1. Left Coast says

    Can’t wait for her fifteen minutes to be up. And why did Conan call her “Governor Palin”? As I recall, she walked off that job.

  2. says

    She really should resist the impulse to do this kind of thing, she’s just not very good at it. Her 15 minutes will never be up. Shame on Conan for giving the poisonous gash time on his show.

  3. Jimmy/Boston says

    I thought it was funny. She’s a skank? An anti Christ? Why is it okay to call her nasty names? Does that mean it’s okay to call gay people nasty names?

  4. Jake says

    @Jimmy, It’s not ‘okay’ to call her nasty names, but I do disagree with yuor logic. Calling someone nasty names based on that persons specific percieved beliefs/behaviors/choices/words, is differant then doing so based on a group or group affiliation. Calling her names because of her religion for example, is very differant then implying negative things about her as an individule.

  5. Mike says

    I’ve never liked liked Sarah Palin and will go to my grave believing that she cost my Senior Senator the Presidency….but, it was an extremely funny bit.

    Most politicians take themselves WAY too seriously. This is one time I can say. Good for the lady from Alaska.

  6. Brian says

    Say what you will about the woman, she can give as good as she gets. It takes grace and a sense of humor to do a bit like that and while I may wholeheartedly disagree with her politics and religious ideologies, it’s good to see a public figure who can be in on the joke.

  7. New Jersey Girl says

    Better get used to her. The machine has decided she will be the next presdint. even if you try to turn her off and tune her out, the machine will make sure she is in front of you. To dismantle th rest of America’s Republic and democracy in favor of the kleptocracy-corporatocracy…the billionaires need just one more Idiot as President to finish the job.

    I thought Obama was going to change the dire race to the bottom America was headed towards (steered by Corporate Interests) but OBVIOUSLY they have gotten to him and ‘CHANGED’ him.

    President Palin. Disgusting. But you have no choice.

  8. woodroad34 says

    This is the trifecta of just awful: Conan O’brien I find extremely unfunny, William Shatner is a pompous ass, as is Sarah Palin. The three of them in one room doing this skit just amplifies my point.

  9. says

    Palin, the next President of USA ? Ha ha ha ha ha ……..Eight years of a moron , now you guys want more ? Has USA run out of political intelligence ?

  10. Jimmy/Boston says

    Jake, what I’d like to know is why these people are calling her an anti Christ and a skank? She’s a Christian so she’s not an anti Christ. And a skank is usually a word for a promiscuous woman. As far as I know she’s not that. Would it be okay for her to call a gay man a fudgepacker or a fag? No, it wouldn’t be okay, and as far as I know she’s never said that to any gay man. I’m not sure where all the hatred comes from. Gay men should be the last people calling others names.