or any empirical data. His “data” is made up and mostly anecdotal.

    I am glad that Rachel did tell Cohen that he has “blood on his hands”, because he does. So does Rick Warren, T.D. Jakes and every other gay-hating, evangelical fraud.

  19. anon says

    The typical journalistic method for these kinds of stories is to follow the money trail. What is the gain for these evangelicals to sponsor this legislation in Africa of all places? It doesn’t make much sense.

  20. GregV says

    Jamal: On Cohen’s website, the list of reasons for “Same Sex Attraction” are the same for boys as girls, except in some cases the words “opposite-sex parent” and same-sex parent” are used (so supposedly gay girls have absentee mothers and gay boys have absentee mothers, etc.) The one exception is that gay girls show “too much rough and tumble” and gay boys “no rough and tumble” Other factors that can make us gay are being tall, or short, or skinny or fat.
    Indeed, the gullible can certainly find themselves somewhere on his list and find themselves, since every straight person could as well.
    I can imagine one of their lessons to insecure, scared gay kids, who are saying after the lesson: “I’m tall, that’s why I’m gay!” “And I’m gay because I’m short.” “Well I’m medium sized so that can’t be why, and my parents aren’t divorced, but my dad did go to work nearly every day, so…”

  21. GregV says

    Correction: I made a typo above where I should have written about his theory that “gay girls have absentee mothers and gay boys have absentee fathers” (not mothers).

  22. betty boop says

    Did anyone else think Richard Cohen looked like he had some sort of plastic surgery? It looks like he had the corners of his mouth turned up in a not so pleasing smile, similar to a clown or joker.

  23. CKR says

    I agree with a previous commenter that we need to have on culture on respectable blogs like this one that comments about anyone’s appearance, no matter how heinous their behavior, are out of bounds. They hurt our cause.

    Cohen states or implies that he and/or his work has turned “thousands” of gay people straight. I’d be very impressed if an impartial observer or researcher could find *one* such person.

    While Cohen seems in this interview to dispute the notion that homosexuality can be prayed away (Peter LaBarbera is NOT going to like that one!), he — like Joseph Nicolosi, founder of NARTH — is a religious Christian, and I think formerly at least religion figured into his work.

    I risk getting flamed for this, but I do think there exist straight guys who have had really bad things happen in their early lives relative to males, most often their fathers, and this trauma gets sexualized in some way. They’re still straight, but they derive some emotional benefit from being seductive with other men and/or be being treated as a sex object by other men. There’s something thrilling to them about attention from men, but they are not really attracted to men. Gay porn is *crawling* with such men.

    What would happen with these guys if they got effective therapy that allowed them to explore and feel past trauma? Might then would their pseudo-homosexual interests go away? I think, quite possibly.

    (Meantime, I’m a bona fide gay guy, and I have what I believe is a very good relationship with my father. He’s really cool about gay issues, too.)

    Richard Cohen, in any case, seems to be deluded, and a charlatan.

    I love Maddow’s raw intelligence, and how well she speaks on the spot.

  24. GMB says

    VERY well said, Ernie!

    “Beneath all the pseudo-love and tolerance he preaches (not to mention the pseudo-science) is the fact that what he wants to do, basically, is recruit gay children and convert them to an unnatural (for them) heterosexual lifestyle. Yet he thinks gay people are the predators!”

  25. GMB says

    And to CKR, I think this post is a bit old to garner serious flames, but yes, if we know anything about the real, difficult work that sexual therapists do, there’s a very real possibility that traumatic experiences from childhood can show up within sexual expressions as adults. For some, that may be in a particular fantasy or fetish, in others, it may involve gender or age, but the important thing is learning how to deal with past pain and finding a healthy way to express that as an adult. The APA and serious science tell us that our sexual orientation is not something that is disordered or wrong. Therefore, it’s vital to call these quack science peddlers out for the fakes that they are.

  26. John says

    Rachel was right on in her analysis of Paul Cameron.

    He was thrown out of American Psychological Association. Then he went to the American Psychiatric Association and was thrown out of that too. Then he reinvented himself as a sociologist and was thrown out of that professional organization as well.

    Really, who on earth gets themselves thrown out of the American Sociological Association?

    Since they don’t do clinical therapy, sociologists aren’t exactly a group that’s known for ethical controversies when it comes to falsifying research. You have to be an extremely nutty professor to draw their wrath.

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