Senator Chris Dodd Won’t Seek Reelection

Dodd At a press conference on Wednesday evening, Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd is expected to announce that he is not running for reelection, and will retire at the end of his term:

"Word of Dodd's retirement plans comes after months of speculation about his political future, his faltering poll numbers and a growing sense among the Democratic establishment that he could not win a sixth term in the Senate. The news also came on the same day Sen. Byron L. Dorgan (D-N.D.) announced he would not seek reelection.

Dodd's office would not confirm his plans but said Wednesday morning that the senator would make a "major announcement" at noon outside his home in East Haddam, Conn."


  1. says

    we have an awesome Democrat to run in his place, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. His chances of election are greater than Dodd’s. Blumenthal has taken on major industries and won in his current role, and will absolutely be a breath of fresh air in DC. he will kick some serious butt down there. it’s actually exciting to think about him in DC.

  2. Rafael says

    Good riddance. A chairman of a banking committee shouldn’t get a cut rate loan from Countrywide. He’s been in office since the 70s. Time to go! Now he can focus on getting his regular botox treatments.

  3. charley says

    Dodd has been a friend of gay people in the Senate. With the loss of Teddy and now him, progressives are really hurting. And don’t be so sure about Blumenthal. His office argued against gay marriage in the court and he has no record of support for gay issues.

  4. Matt says

    Good. How can you be for the “less fortunate” when you are getting special rates in exchange for help through the banking committee. He should be happy he is not in jail.

    Anyone feel like the political pendulum is swinging back to the Repugs?

  5. Sharon says

    Good riddance! Only one year into the Messiahs administration and democrats are bailing because they know they will not be reelected. The American people will only be lied to for so long and then they rise up. The Democrats screwed up royally in the past year with all the bailouts to banks and car companies, their pussyfooting around with dealing with terrorists, and on and on the list goes. They set themselves up to fail and bring in more Republicans. What idiots the Democrats have turned out to be!

  6. says

    This adds exponentially to our ability to keep this seat. I’m glad Dodd bowed out graciously. Whatever else he did wrong, at least he showed this class in the end.

    Blumenthal will keep the seat Democratic, I’m only sad because he would have been a sure thing to take out Joe Lieberman. Now Lieberman may have a *slightly* easier time retaining that seat, which should scare decent human beings everywhere.

  7. SKOC211 says

    Sharon, I’d just like to point out that as of today there are six Senate Republicans and 14 Congressional Republicans who are retiring, as opposed to two Senate Democrats and 10 Congressional Democrats. Also, the bank bailouts started under the previous administration. And as for national security, the last time I checked the worst terrorist attack in American history happened on the Republicans’ watch, it was the previous administration that began releasing prisoners from Guantanamo to Yemen, and it was under the previous administration that terrorists like shoe bomber Richard Reed were tried and convicted in US Federal Court.

    Not that I’m trying to politicize national security for political gain, but do try to keep the facts straight, dear.

  8. Precious Magillicutty says

    Thanks SKOC211

    Miss Sharon’s dumb ass didn’t even know that.But we all know where she was headed with those crazy bird comments. Thanks for cutting her off at the pass!

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