U.S. Supreme Court Blocks Broadcast of Prop 8 Trial, for Now

Prop 8 supporters appear to have been successful for the moment in shielding broadcast of the federal challenge that begins today in court:

9th "The high court on Monday said it will not allow video of the trial to
be posted on YouTube.com, even with a delay, until the justices have
more time to consider the issue. It said that Monday's order will be in
place at least until Wednesday. Opponents of the broadcast say they
fear witness testimony might be affected if cameras are present.
Justice Stephen Breyer said he would have allowed cameras while the
court considers the matter."

On Friday, Prop 8 supporters asked Justice Anthony Kennedy for a stay to Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling to broadcast the trial: "They
claim that the plans for cameras would cause witnesses "irreparable
harm," and undermine the chance for a fair trial. They also argue that
the idea of a broadcast — made possible by a recently launched pilot
program — was put into place without the Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeals conducting a full review, including comments from the public."


  1. stephen says

    They must be relying on the historic record of gay on straight violence… d-bags.

    I know the legal system is layered and moves slowly, but honestly, it feels more like we’re playing a board game with a cheating older sibling!

    In this case, likely a big fat 82 yr old.

  2. says

    And the cry babies get their way.

    Why is it that conservatives all turn into cowards the moment they’re asked to back up their lies with some facts? Why is it when they’re away from the Fox News Sound Byte that they all start to run from the cameras like roaches from the light?

  3. Larz says

    If video ain’t allowed, then photos of the defense witnesses and selected portions of their testimony should be posted on You Tube. Sorry, but they need to now stand up for what they believe in, whether or not they can take the heat.

  4. santi says

    sorry but in things like this one, US sucks so much.

    And I love the US, but the politics.. my god…

    Meanwhile, my boyfriend and I have to live separately because your country guys doesn’t allow people like us to live together in the same country unless I get a job visa, win the diveristy lottery or I don’t know…

  5. OnyxEsq says

    Wake up people! This is a sign of things to come. Mark my words, if the U.S. Supreme Court gets their hands on this Prop 8 lawsuit, the justices will rule AGAINST marriage equality. This ruling shows that they are already siding with the bigots!!! This is not the right time for this lawsuit. The U.S. Supreme Court will set gay right back for decades. We will be screwed if this lawsuit continues.

  6. santi says


    I think you are not right. How many time more we have to wait?

    Why can’t we try this tactic? I mean… we are giving even steps backwards ( see Maine). So I think it’s suitable this action.

    Anyway, this is happening right now and we should be all together fighthing for the same: equality

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    As Stephen suggests, they are VERY afraid of Gay America. What do they think will happen? Lynchings? Mass riots in the inner city? Looting? I had No idea they feared our power. Seems Gay America has more power than even Gay America realizes.

  8. Observer1000 says

    I don’t quite understand. But, if the SCOTUS bans cameras from this court for fear of unsubstantiated reprisals to witnesses then won’t they have to ban cameras from all federal courts. The whole point of litigation is that it is contentious. That’s why parties go to court. Or is fear of gays a higher class of fear OR maybe gays are a lower class of human in the US.

  9. says

    SCOTUS blocked it till Wednesday to test the waters. At least thats my thinking. Without any visible anger or rage from the LGBT Community about this they’ll let it stand. The whole thing is they need to be pushed by the climate. I don;t want to be an anarchist but really think about it. Womens rights came to being after a very agressive and loud movement. The same thing with Civil Rights.

    The more we just sit back and go aw shucks and sit on our asses and our Orgs release wishy washy worded pree releases the more they’ll walk over us.

    At this moment EVERY BLOG, ORG, INDIVIDUAL should LOUDLY be denounciung SCOTUS and this decision.

    And if this case makes it to the Supreme Court and they rule against us we must all be prepared to take to the streets ans fight.

  10. John says

    Open court hearings?

    Where do you think this is?

    South Africa?

    Here in America – Land of the Free (TM) – we do everything on the DL.

    After all, this is the country where the Supreme Court closed the doors to the media and decided who won the presidential election without so much as a trial. They then justified their selection with a flimsy, unusually short decision that has been attacked by legal scholars as politically motivated, A decision that so disgusted Justice Souter that he reportedly vowed to leave the court as soon as Bush left into office.

    For these federal judges to claim the people have an inherent right to decide anything would be the height of hypocrisy. Thanks to the United States Supreme Court, the people didn’t even have a right to choose their own president.

  11. ichabod says

    Re: WOLF’s suggestion, I called the Supreme Court’s public information line (202) 479-3211 and was told by the operator that the Supreme Court does not accept any form of public opinion.

    Still, I think it’s always good to express one’s anger at this decision to delay taping wherever possible.

  12. JD says

    I hope Super Rex is at these hearings with a photog taking historical records of the Prop 8 witnesses. Needs to be a continued blog record of the haters that support Prop 8. Follow the money to the scums of the earth.

  13. Randy says

    Wouldn’t the appropriate solution been to have allowed cameras to record the proceedings until the decision was made? There is a permenant harm done to society now because even if the decision is to allow video, the initial days have been lost. The trial should have been pushed back until a decision was made.

    I hope the news media does a good job of tracking down each and every witness that speaks, to make up for this nonsense. We need to see their faces. These shameful Prop 8 cowards must not be allowed to harm families in secret.

  14. Guest says

    Randy: Chief Judge Walker, presiding the trial, permitted today recording of the proceedings – he found that to be consistent with the Supreme Court’s order and to allow videos to be posted later if the stay is lifted.

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