1. Kitty Boots says

    Really? is this even a gay story?
    I really can’t think of a less relevant, openly gay major personality than Elton. Came out long after the obvious, totally apolitical, silent during the height of the AIDS crisis, donates as much to gay causes he spends on his ‘fresh flowers’ budget. And now he turns out trash for Disney and most recently made an ass of himself by trying to adopt a Central European baby at the age of 60-something. WTF???
    Why would any gay person care?

  2. says

    Kudos to both of them for their efforts. I’ve seen others kick the habit and I know it can be done. But it’s NOT an easy task. (Thankfully, I’m not speaking from exp on this one.) I hope it works, really i do.

  3. D.R.H. says

    Thanks Lou. As gay men, we especially know how helpful the self-righteous can be in helping those who aren’t as perfect as you. Keep up the good fight. The rest of us scum will just wallow down here in our own excrement.

  4. sparks says

    Anyone who thinks Elton is irrelevant, or that his donations to gay/AIDS causes are trivial or insignificant, clearly does not know what they’re talking about.

    I appreciate posts about Elton and other out/gay/ally entertainers, even the ones whose style or performances I don’t happen to like personally.

    If you don’t appreciate such posts, well, the names are in the TITLES so it’s not like you’re being deceived into reading past that — show a little self-control and don’t read the posts, and then you won’t make an ass of yourself by whining about them.

  5. qjersey says

    Elton needs to shut his fucking mouth. Though I’m not a 12 stepper I’ve known enough of them to know that the motto is “attraction not promotion” and that a sponsor would never reveal details about someone he or she is helping to the public.

  6. Rich says

    I’m not sure that two has-beens teaming up is news. It’s nice that Sir Elton made a tardy commitment to AIDS, but frankly he’s someone who hasn’t released anything that wasn’t cringeworthy or treakly in 35 years. Eminem is one of those phenoms whom I had hoped would just go away.

  7. Walter says

    Kitty and Lou — which is the lower life form based on their comments here ??

    I am going with Lou. But Kitty is in the running.

    Personally I do not think this was Elton’s story to tell.

  8. Lou says

    It amazes me how people come to the defence of a drug addicted homophobe yet attack the ones who call them on it?

    Newsflash: taking drugs in this day and age with the overload of information on how addictive and destructive they are removes any chance at sympathy he may have had.

    You can’t honestly pretend not to know how they addictive they and the damage they can do without also showing your own cowardice.

    Seems to me by defending Eminem you’re trying to justify your own drug use and decadence while creating a stereotype that gays love drugs. Well I don’t and many others don’t either.

    Public health option? Not if we have to pay for the damage YOU CHOOSE to inflict on your own brain and body.

  9. D.R.H. says

    The reality of life is most unlike your perfect world. It may be quite difficult for you to comprehend, in your near god-like perfection, but most people make mistakes in life. Drug use, alcohol abuse, being a self-righteous, indignant prick are those unfortunate vices that us ‘weaker’ folk cling to when we’re denied the virtue and morality that God has so heartily bestowed upon you. Alas, if only our imperfect minds could comprehend the bountiful opportunity before our eyes, so ripe for the taking, that we may never have allowed for vulnerability, poverty, abuse, despair, or imperfection to sway our minds to such impropriety. But you, Lou, our moral saviour, our guiding light, has come to save our wretched souls. We are forever grateful.

  10. Harry says

    I love Elton John and have for years. But now I am thinking that maybe he has early dementia. Why the fuck would he back this blatent homophobe? It was recently reported on this site that M&M was going to remove his anti-gay lyrics for a show. Why did the fugly prick write them in the first place.

  11. Chitown Kev says

    As someone whi has been clen and sober for over a decade, I do not wish active addiction on anyone even a blatant homophobe like Eminem.

    QJersey is right though…it’s not really Elton’s story to tell and there’s a bit of “ooh, look at me” in this statement that’s a bit repulsive.

    Although technically in this case Elton didn’t say HOW he was helping Eminem so I am not sure if there is a 12-Step sponsorship relationship here…in fact, Elton never even mentioned it. But…Miss Elton is being a bit tacky here.

  12. Lou says

    “being a self-righteous, indignant prick”

    The only way you can feel good about yourself is to put others down? Just like Emninem you blame everyone else for your own failings.

    No one is saying be perfect: but you can’t complain about how hard it is to kick drugs when you new perfectly well what you were getting into when you started.

    I’d have little sympathy for you if contracted HIV from random anonymous sex. You new the dangers yet still did it and now you want sympathy?

    Move on.

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