Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Sponsor David Bahati Coming to U.S. to Attend Prayer Breakfast with Obama

The main sponsor of Uganda's "kill the gays" bill, David Bahati, is planning to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. in February, Uganda's Sunday Monitor reports:

David_bahati "Mr Bahati, according to reports, may speak at the event where President Barack Obama – a gays-tolerant liberal president, is also expected to attend. On Friday, Mr Bahati said he would attend. The event is organised by The Fellowship- a conservative Christian organisation, which has deep political connections and counts several high-ranking conservative politicians in its membership. 'I intend to attend the prayer breakfast,' said Mr Bahati – himself a part organiser of the Ugandan equivalent of the national prayer breakfast. This week, citing international pressure, President Yoweri Museveni advised his party’s National Executive Committee, his cabinet and the NRM parliamentary caucus to 'go slow' on the Bill.

Mr Bahati told Inside Politics he is set to meet a special cabinet session to discuss the Bill tomorrow. 'The nature of legislation is such that one cannot have a final version. There are bound to be amendments but the process will go on,' he said. The entire affair has given the Museveni administration its worst spate of bad publicity in recent times.

Mr Museveni called it a foreign policy matter – elevating the Bill to the status of other concerns for the government like its engagement in the African Union and the United Nations Security Council."

"The Fellowship" is aka "The Family".

Last week, it was announced that prominent Ugandan evangelical pastor (and pal of Rick Warren) Martin Ssempa was planning a "Million Man March" to demonstrate popular support for the "kill the gays" bill.

Uganda's President Museveni has expressed desire to soften the bill in recent days, citing concern from the international community.


  1. Jeff says

    Obama’s attendance at this event would be a real slap in the face (or should I say middle finger?) to the gay community, especially given his broken campaign promises.

    I’m generally a laid-back kind of guy, but it’s crap like this that is nurturing my recessed militant-activist gene

  2. Brian in Texas says

    That title is a little misleading, over 3000 people will be at the National Prayer Breakfast. Every President attends and doesn’t mean Obama believes in everything that all 3000 attendees believe in.

  3. says

    Why would you put up such a red herring of a title? You know better. And, you are better.

    ALL Presidents attend this event whether we like it or not. You know that. This is some Glenn Beck “journalism” and not worthy of Towleroad.

    The correct tack would have been to say he’s coming and find out what Gay inc. is going to do about it if anything.

    Btw, I’m writing my reps to let them know that I do not want them shaking hands with with this murderer.

  4. Keven says

    You know what? Saying “every President attends” doesn’t make it OK for Obama to attend a breakfast with this murderer. Bahati wants gays exterminated, Holocaust-style, and Obama has betrayed us as a community… If he does attend this breakfast and doesn’t issue a statement on the ‘Kill the Gays’ bill (and not through Hillary either), then we should be protesting in the streets. But, we will likely overlook it as a community. After all, we are being murdered left right and center and where’s the outrage? This community can be so lame…

  5. Marc C says

    RE: Posted by: Jeff | Jan 17, 2010 12:02:34 PM

    “I’m generally a laid-back kind of guy, but it’s crap like this that is nurturing my recessed militant-activist gene”

    GOOD! When you are ready, please contact me.

  6. DR says

    If Bush were attending, I doubt that people would be chirping in with “every President attends”. Stop giving a pass to Obama on this.

    He and Hilary need to do more than they’ve done. They need to continue to put pressure on the Ugandan government to show them that the US is not going to tolerate this kind of nonsense.

  7. says

    Bahati shouldn’t be allowed in the country. Anyone that tries to legislate a bill to murder innocent people does not deserve the privilege of entering our country, let alone be given a speaking gig at an event attended by the President.

    there should be a MAJOR PROTEST during this event if he is, indeed, there.

    i also don’t agree with the sentiment, “all Presidents do it.” the last thing i expected of Obama was to do things the way every President has ever done it. Perhaps if he did NOT attend this function for the purposes of standing on the side of human rights, he’d get back some of the fading respect he’s experiencing right now.

  8. Irwin Rappaport says

    I just sent the following comment to Pres. Obama by going to — all those concerned about this issue should do the same:

    Dear Mr. President – I have seen the following news report today about a Ugandan anti-gay legislator who is expected to attend the same Prayer Breakfast being attended by you.

    “Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Sponsor David Bahati Coming to U.S. to Attend Prayer Breakfast with Obama

    The main sponsor of Uganda’s “kill the gays” bill, David Bahati, is planning to attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. in February, Uganda’s Sunday Monitor reports” (see 1/17/10)

    If this is true, then I would strongly request that you publicly denounce this man and his legislation. His bill goes beyond unacceptable intolerance and threatens the safety of gay and lesbian people in Uganda. It also could encourage similar legislation and attitudes in other nations. I hope you will stand firmly against such bigotry.

    Respectfully yours,
    Irwin M. Rappaport

  9. walter says

    attending this breakfast would be like roosevelt having breakfast with hitler a person who preaches hate and genocide to hell with what other presidents did they didnt have a proposed genocidal moron attending time for the president to stand up for gay rights and to hell with the photo ops and platatudes

  10. josepe says

    this is a slap in the face of any american who believes in freedom.
    Mr. Obama my dear president , why don’t you deliver ? or, can you deliver what you promised?
    i believed he(Obama) is changing his agenda little by little and the real issues won’t get fixed,he is just following Bush’s steps

  11. Eric26 says

    Derek, calm yourself down. The title of the post would only be misleading if you didn’t know anything about the prayer breakfast. Sure, lots of people don’t but that doesn’t mean Andy was trying to Glenn Beck you.

    I agree that this lunatic shouldn’t even be allowed in the country. Why is it that I only ever hear about the U.K. and Canada banning crazies from entering?

  12. Crash says

    Can there some how be snipers present at the airport when he disembarks? Take him out!!! Really, I am not usually a violent person, but sometimes you just gotta snap!!

  13. Randy says

    “All presidents attend” … until one doesn’t. There is no requirement for Obama to attend this event, which has a stated goal of injecting Jesus Christ into governance.

    All non-Christians should be bothered that the leader of a diverse country is attending such an event. (And given that it is run by The Family should bother most Christians as well)

    One interesting thing this year is that Spain’s secular president and current president of the EU, Zapatero will also be attending and may speak (and he’s received complaints for attending also).

    Certainly the author of Uganda’s version of Nuremberg Laws should be barred entry to the US.

  14. Fanci says

    If 3000 evangelicals are coming to this event, you’re guaranteed to have a diversity of hate. I wonder what other scumbags will be attending? Pat Robertson, Maggie Gallagher, Sean Hannity?

  15. KJ says

    Catholics are as odious as evangelicals, and just as two-faced in their expression of christian love. How many proud Catholics would there be if the Vatican classed black people as “objectively disordered” and a threat to civilization on par with climate change?

  16. JT says

    It doesn’t matter if you gays see Catholics and Evangelicals as equally odious. That’s fine. My point is that the two are adversaries (sometimes enemies) themselves. But most Protestant gays who move to NYC don’t hate Catholics because of theological reasons: it’s an imagined social snobbery thing on their part.

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