Details on Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa’s Filthy Screenings in Support of the ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill

Ariel Rubin, a journalist based out of Kampala, Uganda, has additional details on Pastor Martin Ssempa’s gay porn screenings to scare up support for the “kill the gays” bill. Somehow I missed this post from the 16th. Rubin may be talking about the same press conference I posted about yesterday, or one held earlier this month. Either way, Ssempa’s truly depraved.

Martin_ssempa Said Ssempa: “I will not call them gays any more, these are sodomites. And I ask you
please, in the media, stop misusing the word gay, which means happy
people. These are not happy people.”

And then the screening [WARNING: graphic]:

A pornographic slideshow of black and white photographs of men
engaging in scatological fetishism is revealed. “I want to show you from
their website”, he proclaims, a devious smile forming. “I’ve taken the
time to research what homosexuals do in the privacy of their bedroom. It
is inhuman, it is animalistic, and it cannot be right. I want to show
you these pictures.” The audience lurches forward, leering at the
pictures and groaning in disgust. Ssempa, enthusiastically goes on:

I want to say homosexuals eat each other’s poop. Homosexuals stick their
hands into their rectum. Homosexuals stick all sorts of deviant sexual
things into their rectum. I want to show you this is from their website.
So the first picture that I want to show you, you can see this man has
just eaten the other person’s poo poo and is rubbing it on his mouth,
and I’m going to ask that we print for each of you a photocopy of this
story so you get it fully.

Then, of course, they are grabbing each other’s gentials (sic), that is level
number one, touching each other, grabbing each other. Then number three,
now they are licking each other’s anus and are licking poop. And they
call poo poo, chocolate. You see it is a change of words. I want you to
see, Sheikh please forgive me but I want these people to see, they say a
picture is worth one thousand words. This is a man eating the other
person’s poo poo, can you see that one? Please from BBC, I want you to
tell them, we know what they do.

This coming from a man of god, a community and church leader, and yet
also the co-author of a bill which makes touching another person “with
the intention to commit homosexuality” an offense punishable by life in
prison. He concludes, “After they have eaten poo poo, then he puts his
hand inside the other man’s rectum. You can see it. That is called
fisting. FISTING! Practiced by 65% of all homosexuals. It is deviant! As
if that is not enough, he puts it all the way,” he pauses for effect
and then excitedly grunts, “iiiiiin!” The audience erupts in laughter. 

More in Rubin’s report at the Huffington Post.

And let’s not forget that Ssempa is Pastor Rick Warren’s man in Uganda.

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Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa Holds Gay Porn Screening to Scare Up Support for ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill [tr]