1. JM says

    Ok, this isn’t even really a commercial, it’s just a bad web-spot. This was clearly done as a an attempt at a free media grab by submitting it and fully expecting it to be rejected, knowing gay blogs and news outlets would report out about it.

  2. walter says

    honestly i hope cbs doesn’t run this ad . it would be two steps back. there has to be a better ad to support our issues

  3. gato pardo says

    Maybe it’s me, but I just don’t get it: Why did a black guy suddenly appear? First there were two guys, and then there were three.

  4. Raul Vives says

    It is a very terrible spot. Really bad taste.
    It looks like a spot made by str8 people.
    Its almost offensive.

  5. kansastock says

    Including the cost of the potato chips, this must have cost $13 to produce. And they’re gonna pay a couple mil to air this? No fuckin way.

    But brilliant publicity!

  6. Q says

    Gato, the idea is that the Black guy was sitting there all the time out of camera range. Supposedly they are so caught up in the heat of “passion” that they forget that he’s there. So of course, it reinforces the notions of Black homophobia, gay promiscuity and that there is something wrong with two men kissing. Total garbage.

  7. Richie says

    Oh please… Superbowl ad spots cost millions of dollars… this ad probably cost $10 and a bowl of chips… it’s an obvious ploy for press

  8. Distingue Traces says

    Well, they must have really needed to save money on every aspect of that in order to afford the airtime.

  9. TANK says

    Was that extremely uncomfortable black guy eating a piece of chicken, too? I’m so offended!

    Honestly, this is awful trash.

  10. DR says

    I gotta agree with those who are claiming “PR ploy”. There is no way that ad would be seriously considered for airing; poorly done and unprofessional and looks like it was thrown together in a few short moments. It’s a way to get traffic to their site and the vid will probably go viral in a couple of days.

  11. Dback says

    Mildly droll, but definitely a rip-off of the “Mad TV” sketch. And why that tagline? Wouldn’t something like “He may be closer than you think” be better for selling this?

  12. says

    LAME, LAME, LAME!!! I agree with the remarks made above, it looks like it cost a few bucks to produce, very amateurish. I hope CBS calls their bluff and says they’ll run it. I bet anything they don’t have a million sitting around to pay for it.

    On the other hand, this is great marketing on their part. You can’t buy this kind of publicity and they did it for less than $20. The cool thing is, this non-controversy spilled over to FAUXE NEWS and now their homophobic right-wing, bible thumping, tea toting audience has a new place to take it on the down low.

  13. Feral says

    It may be cheap-looking, but it’s no dumber/more offensive than 75% of the other ads they’re going to air. And who cares if the third guy is black? I didn’t even notice.

  14. Ed says

    Does mancrunch even exist?

    I did a google search for their site and plenty of news hits came up but no link anywhere to their site. Notice in the last frame of the ad, there is their logo but no web address.

    Given how bad the ad is, I really wonder if someone is punking CBS and the press.

  15. Dave says

    I also didn’t notice that the other guy was black…stop searching for things to get mad at. But yes, this is a stupid commercial. But I know most of you will go straight to their website and prove them right (that gays are all about random meaningless impulsive sex). Or you could choose not too.

  16. Henry Holland says

    Right, like a Packers fan would ever date a Vikings fan, pure fantasy.


    Yeah, it looks like one of those cable TV ads that only run on shopping networks, selling some contraption to make peeling carrots easier.

  17. Rich says

    The site itself looks like it’s trying to compete with Manhunt. On the front page are photos of guys kissing on a bed, a ripped shirtless guy and it talks about “coming out to play”. Clearly this is not a serious dating site. So… they really expected an TV ad for a sex hookup site to be approved for the Super Bowl? Really?

    What is the point of this site, anyway? What does “open up about the down low” mean? As an openly gay man, I don’t care for the drama of dating a closeted guy, so I’m not the target audience. If I were a closeted guy, I’d be weary of the “open up” and “Where… men come out” part. Is the site going to out me? What the heck?!

  18. Rolph says

    YESSS!! I commented in the article about this ad on Towleroad this morning mentioning that it would turn into the same ole makeout parody. I was right.

    Like I said, would be much nicer to see gay couples enjoying the game together. OR, how about HRC or one of the nat’l gay coaltions putting together a nice piece on Indianapolis and New Orleans, the two teams in the SuperBowl: both with very active, open gay communities accepted by their cities??
    Naw, it’s much more effective to see 2 guys overly making out with it each other. That and the shocked reaction of those around them create a little comic relief that makes it more palatable for the hetero crowd watching the game to get through the commercial.
    Once again, we’re the parody. It’s obvious by the quality this is not even close to being SuperBowl worthy. Thank God!!

  19. Barry F says

    Seriously – Just the overall tone of the commercial is just enough to bring on more negative press. And the tag line – “where many, many, many men come out to play?” This might be better viewed on LOGO (and even then, that’s not saying much), but not during the Super Bowl.

  20. ichabod says


    Seems like a cheaply produced Snickers ad. No one will take this crap seriously except for the usual bigots looking for something to get in a froth about.

    Why bother?

  21. Drew says

    signs up for mancrunch immediately… just so i can say i was on it before it became a trolling site…

  22. says

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  23. says

    Distasteful. Cheap. Borderline offensive. Just completely a bad idea. I think that JM is right in saying this is a cheap way to get free media. It’s just sad that it worked this time.

  24. Steven says

    “Man Crunch is the premier service connecting men with other men and allowing them to open up about the down low.”

    Sounds like another site for all the married and bi guys to post ads to get blow jobs.

  25. Charles says

    Did anyone else notice the strategically placed “stolen” street signs on the wall above the couch? When the men start kissing the sign with the arrow points at the man’s arse. The sign over the other man reads “NO ENTRY”. A third sign reads something like: “machines start and stop automatically”. LOL
    Regardless of the sign, the ad has the low quality of a late-night television skit. The acting was bottom of the barrel.
    ManCrunch? Would a questioning “straight” man really log on to a sight like this?

  26. Jesse says

    this spot is so bad that it’s good, lol.

  27. jimbob says

    Thank god this will not be displayed, I do NOT want my kids looking at gay anything. Its disgusting and there is something wrong with you people who are gay. Keep it to yourselves and in the closet, its not right to make us normal people feel uncomfortable because you people feel the need to display your abnormalsy.