1. says

    omg. i dont’ have a clue where there is an IMax near me. Actually i don’t know where there is an IMax anywhere. i really need to see this though. i might actually suck it up and venture out of my house and comfort zone to see this. Is there one in the city? I could take the train down some afternoon…

  2. gabriel says

    I was *just* talking to my coworkers about how something like Planet Earth or something in the science world would be SO amazing to watch in IMAX 3D after having watched Avatar.

  3. tweedle says

    Here in Fort Lauderdale the Hubble-3D has been playing for a few months. We have seen it twice, and highly recommend it. The images have been computer enhanced, but they represent reality and well, space and time. As such, it is probably the best 3D experience you can have. The story is also about the astronauts.
    So please, all of you come here to Fort Lauderdale to see it, then pick up and move here as soon as possible…our “homosexual agenda” is strictly local, but we are aiming to take over the entire county. So, guys and gals, come on down!