1. soulbrotha says


    Visuals – meh.

    Music – stale, dated, generic, circuit party crap that is beneath the true talents of Boy George. How I miss the days of Helen Terry.

  2. james says

    Not sure why artists still feel the need to put out music videos to accompany their work. Even though I worked at a music video channel in the ’80s (MuchMusic in Canada), I’ve never been fond of the medium. Music should stand on its own, and if you close your eyes and listen to this song it’s really beautiful.

  3. George says

    Great song. Reminds me of the Greatest Hits compilation that he did about a decade ago that included songs not releasesed in the States. He really is a great talent. I hope he is past his troubles.

  4. sparks says

    George was making music a few years ago on his Youtube channel but didn’t try to get much attention. He’s an awesomely talented musician. It makes me sad his earlier drug offenses put such a damper on his career so soon after he left Culture Club.

  5. says

    Damn… It seems I am the only one who actually likes the video !!! I have always been a fan of Graphic artists Mike & George and Boy George as well … Turns out it’s a great meeting of the minds

  6. jack says

    perhaps i am not so raw a cynic as i imagined. i enjoyed the graphics of the video and thought it complimented, with its mi9xed metaphors the artistic fusion of the song. it was a pleasing audio visual experience for me, and i hope for more similar. i too hope the monkey is off mr dowd’s back, leaving him free to use what remains of his life to create.

  7. hank says

    how is it possible that I agree with all the comments?!

    the Boy’s still here. For me, ’nuff said. Yes, I miss the old days. Yes, he’s under – appreciated/used/performed/utilized his talents. Plus, not many people remember how soulful he could be. There were times (back when TV was exciting before TiVo) when Boy George showed up and flew past what he was singing, what he was supposed to be doing, where he was performing and with whom he was singing and he. just. soared.

    George’s voice doesn’t sound ravaged and the song – whether great or not – is not an embarrassment. I too hope he’s overcome his demons because there’s still time to sing.

  8. MackMichael says

    Most people don’t remember the incredible success of Boy George and Culture Club in their brief 4 year run as a band. Culture Club enjoyed the distinction of being the first group since The Beatles to have three Top Ten hits from a debut album in America. Boy George, for all his bad choices, continued to write some beautiful Pop songs, including what was perhaps the most moving of all songs written about those who past of Aids, “Il Adore.” Certainly, many of his antics have been cringe inducing, but then so have the antics of many rock stars. He has written another lovely ballad that can be danced too, and it is nice to see him putting his voice out there again, for it is that voice, married to the music he writes that he should be remembered for.

  9. says

    wouldn’t have mattered if i hated the music and/or video, i’m just so happy that he is making music again. i was pleasantly reminded of Culture Club just a bit while listening to this Amazing Grace. this made me a little happier today.

  10. Tommy says

    Horrible song, horrible video, horrible human being.
    And how can people say his voice isn’t trashed? It’s gone, nothing like it sounded in the 80’s
    I used to like him in the 80’s, but I realized what a bitchy hypocritical nasty person he is, who only cares about fame and being the center of attention
    I’m not happy he’s back. I wish he would retire and go away permanently.
    This song will flop.

  11. Glynn says

    I am rather impressed with this song…His last effort “Yes We Can” fell short of what George is capable of and this song proves he is a genius song writer. Videos were only ever meant to promote a song…and leave a visual to it’s audience…this song does that! though the guitars are a little odd…still I am happy the king of white heat is back! Cheers

  12. ty says

    Harsh Tommy !! I would like BG to get back to his reggae roots. This song sounds dated, the video is cute, although voguing blondes in tights is a bit “bedroom mirror” to me…

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