1. Bryan says


    Having failed to create plastic sex dolls that resemble human beings, various industries now appear intent on training us to desire plastic. If the being represented actually existed, it would presumably reek of petrochemicals.

  2. sparks says

    From that angle he looks a little bit like John Stamos.

    Garrett has a nice body but I do wish models weren’t so compelled to shave their chests. Variety, especially across the wide spectrum of male looks, is most definitely one of the finer spices of life.

  3. huh? says

    I agree with Sparks re. the body hair.

    There are very few post-pubescent males who don’t have hair under their navel. This just looks so plastic, statue-like, or emasculating.

    Is he on here because he’s gay or because he’s lean, muscled, handsome, and shirtless?

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