1. sparks says

    I cannot imagine a better person to continue covering this story than Rachel. I believe she’s one of the brightest people in political news and very passionate about reporting.

  2. MT says

    Am I the only one who can no longer see Rachel Maddow clips on any websites? This has been going on for a couple of weeks and I feel like I’m missing out on her brilliance. Is it because I’m on a Mac or using Safari? Anyone have any advice?

  3. AlexInBoston says

    Let me see, “forced conversion therapy” – Circa 1950 USA – Confinement in a Mental or prison facility, forced surgical or chemical castration, Lobotomy, electric shock therapy, Ice Baths until you are unconscious mmmmmm ahhhh yeah you might as well Kill Me! Some alternatives to beatings, whippings, executions!!

  4. Scott says

    Too bad Rachel Maddow has to cheapen such an important story with the NYPost-esque headline “Uganda Be Kidding Me.” Not an appropriate occasion for wordplay AT ALL!

  5. Foochy says

    Written by Reverend Kapya Kaona (who is originally from Zaire), this piece gives a concise overview of gay issues in Uganda and broadens the current actions taken by government officials to other African nations currently grappling with state sanctioned homophobia. A little longer than your average HuffPo essay, but definitely worth the read — Kaona does an excellent job of contextualizing homosexuality and its intersections between religions (Christian, Islam, and indigenous/animist traditions) and the history of colonialism.

  6. Babylonia says

    And just who will be receiving payment for running conversion therapy programs? American evangelicals with organizations and clout in Uganda no doubt. And how much American tax money will be flowing into those evangelical pockets via continued aid for abstinence and HIV prevention programs, which aren’t really valuable but created and promoted by same American evangelical empires fat off tax free status for their international “ministries” in the states.

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