1. says

    BRAVO again.

    Now if they’d invited “Santas in Speedos” maybe they’d get a larger turnout.

    How sick am I of the mass of the politically unengaged sucking from the teat of freedoms the minority continues to fight for such as these brave souls in the rain? Don’t ask.

    Predictable response in 10, 9, 8, 7 …..

  2. Alan Bounville says


    I don’t have an email for you – so I’m hoping this makes its way to you.

    I met you out at the Kruger protest on Sunday. I am co-organizing the Civil Disobedience meeting this Sunday at The Center. I’d like to talk with you before then to get your feedback on adding this component to our movement.


    Alan Bounville

  3. says

    It’s refreshing to see the dedicated few doing there part in the battle of Equal Rights.

    While I appalled the dedicated few I certainly don’t find it effective or respectful to picket someones personal home demanding they come out of the closet. As we all should know sexuality is fluid. There are straight men, just as there as gay men, who can more effeminate or less masculine.

    We all should focus our energy towards positive and productive methods of protest and policy.


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