Sen. DeMint: Same-Sex Marriage Destructive to Society, Gays Immoral


In an interview with Bloomberg, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) calls same-sex marriage destructive to society and says he can't even imagine having a gay president because homosexuality is immoral:

"He takes a hard line on social issues, passionately anti- abortion and pro-guns. He has been most outspoken as an opponent of any form of gay marriage. 'Marriage is a religious institution. The federal government has no business redefining what it is,' DeMint says. This is one issue where he doesn’t support states’ rights; state government shouldn’t have the right to permit gay marriage: 'Governments should not be in the business of promoting a behavior that’s proven to be destructive to our society.'

He cringes at the notion of a gay or lesbian president: 'It would be bothersome to me just personally because I consider it immoral.'"

Over the summer, DeMint slammed hate crimes legislation in an equally offensive video for the Family Research Council.


  1. freddy says

    Fine. If it’s a religious institution, then married couples should not receive ONE benefit from the government. Everyone is single under the eyes of the law! Sen. Demint has spoken!

  2. oy gevalt enough says

    umm, where’s the news here? white, backward Southerner espousing views that are (fortunately) dying off with his generation of angry white men. next.

  3. MT says

    P.S. Why is it that people can get fired for saying ‘faggot’ but politicians get to spew this hate and still keep their jobs? Will someone explain that to me?

  4. Strepsi says

    Actually, his first sentence is right. If marriage is a religious institution, then the Federal Government should take Churches’ word for who is married. Of course, what assholes like this don;t realize is that there ARE CHURCHES WHO PERFORM SAME-SEX MARRIAGES. United, Unitarian, Progressive Judaism, some Episcopalian and Anglican, etc.

    So any way you slice it, you get same sex marriage, fool.

  5. RW in LGB says

    But dammit, MARRIAGE IS NOT A RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION!! It is 100% civil– and as such predates religious involvement by CENTURIES. Look in history, kids.

    Besides, here’s the proof that it’s NOT a religious institution.

    Hey married straights: WHERE do you go to get your divorce?

    That’s right– Divorce Court.

    Religious officiants can make a marriage legally binding ONLY because they have temporary notary powers from the State.

    Therefore, marriage is, in the US, a CIVIL INSTITUTION. Whose rights and responsibilities are enshrined in 1,000+ Federal statutes (and, of course, in our Tax Code). Then there’s that ol’ Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution….

  6. Interested Bystander says

    He has the crackpot vote. It’s beyond bigotry and has moved into lunacy. Fanatics vote. It’s up to right-thinking people to make better selections at the ballot box. I am sickened that America has such a seamy underbelly. And despite what any tourist council might tell you, South Carolina has the worst weather of all the United States.

  7. CKNJ says

    Backward douche spouts backward shit… SHOCK! He is generally recognized as the most conservative of all Senators. People with a brain also recognize him as one of the biggest assholes in the Senate!

  8. Disgusted American says

    Hey DeMint – if you’re reading this….This Fag would be more then happy to meet you in a Ring for a little 1 on 1 sparring….lets see who lasts!

  9. SDCAP says

    Why do moralizers like DeMint never seem to get asked the follow up questions of whether they are equally appalled by the moral failings of their Senate colleagues and whether they would be equally opposed to presidential candidates who have been divorced or committed adultery? Or is that an Inconvenient Religion?

  10. Disgusted American says

    Im glad these things are posted – so that years from now- when DeMint is an OLD Phuk…or dead, whichever comes 1st..he is a symbol of discrimination and bigotry,much like George wallace is seen as today!

  11. TANK says

    Of course everything he said is a proven falsity. Marriage is not a religious institution, but a state issued license and enforced contract. The federal government is not redefining what it is, as it’s always meant whatever people have wanted it to mean. This guy seriously gets doucheburst of the week, every week. But he’s the product of a broken home (his parents divorced when he was five), so using his logic, he’s a broken bigoted bucket of puss because of his parent’s terrible job raising him to be the husk of a man you see before you.

    But these spineless and ever more vocal and ostracized members of congress that represent an ever increasingly radical fringe of the electorate will slowly go away. He’s helming the wheel of a “conservative” movement that has lost all touch with the meaning of conservatism. People like demint–who is against abortion even in cases of incest and rape–won’t be u.s. senators in fifty to sixty years. He favors an american christian evangelical theocracy, and in his personal beliefs, is no different than the most radical mullah (the difference being that he doesn’t have the full force of the government supporting his theocratic dictatorial views, and if america is to survive, never will). If ever there was an arch villain in the u.s. senate (to the rights of lgbt americans, non christians, and women, to inveighing against constructive environmental policy initiatives, to disagreeing with whatever HIS president says and the majority party wants for the sake of disagreement), it’s jim demint. Jim Demint is the definition of the party of “no” (the only other member of the senate–with david “diaper john” vitter– to vote against hillary clinton in her confirmation as secretary of state)–the republicants.

  12. says

    To the marriage police, sexually phobic and flat earthers, please find another issue to focus on in the 21st century, because life’s just to short Mr DeMint.

    Onward to equality,
    Joe Mustich, Justice of the Peace,
    Washington, Connecticut, USA

  13. says

    My religion is homosexuality. And my religion encourages man on man action, and man on man marriage (aka “same marriage”). So now Jim DeMint has to support it. It is, after all, my religious freedom.

    Also, fuck him.

  14. Jay says

    Funny that he doesn’t consider traipsing off to South America on the state’s dime to spend time with your mistress to be immoral. Oh right. I forgot. It’s not immoral when REPUBLICANS do it.

  15. says

    Good thing this man and his mostly homophobic generation will be long dead by the time we get a gay president. They’ll be spinning in their graves as America celebrates diversity.

  16. Jay in Atlanta says

    You know I’m tired of reading where some idiot politician or other fool goes on record to say I’m immoral. Its time gay Americans fight back, make some noise and if people are galled that we dare demand equality as tax paying citizens then I say they better get use to it. There is no going back in the closet for me. THE TIME IS NOW.

  17. Gianpiero says

    His opinion that states should not have the ability to perform and/or recognize marriages carries no weight. He’s more than a bit late to the hate party, given that we now have a handful of states where it is legal and tens of thousands of married same-sex couples. Politicians like De Mint keep trying to score political points and donor dollars by continuing to pretend that gay marriage can be stopped altogether or even reversed, when the reality is it will be around for the rest of their lives.

  18. VoiceofReason says

    If marriage is only a religious institution and should not be redefined by the government, than the government (state and local) should not manage it with the use of marriage licenses.

  19. says

    Perhaps he should focus his comments towards the Governor of the state for which he is a senator. Mark Sanford leaving the country to sleep with his mistress. That’s not “immoral” according to your religion? They’re getting divorced. That’s not immoral? Where is the outrage there? How are they NOT being destructive to society? Please answer these questions.

  20. Tony says

    I mean, think of it this way… Massachusetts has had gay marriage longer than any other state and well, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Not one bit… Like, really nothing. So destructive to society? I think not. If anything else, it makes things more boring.

  21. Loren M says

    To Jay in Atlanta, I’ve been saying that all long. Until WE as a community take to the streets and make some noise we’ll NEVER get anything done. No rights have ever been attained by giving dinner parties and dances. You have to FIGHT. That is what the straights count on we don’t fight back. Fight back and hard.

  22. Richard says

    I thought this was America? Who are you to tell them that what they are doing is wrong? Be it a religious or government institution, shouldn’t people be able to make their own choices? I still don’t see how being gay is immoral. That’s no different than gay people telling you heterosexuality is immoral. People ran away from Great Britain to come here because of shit like this.

    I can’t wait until we again live in a society where we can have our own fucking thoughts.

  23. says

    Hasn’t America already had a gay president? i.e. James Buchanan?

    Posted by: MT | Dec 14, 2009 1:27:25 PM

    Do we really want to admit to James Buchanan? He was a terrible President.

  24. hugo says

    Just reading the quote, I thought about which ‘behavior’ he was referring to: war? domestic violence? tax evasion? adultery? lack of healthcare? obesity? pollution?

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