1. AggieCowboy says

    As much as I hate to say it, I agree…Bullcrap. She doesn’t even have a clue about Washington and his personal history.

  2. DN says

    Anyone remember Little Man Tate?

    “Clipper Ships” by Matt Montini.

    “Me and my dad make models of clipper ships.”

    “I like clipper ships because they are fast.”

    “Clipper ships sail the ocean.”

    “Clipper ships never sail on rivers or lakes.”

    “Clipper ships have lots of sails and are made out of wood.”

  3. johnny says

    A little division within the Nutbowl, anyone?

    Glenn is scared of her, you can see it. He’s afraid that she’ll become more popular than he is and is starting RIGHT NOW to tear her down as early as possible. Don’t you love it when Wingnuts start clawing at each other?

  4. mike says

    Come on guys, that was a really really really tough question. Beck just doesn’t want any competition within the Faux News group. But in fairness to Palin, Beck should have asked: which is the mostest patriotic color, Red, White or Blue?

  5. Walter says

    Bullshit is right.
    The woman has a serious personality disorder — when called on obvious bullshit she keeps going, gets upset at the other person, and tries to smash them down.

    Honestly this is THE dangerous human personality type that should never be allowed real power.

    Luckily she is too stupid and greedy to keep the only real power she had — leading one of the United States.

    Fox will continue to give her a platform to make a fool of herself.

  6. punditwatch says

    This is why we should all be CHEERING Sarah’s arrival at Fox News. The more she speaks, the stupider she sounds. Just a matter of time before she makes a gaffe that even the wingnuts reject.

  7. jpeckjr says

    No clue about Washington’s personal history? Yes. But also no clue about American political history. Support for a monarchy in America was virtually non-existent. Suspicion of a strong central government, because of it’s capacity for tyranny, was very high. Even so, G. Washington had an aristocratic, elitist personality described in contemporary accounts as regal. He was hardly a humble “man of the people.” That title belonged more to Jefferson than anyone else among the prominent founders.

    This woman is genuinely stupid, not just playing stupid on TV, but genuinely stupid. She’s so stupid, she doesn’t know how stupid she is. A smart politician / commentator of limited intellect is at least smart enough not to play stupid on TV.

  8. gregg says

    It’s the same answer she gave Kaite Couric when she asked what magazines and newspapers she regularly read.

    some people never learn

  9. rick says

    same answer she gave couric when asked which newspapers she reads…

    she’s a mess–and the next POTUS

  10. Steve in DE says

    She starts talking. Then she tries to get her brain started on her imitation of thought. “Hmmm,” she thinks. “He wants a name. Let’s see. I think there was one named Adams, but I’m not sure. Was Taft a founder? How about Jefferson–no, I think he was a senator or something. Wait! I know! Lincoln! And Washington! Who should I say? Well I guess everyone knows Washington is the greatest founder. He was president during the revolutionary war and wrote the constitution and everything. Yeah, Washington!”

    “Man I can’t believe what a brilliant mind I have!”

  11. DKNATL says

    The RNC is still trying to recoup their investment in her wardrobe, but the shit still don’t stink!!

    For the record, IMHO James Madison was our greatest founding father as the author of the first 10 amendments (Bill of Rights) to the Constitution amidst some very intense and some times nasty debate with his peers. And every American still values these rights more precious than other amendments which came afterwards.

    Benjamin Franklin is a close second for his small, but critical changes made to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

  12. Gianpiero says

    I predict that Palin’s new colleagues at Fox will gradually turn on her as they all realize how much smarter they–EVEN they–are than she is.

  13. Gregoire says

    It’s not difficult to name a favorite founding father. She was afraid to go on record with one because she didn’t understand the implications.

    If she said Thomas Jefferson, she would have been painted a liberal by her own backstabbing cohorts. If she said Alexander Hamilton, she would have been accused of being in best with big government.

    So instead, she gave her usual thoughless answer and once again looked like a jackass.

  14. TANK says

    Judging by both of their rhetoric, their favorite founding father would have to be patrick henry–quite literally an insane religious crazy (wanted to turn virginia into a separate christian theocracy) who was almost universally ignored by his “peers” on matters of substance, including washington, franklin, hamilton, and jefferson. Washington had too much class to give either of these two the time of day.

  15. Bob says

    I’m a bit late to the blog with this analysis, but totally agree that we’re going to watch the Becks and O’Reillys slowly tear her down…they need to be careful and slow-moving so as not to alienate, but with her move to Fox, she’s become COMPETITION TO BE DESTROYED

  16. says

    She should’ve been Bush’s VP, with Dan Quayle as Secretary of State. Combined, they have the brain-power of a geranium.

  17. Arturo Beeche says

    My skin crawls when I hear this person screech…Sarah’s voice is impossible to bear!!!!

    And I am not even talking about he absolute lack of content…her popularity within the GOP speaks volume for the fall of intellectualism within the GOP…now better known as the PoS…Party of Stupid…Cracker Nation at its worst!

  18. Chuck says

    RE: “IMHO James Madison was our greatest founding father as the author of the first 10 amendments (Bill of Rights) to the Constitution amidst some very intense and some times nasty debate with his peers. And every American still values these rights more precious than other amendments which came afterwards.”

    Sadly, I think you are wrong.. Today’s conservative GOP really only likes the 2nd one and would gleefully remove the freedom of speech and all the rights of the accused.

  19. Mark says

    This woman cannot construct a coherent sentence; written or verbal. Unless it’s on a teleprompter, she is hopeless! And we all know that anything on a teleprompter is written by someone who has a command of the English language.

  20. Andrew K says

    what a joyful video clip! I mean, you can literally see the panicon her face as she flips through her mental cue cards to try and come up with a founding father’s name. i’ts hilarious! It’s the same look a 5th grader gets when the pop quiz is announced and the kid hasn’t read the assigned chapter yet.

    And then comes the answer….pained, with a plea on the face of “hope this one gets me by”.

    Seriously. I agree with those who think she’ll implode on Fox News. I mean, if a moron like Beck can catch her this easily, then it’s going to happen, by plan or by accident, many times over and very soon.