Marc Jacobs Did Not Get Married

According to Page Six, the Marc Jacobs -Lorenzo Martone St. Barts nuptial photos Topper weren't that at all:

"Contrary to some reports, Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone did not get married. Although photos of the designer and his Brazilian boyfriend posing in front of what looked like a wedding cake while on vacation in St. Barts were posted online Monday, Jacobs' rep, Kate Waters, tells Page Six: 'Someone just threw them a party. They're still happily engaged, but not married.' Back in November, Martone told us the couple were planning on getting married, but were just 'waiting for the holidays.'"

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone Marry in St. Bart's [tr]


  1. sparks says

    Well sure. Stage a party that looks almost exactly like a wedding reception where at least one of the participants is wearing a tux shirt and there happens to be a cake with figurines of the couple’s likeness; allow photos to be taken and published; and then say oh gosh we didn’t get married! Because hey, if they actually got married they’d no longer get instant press every time they take a trip.

    I’m not normally a snide bitch but c’mon … it’s not like he didn’t wear a pretty call-boy on his arm for a year. To me, looks like Mr. Jacobs is more of an attention whore than Britney or Paris EVER were.

  2. Paul says

    Another article on Marc Jacobs? Wow, what a shock! I think Towleroad should have a daily Marc Jacobs briefing because God knows us gays can’t live without our daily dose of Marc Jacobs!

  3. sugarrhill says

    I think you bitches doth protest too much. If you don’t care about Marc Jacobs don’t read the post and certainly don’t comment or start your own blog.

  4. says

    I suppose TowelRoad could ignore the news or hide the news but then “Paul” would be back whining that TowelRoad was ignoring the news of the gay world. Marc Jacobs is gay, an incredibly artistic, smart, intelligent, and -whether you like it or not- one of the most admired men of the fashion world. Maybe you don’t like fashion, maybe you buy everything at Goodwill, and good for you but for the majority of people who love fashion and the world of those who live and bring it to us, we’re happy to read about Marc Jacobs.

    Please. If you haven’t anything good to say then keep it to yourself. Go park yourself on Limbaugh’s website and post your negative comments where they will be most appreciated. Here they are not. You’ll be much happier and so will TowelRoad’s readers.

  5. Paul says

    First of all OS2, it’s Towleroad, not Towelroad. Secondly, I do not shop at Goodwill. Thirdly, I do apologize for my anti-Marc Jacobs comment. I hope you accept my apology and light a candle for me in your Marc Jacobs shrine in your bedroom. And finally, don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for some more juicy Marc Jacobs news!! I can’t wait!!

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