1. Marc says

    It was an excellent performance by a great performance artist!

    Don’t over-analyze it people.

    She is entertaining, that is her job.

  2. John says

    I am hoping Lady Gaga will not be participating in any way in the Grammys unless and until Buju Banton’s nomination is withdrawn. (Banton, a reggae performer from Jamaica, has called for the murder of gay people.)

    Could someone who might know L.G. or her staff contact her about that?

    GLAAD also needs to make a much stronger statement.

  3. Scott says


    While I agree with your sentiment, I think its more beneficial for a gay positive performer to be visible on such a high profile platform than protest one nominee that will probably not get to perform.

  4. Bizzle says

    Don’t you mean freak bit? Since if you bought her album on iTunes or Amazon, the damned song came edited and they say “bit” instead of “bitch.” Even if you buy them from the Deluxe version.


  5. Tim says

    Like @Steven W. said, there’s a lyric in the song that seems to go: ‘Cause I’m a Freak (or Free) Bitch, baby’ depending on how you hear it.

  6. Jack says

    I hate Gaga. I find nothing redeeming in her music, and she tries to hard to be Madonna, and falls way short. She frightens me.

  7. Paul R says

    I thought it was Bath Romance.

    She can call herself a bitch all she likes. She knows it’s what people call her behind her back.

  8. Moy says

    @ Jack. I agree. She is definitely trying hard to be an entertaining figure amid all the other pop stars of today and its just gimmick and song-stealing left and right. That said, I’ll still shimmy to it.

  9. Bizzle says

    Wow you people obviously know nothing and talk much. There are several songs where she uses the phrase “freak bitch” (in the liner notes, it isn’t “free” anything), hence Andy referring to her as one here. He isn’t disparaging her.

    Song stealing? How exactly when she writes almost all of her own music? Curious accusation. She was a songwriter before she was famous as GaGa.

    She isn’t my favorite person in the world and I don’t fawn over her like many, but I think she is talented (far more so than Britney or Miley or any of the other “popstars” out there).

    Gays just can’t say something isn’t their cup of tea and leave it at that. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

  10. Brooks says

    She’s definitely saying “free bitch” (y’all betta RECOGNIZE!!!), but I’ve been hearing people sing “freak bitch” incorrectly since the album came out. It makes so much more sense as her being a “free bitch”. Long live the Gaga!

  11. Shae says

    I hope the title is sposed to say “free bitch” instead of “freak bitch” cause if not im sooooo done with this site, i love me some Gaga!!