News: Hand-holding, Gaultier, Lady Gaga, Wyoming, Prince

 roadAdvocate begins arriving in mail as 'supplement' to OUT. Includes explanation.

Chinahands  roadIt's international same-sex hand-holding day on January 30.

 roadMadonna and Jesus: an outtake from their W shoot that's a smorgasbord for the eyes.

 roadARREST: Police hold 23-year-old security guard in murder of Honorary British Consul to Jamaica John Terry.

 roadPolice raid gay bar in Manila, arrest 14 strippers.

 roadAir America closes up shop.

 roadBBC to ask advocates, homophobes what they think of its gay and lesbian coverage: "We are aware that people may have strong views, both positively and
negatively, about how the BBC is portraying the LGB community across our
services and that's why it's so important to hear what you're

 roadPurple and Gold: Prince releases love song to the Minnesota Vikings.

Gaultier_brown  roadAwkward photo of Chris Brown and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

 roadGet a guilt-free download of the Dangerous Muse remix of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance".

 roadLady Gaga NYC concertgoer who was kicked out performs literal rendition of "Pants on the Ground".

 roadLady Gaga producer RedOne says he has a "very energetic, uplifting" set of Michael Jackson songs from sessions they did together: "In case I'm going to release something, I would do it for charity, for
something that he would have been proud of, because you always felt like
everybody wanted to take advantage of him though his life."

 roadMaryland poll shows majority support same-sex marriage: "For the first time, a poll has revealed that more Marylanders support
same-sex marriage than oppose, 47 percent to 44 percent, and more than
half would vote to keep such unions if they became legal."

 roadAnnie Leibovitz gets in front of the camera for a change.

 roadNew study links masturbation and prostate cancer: "According to a new research out of the UK, men who have frequent sex in their twenties and thirties were at a greater risk of developing prostate cancer later in life. What's even more unusual is that researchers showed that young men who masturbated frequently, as opposed to those who have sex frequently with a partner, were at an even greater risk of developing prostate cancer."

 roadConfessions of a prairie bitch: An interview with Alison 'Nellie Olson' Arngrim.

Airbus  roadMiracle on the Hudson plane for sale.

 roadJessica Simpson to sell mom jeans.

 roadIllinois Family Institute targets gay awareness speech at suburban Chicago elementary school: "But Beye School Principal Jonathan Ellwanger said the discussion followed 'an incident last year in which some mean and hurtful speech with [gay slurs] was [targeted at] one of our students who is part of a two-mom family.'"

 roadSherman's Travel now has a gay travel blog.

 roadFormer gay GOP Congressman Steve Gunderson appointed to President's Commission on White House Fellows.

 roadCheyenne Jackson reveals his secret shame.

 roadWyoming school district pulls down "No Place for Hate" banners: "One of the sponsors listed on the banner is the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado. Wheatland board members and parents took issue with that, according to the district…'The board thought it was inappropriate to have that sponsorship hanging up in the school,' said Stuart Nelson, the district's superintendent.

The banners, which had been allowed by district administrators, were removed after complaints. Some students asked to have them put back up, but the board refused.

Board member Lee Dunham said Wheatland is an 'ultraconservative community' and that he has feelings about including the fund on the banner. He said the district isn't ready to include that group."


  1. Paul R says

    Exactly, FernLaPlante! And I’d been hearing that same info for years, so purely for health reasons have been a voracious masturbator. 5, 10, 15 times a day—all in the name of prostate health.

    And now this. Thank a lot, science. Screwed me again.

  2. MiloTock says

    I think this should say “Gay former GOP Congressman Steve Gunderson,” since “Former gay GOP Congressman Steve Gunderson” means that he is no longer gay, not that he is no longer a Congressman.

  3. Jim32 says

    Jesus luz is anything with cheyenne jackson, he is so funny on 30 rock, last weeks episode had jeffrey self too, love that show

    Chris brown is sexy, he has issues but hes hot i think

    i like on his album crawl and its what i do, something about his voice

  4. GregV says

    Please note that the BBC is accepting responses from anyone who wants to comment on their gay and bi coverage. I filled out the survey and brought up several issues that Towleroad has featured, such as the horrendous “Should gays be executed” question that appeared on their website, the wedding shows they feature and the DJ who used gay as a pejorative.
    Fill in the survey here:

  5. hadassah weinreb says

    Wasn’t Gunderson outed by Mike Petrellis back during his congressional term? I hardly believe that he was openly gay back in the Speaker Gingrich 1990’s. In addition, Gunderson’s silence all these years on Republican Party hypocracy is amazing. Particularly in light of the knowledge that, back then, a Gunderson staffer was Speaker Newt Gingrich’s mistress.

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