1. Open and Superior says

    Well, there is a 55% chance that he was in an open relationship. So maybe he can get some comfort and support from the other guys in his relationship.

  2. DR says

    This would be why I am glad to volunteer for the “Wills for Heroes” program. When I reviewed the paperwork we had to go over with the Troopers and their spouses, I was thrilled to see a section on dealing with same-sex partners asking for wills, living wills, and powers of attorney for both medical and financial issues.

    I wonder if the Missouri State Police supplied such a service to the Troopers. This situation sucks. I feel horrible for Mr. Glossip. This is why we need marriage equality.

  3. says

    It’s disgusting that this widow is being mistreated by his late husband’s employer. But there are two good things to see here: his out-laws are treating him like family and the local news covered the story sympathetically.

  4. MikeMick says

    Open and Superior. Open obviously means open minded, judging from your enlightened commentary. Superior? Compared to what? A dung beetle? A shit weasel? A privy rat?

  5. Boone68 says

    Situations like this are so tragic. It’s bad enough to lose your life partner, but to have to worry about losing your home on top of it is just unbelievable. That said, duh, it’s Missouri. To “open and superior”, you homophobic, slow witted trolls will take ANY opportunity to insult and degrad a gay person. I wish you had the guts to sign your name to your insults. Coward.

  6. NancyBoyDrew says

    I live in Missouri. When it comes to anything “gay”, we are considered the bottom of the barrel in this state. I really feel for Glossip. It’s hard enough losing a partner and then to have to go through the, “Oh, but you’re nothing. You were not legally married in this state” B.S. We need marriage equality now. I’m getting extremely tired of waiting for it.

  7. Scott says

    Mr. Glossip, I’m so sorry for your loss. The injustice you suffer also pains me. I want you to know that I will fight for equal rights and continue to fight for them until we have them, always keeping in mind the men and women who suffer because we do not yet have them.

  8. Chris says

    I am single but if I weren’t I could marry in Canada and this wouldn’t happen here. For those of you who can’t marry, life insure your mortgage against the life of the single wage earner if there is a single wage earner or against the lives of both wage earners otherwise. You can also insure your mortgage against serious illness or permanent disability. If the no one else will recognize your relationship, you will have to. My sympathies for Mr Glossip for whom this advice comes too late.

  9. Marty says

    Open and Superior,

    Clearly your comment is based on YOUR life’s prospective. You sound bitter with more baggage than you can carry!

    Don’t project your miserable, mistake filled life with the life of anyone else. Your comment was completely inappropriate here.

  10. John says

    What a flaming asshole the first poster is!! You heartless fuckwad!

    Only nationally recognized gay marriage is going to stop this kind of bullshit. With the current Supreme Court, that’s not going to happen for a while.

  11. TheNiebur says

    Open, as in Open for business 24/7, I’m sure. Superior, only in your own little fucked up head!

    Go curl up in a corner, and die slowly. And painfully.

    Oh, and please keep quiet while doing so…

  12. walter says

    if you any indication of western civilization maybe it should be doomed. you seem to be such
    an enlightened thinker.

    and to superior you should have been the one hit by the suv

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