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A Feast for the Eyes

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Models Adam Senn, Noah Mills, Sam Webb and David Gandy in the S/S 2010 Dolce & Gabbana campaign, shot by Steven Klein. Given Klein's shots of Madonna, it's about food this year, I guess.

More shots will be forthcoming, no doubt, given the behind-the-scenes video series that recently appeared on YouTube.

Watch the vids, AFTER THE JUMP...

Part 2:

Part 3:

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  1. what's the big deal? it just looks like any ol' dinner at my house any night of the week.

    lol. yes, i am delusional. always was, always will be. always loved D&G ads (and clothes), as well as Diesel ads.

    Posted by: casey | Jan 4, 2010 6:42:41 PM

  2. That's cute---pretending that models eat. Especially carbs!

    I guess it really is all about the fantasy.

    Posted by: Paul R | Jan 4, 2010 6:55:07 PM

  3. Hey, at least they're not beating, strangling and intimating killing women! YAY! Those crazy guidos.

    Posted by: TANK | Jan 4, 2010 7:02:28 PM

  4. Oh man I do love a smorgasbord!I would totally love to work my way around the table (preferably while under the table) left to right finishing of with that dirty daddy in the white and black undies! Yummy ! Thanks for the eye candy!

    Posted by: robert | Jan 4, 2010 7:13:35 PM

  5. It's nice to see men with average bodies and not the steroid built ones. Yes those are average bodies, you're too used to seeing fat people to know what most westerners looking like 70 years ago. Take a look at a photo from about 1940s and you'll see what I mean.

    Posted by: Sargon Bighorn | Jan 4, 2010 7:37:09 PM

  6. Yes, Sargon: it always amazes me to see pix of WW2 enlistees at the pre-induction physicals. Or shirtless CCC workers. One of my perverted pleasures is looking at the uniformed pix that pop up regularly in obits for men in their 80's and 90's. Of course, at least some of that lean look might have been a consequence of Depression era childhoods.

    Posted by: gregorybrown | Jan 4, 2010 7:51:35 PM

  7. This pic and these models have about as much excitement as white rice.

    Posted by: carter | Jan 4, 2010 8:13:04 PM

  8. i want tons and tons of white rice.

    Posted by: nic | Jan 4, 2010 8:50:48 PM

  9. Where are the gay male models? Why don't gay fashion designers hire gay male models?

    Posted by: Bill | Jan 4, 2010 8:54:58 PM

  10. More SPAM comments from Anumi (above.) Go Away.

    Posted by: JD | Jan 5, 2010 12:47:45 AM

  11. I'll munch on what David Gandy on the right has between his legs.

    Posted by: JEFF | Jan 5, 2010 9:02:09 AM

  12. nice lil white panty

    Posted by: sanli | Jan 6, 2010 3:35:43 AM

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