1. says

    Of course he needs mental evaluation! There’s killing people and then there’s dismembering, decapitating and burning! But that doesn’t mean he needs to be given a “Get out of jail” card.

  2. TANK says

    Mental evaluation? So they’re going to play the temporary insanity plea or the insanity plea, and parlay that into big gay panic defense, capitalizing on the illiterate jury’s ritards and bigotry. It’s a tough one, but gay panic works. This guy should be shot.

  3. patrick nyc says

    To anyone who has lived through this kind of a nightmare this is no surprise. You have to be insane to take another persons life, or even to attempt to do so.

    My brother quit his job as an ADA here in NYC after watching our brother questioned by the nutcase who shot him five times, after killing six others. It was 16 years ago last week but we will never forget those who were not as lucky as my brother to survive.

    When people ask about hate crimes, I know first hand. My brother was among those who were shot because the shooter hated whites. Lucky for us we were raised better. Not one of our family or friends played the race card.

    I’m blessed my brother overcame our Catholic bias of my being gay, he and his wife have been so supportive this past year when I broke my ankle, taking me back and forth to doctors appointments and therapy.

    I send my prayers to the Mercado’s family as well as the Matos family, people often forget that bad seed does not always come from bad family or upbringing.

    Perhaps it is wishful thinking, or hope for a better day, but throwing it out there anyway. Tell someone you love how much, thank God you have what you do, not what you don’t need.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks for the thoughts, PATRICK. Yes, you do have a wonderful family. Sixteen years ago, you and your family did not allow violent hate take over your lives, your beliefs, your views of other people. Yes, a fine family.

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