Towleroad Guide to the Tube #579: NY Senate Marriage Debate

Because it's important to remember who stood up for us today, here are just four of the speakers whose testimony I found particularly moving: Senator Diane Savino, Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Senator Eric Adams, and Senator Daniel Squadron. I'd also include Senator Espada's if it were online.

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  1. Ben says

  2. Michael @ says

    Of those several I heard, Ruth Hassell-Thompson was the outstanding example of choosing love and justice. Her late gay brother, driven into exile in France by their father, would be so proud.

  3. says

    Never support a political party, only support individuals who support you. When you give to a political party, you give to all candidates that party represents and as we see here, they eight of them are not supportive of gay equality. I hope people remember the “Hate dash 8″ (H8-8) Democrats.

    Below are a couple signs I quickly drafted..

  4. Chrisotpher says

    Why do all of the Senator’s indicate at the beginning of their speech that they are “nervous”?
    Passionate, I understand. But being nervous seems to indicate a concern that you are doing something wrong. Providing the people you serve with equal rights is never wrong.

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