1. NYSmike says

    So much stuff in that hair. What happens during sex? You go to run your fingers through a guy’s hair and …ugh! Guess it’s ok if your pulling that hair from behind, but wtf?

  2. Andrew says

    The correct term is Italian-American. Not Guido.

    Calling someone a guido is like using the N-word. The author wouldn’t dare use a racial slur against African Americans, Asian Americans or Hispanics. I question why Italian-Americans are a target for ethnic slurs.

  3. says

    Guido is not akin to “the n-word” which has a much longer and more deeply-rooted history.
    Watch any interview of the show and these people are self-proclaimed “guidos and guidettes”–they feel very proud about these terms. While the term(s) may be offensive to some, others, this guy included, are very happy being described in that way.

    Anyways, quit feigning offense, it’s tiresome.

  4. Fred says

    He has a prince Albert –

    why are straight guys loading their pics onto the “guys with iPhones” site – it is totally gay – errr – I guess it isn’t – i’m confused – but I know this kid is straight – and that site is gay – ????

  5. Andrew says

    There are also numerous black performers who use the N-word to describe themselves. That doesn’t mean you should use it. Other people’s self-deprecating behavior doesn’t give you the license to join in using ethnic slurs. The point still stands: the author feels its acceptable to slur Italian – Americans while he would never dare hint at such insults at other ethnic groups.

  6. Andrew F says

    Sorry Washington. “Guido” is a derogatory term. I know my grandfather would not be very happy with someone who would dare call him a “guido” or a “wop”. And y’know what? If someone thinks it’s offensive, then it is.

    Check out this statement from the NIAF:
    “Guido” is widely viewed as a pejorative term and reinforces negative stereotypes. While some Italian Americans may adhere to the guido culture, the attempt to directly interconnect Guido and Italian American is not only inaccurate but alarming.”

  7. Jack says

    This guy, and his friends, may have Italian heritage. But they are NOT Italian! Drop this dude, or one of his Jersey Shore friends, into Venice or Milan and see how well they fit-in.

  8. Admiral Ackbar says

    Is it bad that I met this guy in LA this weekend?

    Yeah, it was at a Golden Globes gifting suite. They were all in a group of 8 people and they all seemed pretty up on themselves (considering that there were real celebs in the gifting suite). Paulie is actually tall and I touched his arm briefly. Rock solid.

    The rest of the cast could be recast on Big World, Little People.

  9. says

    The U.S. doesn’t have “American’s”, we have “hypenated American’s”. Think about it, 100 years ago if you were a citizen of the U.S. you were an American, just like if you were a citizen of Ireland you were Irish, Scotland you were Scottish, Mexico you were Mexican, etc., but we have evolved and now, while all those countries maintain their heredity, we in the U.S. have to be hyphenated (so we fit in with Europe, Asia, etc.?). In today’s America, DJ Pauly D is Italian-American, whether or not he was born, lived or visited Italy, or speaks the Italian language. That’s just the way it is. I am old school. I was born in the U.S. so I consider myself simply an American.

  10. says

    I didn’t say it wasn’t a derogatory term, I just said it’s not akin to the n-word.

    My point is that you’re feigning offense. Some girls don’t like being called bitches, that’s derogatory, but if one started calling herself a hot bitch and then another person repeated the same phrasing, would it make much sense to scream from the rooftops about how offensive the whole thing is? Yeah, my grandmother would probably be offended if you called her a bitch, but we’re not talking about the elderly. The context is different.

  11. DifferingView says

    There is nothing gay about this website nothing more than VANITY; there is an entire generation of men who will be remembered for their pictures taken with a phone in front of a mirror which is really fucking lame…needless to say this phenomenon started and was encouraged by “gay men” who needed nude pics for their Manhunt, Adam4Adam, etc profiles so they could meet up for sex.

  12. patrick nyc says

    At first I thought to myself, could he be that clueless to not know it’s a gay site, or a site where guys get off on guys, ‘straight’ or gay?

    Then I remembered two things. First was that he is on this stupid trash show to begin with, then there was him and two other dolts on Chelsea Handler. Yea he is that stupid.

  13. Rob West says

    As a Sicilian, I take NO offense with the word “Guido” and have used it myself.
    Hey, I even enjoyed “Kiss Me Guido”, loved that guy. The “N” word and “F-g” still bother me, no matter who’s using it. I know others feel differently.

  14. rhinthe205 says

    Nice pec implants.

    I don’t think he actually posted that pic–according to Gawker he had it up on his MySpace page long before it hit GWIP.

  15. MadM@ says

    Um CB 100 years ago if you were an “african-american” you had to use a different bathroom… don’t see how that’s part of this idyllic homogenized past you’re talking about

    Anyway glad you can only be proud of your heritage if you pass some arbitrary test of character by the NIAF. Don’t really see how Jersey Shore is different from the Real World, Bad Girls Club, or any other go-out-get-wasted based reality tv.