1. Oregonian says

    It’s so disturbing this man is still out trying to stir up trouble – presumably for power and money. We had to fight him in the early 90’s in Oregon when the Oregon Citizen’s Alliance (OCA) pushed a measure that was worded to “recognizes homosexuality, pedophilia, sadism and masochism as abnormal, wrong, unnatural, and perverse.”

    We defeated him then, let’s hope it’s not too late to stop him agan.

  2. Joey in CT says

    Absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe our Government doesn’t step in a censor people like this. You shouldn’t own a right to free speech when your free speech is a sleu of lies and deciet. This man should be lynched in a public square for his punishment, and then sent away to live in Uganda. It can become his paradise free of Gays.
    We are directly responsible for the Halocaust??? Does he not know of the pink triangle and what it represents? Thousands of Gays and Lesbians, even those who were just suspected of homosexuality, were gased along with the Jews. This man is completely insane.
    I’m absolutley afraid of what this man is capable of in this world. He is speaking to 2nd and 3rd world Nations, enstilling fear and hate into people who really obviously don’t know any better.

    I just can’t believe the U.S. Government hasn’t stapped in and issues a public statement condeming what these people have said/done/are doing.
    Where is the press blowing this shit up? They’ll cover Lindsay Lohans Lesbian relationship and every fight. They’ll cover Brittany Spears’ 55 hour marriage, the break-up, and her very public breakdown. But they’re not covering pending legislation brought on by U.S. citizens that would ultimately exterminate a minority group in another country. This is the beginnings of a modern day halocaust, brought on by the people who believe in freedom and liberty for all….except the Gays.

  3. Joey in CT says

    Our government is fucked. Royally FUCKED.
    We’ll jail people for petty offenses. Marajuana possession, not paying taxes, etc. But they do nothing to people who will ultimately become responsible for the death of hundreds if not thousands of people.

    Not only will Mr. Lively and his cronies own the responsibility of the deaths of these Gays and Lesbians, But The United States of America’s Federal Government…every last one of it’s members…should also be held liable for those deaths. They have the power to stop this. They have the power to condemn this legislation, to end it, and to publically stop all this bullshit happening to innocent people, they have the power to silence these Hate-mongers…and they do NOTHING. Free speech my ass. Not when it will end up killing people. These people are currently conducting multiple hate crimes and should be charged and sentenced accordingly. Fucking-A already.

    FUCK YOU USA! This place gets worse and worse as time goes on.

    The second I can afford it…I’m out.

  4. Eric26 says

    I definitely agree that this man is a cancer on this world, JOEY IN CT, but I don’t see what American law could do to stop him. If he’s not in the U.S. then there’s nothing that can be done, and as far as what’s going on in Uganda in general it’s a wee bit outside of U.S. jurisdiction.

    Please feel free to come on over to Toronto any time JOEY, we’ll have a snowball fight with the Toronto snow that looks like it was coughed up by a homeless abominable snowman.

  5. Drew says

    I love all the bullshit doctorates and certificates he mentions.

    Surely he has earned 8 PhD’s from Sally Struthers’ video courses by now as well, making him an expert in the area of sucking and blowing.

  6. josepe says

    this is beyond freedom of speech and the government should make him accountable for the deaths of ugandan ppl,
    i can not comprehend such hatred , he is evil and he should of be stopped long time ago

  7. says

    Thanks for putting this up, Andy.

    The part that sickens me the most is the Rwanda lie. Wingnuts have been making Nazi accusations for years, and though Scott Lively takes it to a more developed, more wholly disturbed level, the comparisons are common enough that many educated people will just shrug them off and roll their eyes.

    But to go to a nation which shares a border with Rwanda and tell them that those who prosecuted one of the most famous genocides in modern history, which happened literally in their backyard, were gay, is nothing short of malevolent. It’s not rhetoric, it’s not exaggeration…it’s pure evil.

  8. GrabbinNewscum says

    Lively is undoubtedly a twisted homophobe but there’s no smoking gun here in that he never once calls for gay people to be executed or even corporally punished.

    The first video is very good at reinforcing the context which is that homophobia was well-entrenched in Ugandan culture and society long before Lively stepped foot there.

    The most you can conclude from this video is that Lively gave Bahati and other Ugandan politcal and religious figures pseudo-intellectual cover for their pre-existing inclination to punish gay people.

    All told, Uganda reveals itself as a savage country. They might as well still be wearing bones through their noses and carrying spears and drinking blood from human skulls.

  9. says

    If the Ugandans are now homophobic, it’s only because they have learned the lessons Christian European missionaries taught them. It’s perverse that they accept someone like Lively and use his arguments to persecute their own fellow Ugandans. Imperialist hatred, just like what grabbinnewscum spews above.

    Speaking of which, hatred based on race is just as savage and primitive as hatred based on sexual orientation, grabbin.

  10. GrabbinNewscum says

    >>If the Ugandans are now homophobic, it’s only because they have learned the lessons Christian European missionaries taught them.

    So somehow millions of people all over the world are able to think independently and decide for themselves what religious beliefs, if any, they want to have – but black Africans in Uganda aren’t able to do this. They are simply easily brainwashed by white Christian missionaries. That’s more racist than anything else I’ve ever heard.

  11. John says

    White people are brainwashed by white Christian missionaries everyday in America. Ugandans are easily fooled by religion – the industry that sells the invisible product of eternal life – not because they are black. They are easily fooled by religion because they are human.

  12. Rowan says

    @ Grabb


    Tell me any other race that has experienced what Africans have gone through?

    Come on.

    The only other people enslaved were the Indians in the Americas BUT they STAYED in their own land, so it was more colonisation.

    So come on smart ass.

    Tell me which race is always looked on as bad, ugly and dark as black people?

    You right wingers need to get it through your thick skulls that you CAN’T racistly group EVERY ethnic minority together!

    We ALL have a different issue. And different circumstances. We ARE different.

  13. Mark440 says

    He mentions a brother and sister at the beginning of the clip. Does anyone know who they are and what they have to say about their brother??

    It’s amazing that no one has taken a pot shot at this idiot due to the lies and vile that flow from his mouth.

  14. says

    These American Christian Fundamentalists are stating they arent the reason why Uganda wants to pass a law that kills gays….DONT lets their “Oh poor me, I never know what my actions do” BS…its the Christian way, to lie, while pushing their agenda: Death to all who won’t follow them.

    Just like the Nazis.

  15. Paul Quincy says

    I wonder if displaying this hate-monger’s message in full is the best way to deal with him. I think Don Schmierer of Exodus, who was also in Uganda, should be held equally accountable. He is making rounds on NPR and other Liberal media to apologize, but it is just a way of getting attention for his message of self-hatred. As a Massachusetts voter, I am quite upset to see you advertising Scott Brown on your site. He is an anti-gay Catholic!!! Hello!

  16. Wyocowboy says

    Scott Lively is proud of being a person that is killing other people? It just boggles my mind to think that killings others for who they love is christlike…NOT! Scott is disgusting! For the most part I do not say people are disgusting but he is over the top! Scott Lively is DISGUSTING!

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