Signs of Ancient Tiger DNA Found in the AIDS Virus

While trying to discover how HIV hijacks cells, researchers at the University of Rochester discovered a feline gene in the virus:

Tiger "It appears the virus took on a bit of a tiger's genetic material, scientists say, and a remnant of that cat remains in the virus to this day. That tiger, in fact, may have bitten a monkey, setting off an evolution of the virus that ultimately led to its infection of humans.

The finding shouldn't lead to any immediate breakthroughs in AIDS treatment, experts say. But it does provide more insight into how the virus works. 'Unless you really understand how these viruses work, the exact step-by-step chemical process, then you can't really rationally design a new clever kind of therapy that may be effective against the virus,' explained study co-author Robert Bambara, chairman of the University of Rochester's department of biochemistry and biophysics…The research suggests that HIV may have been a cat virus before it attacked monkeys and humans. Perhaps a tiger bit a monkey and transferred the virus that way, although there could have been another mode of transmission, Bambara said.

Next, researchers hope to determine whether a cousin of the human AIDS virus in monkeys, known as simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV), evolved to either have or not have the tiger gene, Bambara said.

If a link exists between the presence of the gene and the strength of the virus, that could be useful to scientists trying to find ways to better treat humans, he said."


  1. crispy says

    Whew. When I saw “Signs of Tiger DNA Found” in the headline, I thought it was gonna be yet another story about Tiger Woods’ indiscretions.

  2. J. Bocca says

    Oh comon, who is buying this bullshit?!?!? It’s obviously more evidence that the HIV virus is man made!!! Does anyone believe that a tiger bit a monkey transferring a virus and then a human ate a monkey again transferring the virus and now the virus only is transmitted sexually? GET REAL. This Virus was engineered using different DNA including feline HIV virus which is why it carries feline DNA. DUH.

  3. Yeek says

    All I know is that this is more bad news for tigers. They’ll be extinct in no time, especially since they seem to be resistant to FIV. Some crazy dumbfuck is going to start drinking tiger blood or something…..

  4. mguy says

    Well considering that the virus is supposed to have originated in Africa and there have never been tigers in Africa (at least not in the wild)…call me sceptical

  5. jamal49 says

    Interesting theory. Cats do become infected with a virus (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, or, FIV) that in all aspects is identical to the HIV, except only cats can be infected/affected by it.

  6. Todd Phillips says

    Another bullshit “discovery” with another bullshit promise of an immediate breakthrough.

    I wish I had a dollar for every remarkable, interesting, promising breakthrough I’ve read about over the last quarter century when it comes to “HIV”.

    How many times do we have to read this kind of bullshit before we start to question ALL the bullshit around HIV/AIDS ?

  7. George says

    You know what they say about feline AIDS…it’s the number one killer of domestic cats.