Kathy Griffin: CNN Didn’t Ban Me and I Don’t Talk About Anderson

DC Agenda's Tyrone Ford posts a new interview with Kathy Griffin in which she clears up confusion about her CNN New Years' gig ("CNN absolutely did not ban me and did not fire me.) and says Anderson Cooper is not upset with her over the F-bomb. She also says she won't discuss her co-host's sexual orientation:

Fbomb "First off, I just think Anderson Cooper is
the hottest thing. It doesn’t matter who he is standing next to. What’s
funny is I got a lot of ink about the F-bomb and yet my favorite joke
of the night was when I asked Anderson if, because he was so handsome,
does he ever stand in front of a mirror naked pleasuring himself. CNN
had no problem with that, which I thought may have been too far, but
you know. Anderson has this great line where he says, 'I don’t want to
be the news, I want to report the news.' And so that’s why, even though
I’m the biggest mouth in the world, I actually don’t talk about his
personal life, because you have to keep in mind he goes into third
world countries where it’s a very different culture, so, you know."


  1. Raul says

    If he doesnt want to be the news, he needs a radio show or have a foundation that help people quietly or something else. He is in front of the cameras, being a big mr. ego “I will save the world while a camera records it”. Mary, please.

    He is 40 something I guess, and he needs to grow up and tell it like it is: Im a gay and a bottom. (“I´m gay” as the headline wont be enough, I want his position too)

  2. NEWSNOW says

    Anderson is gay, and that really is not news!

    His on-and-off relationships are well documented, as well as his love for the cream du cafe and sweet chocolate boys.

    I also think he handles his personal life with class! No surprise there…as a child of Gloria Vanderbilt!

  3. says

    Cooper’s willingness to put himself into positions of exreme danger (most recently rescuing a child in Haitii) impress the living hell out of me.

    I wish he’d talk about his gayness more matter-of-factly, and maybe one day he will. As for Kathy she’s genuinely crazy about him and he delights in her, so It’s All Good.

  4. Dan says

    Anderson staying in the closet may dissuade homophobes abroad from attacking him, but it hardly protects him from regular, non-hatey bullets or food rioters or whatever.

    More importantly, with CNN in FOURTH place, I don’t think Anderson has anything to lose by coming out. In fact, if CNN was considering firing the guy, a nicely timed gay confession might inoculate him from job loss for a while. Otherwise, the guy is toast.

    If he was smart, he’d do an Ellen — look how that helped her!

  5. Robert says

    “love Kathy but she is a bit of a hypocrite making fun of other closeted gays but never him nor lance.”

    Who, besides Aiken? I think she did that due to the shitty, shitty way he handled it. Saying it was high time for there to be a straight, chaste role model like him? I am not over that. And there was no difference in his behavior than La Seacrest’s or Tom Cruise, so where do you draw the line between closeted gay and paranoid heterosexual?

  6. booka says

    Andy has proved to be a much better Gay than most of his ilk. He focus’s on his work, and doesn’t have to rubb his sex life in everyones face. Doesn’t it come down to what kind of benefit you are to the human race, then, and only then; the way you lead your private life? Sure, it would be nice if made a public statement for Gay rights. Yet,he has put himself on the line in a much bigger sense. He is a valuable person to all of us. Until he damn well wants to add ‘Gay-boy’ to his resume, the rest of us should just relax, and appreciate the good he is, and does.

  7. John says

    @ Booka

    “He focus’s on his work, and doesn’t have to rubb his sex life in everyones face.”

    Being out is rubbing it in people’s faces? You mustn’t be very confident in your viewpoint if you have to put words in people’s mouths…

    @ Robert

    And Kathy is hypocritical re Clay Aiken/Anderson Cooper. She even had Jonathan Bennett on her show and made a point of saying he’d been to a strip club the night before. Does a guy have to be flaming for her to be no-bullshit when it comes to bearding, outing etc.?

  8. don says

    I’m sure Anderson loves how all this speculation keeps us talking about him. Kathy has said that hanging around with her is tantamount to coming out. One thing Anderson isn’t is stupid: If he wanted us to think he was straight he would have found a different co-host.

  9. An says

    @John: Anderson doesn’t beard or claim he’s straight, that’s a big difference.

    I think Kathy makes a good point, and it’s nice to see she puts friends before fame. Her and Andy are too cute together, I doubted the rumours when they were first reported, but it’s nice to hear things are definitely OK between them.

  10. Robert says

    If celebs were smart, they would be nice to Kathy, and she would be nice to them. Clearly she leaves Anderson alone because they’re friends. And because she knows that her career is built on gay fans. Clay was embarrassing… if you’re that much of a queen, and it’s that obvious, it’s just wimpy to be a closet case.

  11. Marcito says

    Anderson Cooper is one of the youngest members of an endangered species.
    First Class Gentlemen.
    Something tells me, even though I’ve never spoken to him, that he is a man of his word, integrity, dignity, & respects his fellow humans enough to live & let live.
    How many men have you met like that lately?

  12. TANK says

    And I’m sick of these rumors swirling about that Anderson Cooper’s gay. He’s not gay! He’s dating carol channing, and they’ll be married soon…and live happily ever after.

  13. ACe says

    AC has every right not to talk about his private life. Now, if he was a self-hating gay politician who publicly denegrated gays and helped make laws that kept us down, that would be a different story. AC is nothing but a gentleman – we need more people like him!

  14. Screw fear says


    Isn’t Anderson modeling shame? Does any straight male reporter “not discuss” anything that might explicitly convey that he is married to a woman, or has a girlfriend? Tom Brokaw has a wife? Oh, you can’t talk about that/her on the air!! Let’s not make Tom Brokaw into news!

    It’s a double standard.

    Even if Anderson’s being gay is the world’s worst keep secret.

    I respect Kathy’s interest in wanting Anderson to be safe in certain parts of the world, though.

    Yet, ironically, Anderson would help make the world safer for people like us, at least, if he did come out. It doesn’t have to be “news” any more than reporting that Katie Couric is dating a male named Brooks Perlin (per People magazine), or that she had been married to a man named Jay Monahan (who died from colon cancer in 1998).

    Kathy is no dummy. She is extremely smart, actually — like, raw-intellect smart. She deeply understands things. Humor is a serious skill, and she is a master. In particular, she parodies bad values, and hypocrisy, like no one else. She is a “fierce advocate” on LGBT equality if there ever was one. I wouldn’t be surprised if privately she is in fact talking to Anderson about his coming out — exploring options and maybe even kind of coaching him.

  15. TANK says

    “Tank you are either really old, or really young, Kathy speaks for the current generation, she is modern, nothing to hate here, move along…”

    I’m neither. Kathy speaks to the current generation of brain dead, vapid fags and their equally stupid haglets. Period. She’s NOT FUNNY. SHE’S NOT RELEVANT.

  16. Drew says

    Clay Aiken is a UNICEF ambassador who travels to third world countries like Uganda, Somalia and Afghanistan where his gayness puts his life at risk. He, no doubt wasn’t in a hurry to come out in part for that reason. Why would Kathy think it was alright to put Clay’s life in danger but not Anderson’s. She is a hypocrite.

  17. MSteph says

    Gay men in the public eye who do NOT come out of the closet are doing nobody a favor, not themselves, not other LGBT people, and not society, which sorely needs some good moral evolution.

    If AC is gay, and he feels that his career as a dashing TV reporter would be ruined if he came out, then he should simply leave TV.

    If he wants to come out, but CNN is forcing him to suppress that revelation, then CNN can go to hell, and AC turns out to be a coward/whore.

  18. Christy says

    Perhaps Anderson doesn’t publicly come out because it’s no ones business. I don’t think he’s hiding it, I think he wants to be first and foremost a journalist without being labeled. The media would make up all kinds of nasty rumors and he chooses not to play the game. Smart man.

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