1. bill whitis says

    No Terrosist Attacks under Bush… um ok, maybe he needs to take a stroll down and sit on the steps of Brooks Brothers and watch the construction work at the sight of the “peaceful demonstration” from 2001…

  2. says

    the best part is how the guy doing the interview was so eager to challenge his assertion. yay for the Free Press™!

  3. Seth says

    And to think that we called him America’s Mayor for years after 9/11!

    We should show him photos of the president and him standing at ground zero.


  4. Lance says

    I sure wish I had a selective memory for some of the things that happened in my past. Maybe if I switch political parties they will go away?!

  5. Strepsi says

    @M2 — totally agree. The only possible response from the interviewer in the pause between sentences would have been “WHAAATTTT???” But that’s American journalism today… there are no facts, only “opinions”.

  6. Mike says

    This is the stupidest debate. Can we just all try not to have any more terrorist attacks…Republicans *and* Democrats alike? K, thanks.

  7. ThomThom says

    THIS is how dumb shit like the Iraq occupation happens…stupid ass moron “journalists” that don’t do their funkin JOB and call out people when they spout LIES! Snuffleupagus should be kicked in his ass and forced to go work for FUX for letting dickhead Rooodee get away with this crap!

  8. Bart says

    Look what Rudy got for Christmas, senility. How could anyone with even an ounce of short-term memory make such a stupid, ludicrious statement. Beyond taking down the Twin Towers (in New York, Rudy…remember, the city where you were mayor…during the Bush administration…is it coming back to you yet?) we also had the shoe bomber attempt while GW was in office.

    You know, even the staunch Republicans I know blanch at Rudy anymore and know that statements like this only point back to the most glaring disaster of our times, which happened under a Republican president.

    And I agree, why are these journalists calling out these douchebag statements. Or are they simply letting these guys take enough rope to hang themselves. These statements don’t go away and can be used later to make people like Rudy look like the idiot douchebag he’s turned out to be.

  9. patrick nyc says

    SETH it was the media who dubbed him ‘Americas Mayor’, the public just bought into the crap. Funny that just weeks before he backed out of running against Hillary because his numbers were so low, between his affair becoming public and all the other dirt being dug up.

    I also agree with M2, no one in the media calls out the GOP when they make all these claims that most know are lies.

  10. John says

    What kind of “journalist” or even talking head lets someone get away with saying there were no domestic terror attacks during the Bush administration. Aside from 9/11 there was the shoe bomber and the anthrax attacks.

  11. AERES says

    WTC Tower 1, WTC Tower 2, Pentagon, PA field, shoe bomber…

    That’s just from memory while hungover and barely awake…

    I expect Rudy to be a class A twat, but to not hear the “moderator” actually moderate fact from fiction just reaffirms the fact that the MSM is truly dead…

  12. Clinton says

    They’re intentionally doing this and if and when the media ever questions them, they will clarify they mean that during Bush’s last term / four years as president, there were no domestic attacks.

  13. mikey D says

    What?! My intelligence is insulted. This is literally the stupidest thing I’ve heard this year. And maybe last year as well!

  14. Turlie HK says

    OMG!!!!! If RUDY says it’s true then it must be true or at least in the bible….I can’t believe republicans are still using this tactic of “if it’s said on TV then it’s true”

  15. says

    Revisionist Douche?
    Ding! Ding! I think we have a winner!

    P.S. If failed attempts count as attacks, doesn’t Bush also get credit for the Shoe Bomber?

  16. chris says

    Now you can see why this pile of human waste is not running for office, he’s taking a page out of dark lord Cheney’s book and keeping his schedule clear so he can spend his time lying to the press knocking any real progress this administration is making.
    These white, male, racist, homophobic, religious, right-wing, extremist nut jobs are getting the great-wall-of-stupid in this country fired up for mid term elections.

  17. jeffrey says

    The only reason most Americans even know his freaking name is BECAUSE of the terrorist attack during the Bush years. WTF!!??

  18. kb says

    Why doesn’t anyone do a follow up to call him on this lie? I thought for sure George Stephanopolous would.

  19. Rowan says


    The American media are really funny people. Even one of the right wing media guys told one of the anti-obama pundits that they were talking sh*t when they were.

    People keep on saying give him rope? But what? Is that what a good debate is? Is this journalism?

    Isn’t obvious that there are plenty of really crazy right wing people eg birthers who lap this up??


    Where’s Grabb??

  20. Jane Roe says

    Let’s not forget the DC sniper.

    I agree with others; the story isn’t that Rudy is a disgusting liar. He obviously is. It’s that this very blatant lie went unchallenged by his interviewer. That’s a shameful indictment on the media.

  21. MikeMick says

    Don’t just talk about it here, go to the GMA Web site and write them a flame-o-gram. I’m also looking up their advertisers so I can e-mail them on behalf of everyone who lost a loved one on 9/11 (one of my best friends lost his partner) and ask them why they’re supporting a show that would pass on such an evil lie unchallenged.

  22. True Believer says

    Of course, tens of millions of people believe Rudy. That is the problem. As for George the Interviewer, well–he’s handsome, which is essential for media success. But bright? Not so much.

  23. anon says

    There are signs that Rudy is mentally ill, alas. It really, really hurt his presidential campaign the last time. He would say and do things at campaign stops that made a former AI judge seem stone-cold sober.

  24. Fanci says

    “Several domestic attacks took place under Bush in addition to 9-11″

    2001 Anthrax attacks. A March 2004 State Department report on “Significant Terrorist Incidents, 1961-2003″ quotes then-Attorney General John Ashcroft saying of the letters containing anthrax mailed to various targets: “When people send anthrax through the mail to hurt people and invoke terror, it’s a terrorist act.” Five people were killed as a result of those letters in the autumn of 2001.

    2001 shoe bomber attempted attack. In June 2008, then-Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff described Reid’s December 2001 attempt “to blow up a trans-Atlantic plane with a shoe bomb” as an attempt to “carry out terrorist operations for Al-Qaeda.”

    2002 attack against El Al ticket counter at LAX. In July 2002, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet opened fire at an El Al Airlines ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport killing two people and wounding four others before being shot dead. A 2004 Justice Department report stated that Hadayet’s case had been “officially designated as an act of international terrorism.”

    2002 DC-area sniper. The state of Virginia indicted Washington, D.C.-area sniper John Allen Muhammad — along with his accomplice, a minor at the time — on terrorism charges for one of the murders he committed during a three-week shooting spree across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Muhammad was convicted, sentenced to death, and subsequently executed for the crime.

    2006 UNC SUV attack. In March 2006, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill graduate Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar drove an SUV into an area of campus, striking nine pedestrians. According to reports, Taheri-azar said he acted because he wanted to “avenge the deaths or murders of Muslims around the world.” Taheri-azar also reportedly stated in a letter: “I was aiming to follow in the footsteps of one of my role models, Mohammad Atta, one of the 9/11/01 hijackers, who obtained a doctorate degree.”

    From Media

  25. BC says

    You guys are so picky. You know damn well he meant after the full development of the Dept. of Homeland Security. Once the focus went onto terrorism and we had some idea what we were dealing with, there were no large scale attacks on the US – dozens were thwarted. His point being that the fear is that since Obama has decided to call these things “Man Made Disasters” and treat would-be terrorists as regular criminals, the incidence of attacks may increase. We hope it doesn’t, but it might.

    @Fanci – had the Bush administration called several of the events you mention (from media matters) Terrorist Attacks, the left would have been all over them for racial profiling and direct racism. Screaming that just b/c someone is Muslim and commits a crime does not mean they are a terrorist. But now all of a sudden, these are all terrorist attacks.

    The bottom line here is responsibility. And NO ONE is taking responsibility for this. I don’t care of Obama or Bush appointed someone. Someone or several people screwed up. Yet no one is taking responsibility. And Obama is not going to take command and determine who is responsible. You guys would be a lot more credible if you didn’t think the D’s were all wonderful and the R’s are all idiots (and yes, vice versa for the far right people!!).

  26. says


    Shoebomber (the same thing as this underwear bomber, but with his shoes)

    DC Sniper attacks…

    School shootings, college shootings, work massacres…

    All of these happened under Bush. No doubt, some of them will happen under Obama, too. That’s the price we pay to live in a basically free society. As Benjamin Franklin said, those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.

  27. Jane Roe says

    How moderate and middle of road to include that last bit at the end, BC.

    “…since Obama has decided to call these things “Man Made Disasters” and treat would-be terrorists as regular criminals, the incidence of attacks may increase.”

    The fear card that Republicans play is really, really tired. The pants-wetting has got to stop.

    Obama decided this? Really? Was shoe bomber Richard Reid sent to Gitmo by Bush? No, he was tried and convicted in civilian fedal court system. And btw, the crotch-bomber is apparently singing like a canary to the authorities. And guess what? No waterboarding needed! Imagine that.

    “We hope it doesn’t, but it might.”

    Sure, you don’t.

  28. says

    maybe i’m just too old. this stuff just makes me want to cry. i mean, how the hell do you fight this? i can think of 3 people that have denied that 9/11 happened during Bush’s regime: Mary Matatlin claimed it was during Clinton’s tenure, Dana Perrina claimed Bush had no terror attacks, just as Rudy just did. and the JOURNALISTS NEVER CALL THEM OUT ON IT. how do you fight this when the professional 4th Estate doesn’t even blink an eye and follow up on it? you have liars reinventing the past, and spineless pretty TV people on the other side letting them lie. at 52, i’m just flumoxed as to even what to do next. i feel hopeless about it all. THIS is what i went to college for? THIS is why i read every newspaper and original source i can? and finally, THIS is why i kicked a 20+ year meth addiction 7 years ago and became clean, to listen to THIS crap and really be engaged with society. i’m ready to go find cousin Tina again. at least she was a bitch i understood. over and fucking out.

  29. CKNJ says

    What fucking planet does that moron Giuliani live on?????? Asshole… Jesus! And the moron reporter just lets him get away with it! The reporter should be fired for incompetence and Giuliani should just crawl under a rock where he belongs and never bother coming out again. He is quite plainly fucked in the head!

  30. says



    Maybe I would take you and your kind seriously if you didn’t constantly twist words and change the rules in the middle of the game.

    Btw, when you’re being a racist I’m not being P.C. to call you out on it.

  31. Chapeau says

    American Journalism’s Official time of Death –> During this interview!

    Un-Fuk-G believable.

  32. Chapeau says

    @Adam :: Sad part is that is not delusion at all — it is calculated Orwellian newspeak right before our eyes.

  33. John says

    Ever since Obama won the election, folks in this country have really gone off the deep end of stupidity.

    When it comes to policy, it is not as if I even like President Obama that much. Quite frankly, the president is a little cozy with the medical lobby for my taste. He’s a little too cozy with Wall Street too. And he needs to think a little more deeply about how those institutions have screwed over African Americans and other minorities for decades.

    But some of the accusations lobbed at Obama – especially on this soft on terrorism nonsense – are so ridiculous and blatantly racist that I feel compelled to defend the man.