1. says

    So he’s going to begin a process that will be outlined in the coming weeks and months, and will get taken care of finally just in time for re-election so that he can pretend that he actually took action on something.

  2. Tom A. says

    He’ll create a plan to start a planning process to figure out how to implement such a plan at some future date. It will cost millions for this process- just do something he should do today with a stroke of a pen.

  3. Taylor says

    Days and weeks and months and months and months and months…and all the while more people are being discharged. With “fierce advocates” like him…we don’t need enemies.

  4. WesternCiv says

    Over two-thirds of US adults, including most Conservatives and Republicans, now favor repeal of DADT (Gallup):

    73% of US combat troops are “personally comfortable in the presence of gay and lesbian comrades” (Zogby):

    Most military families, think DADT should be repealed (Quinnipiac):

    104 retired senior officers, lead by former Joint Chiefs Chairman General John Shalikashvili, have urged repeal of DADT, calling it harmful to the military’s mission.

    Count me among the majority of Conservatives and Republicans who support repeal of DADT.

  5. John says


    I will mock them for you.

    Know what I’d like to see from gay white men?

    Less whining and more action.

    Less talking and more doing.

    I want to see the trust fund babies in Manhattan disrupt Wall Street. I want to see the twinkies of Hollywood rise up in revolt by seizing control of some movie studios. I want to see the art students and nerds in San Francisco show up to their Silicon Valley jobs naked. I want to see the gym rats who populate Maimi’s beaches rallying in front of Charlie Crist’s office.

    Oh nevermind.

    That will require them to break a nail.

    Instead they have a plan to recruit Tea Baggers to help them elect Republicans in 2010 in the hopes of influencing Obama to repeal DADT in 2011 after they strip him of his congressional majority. Which will necessarily delay passage in Congress until the Democrats return to power on 5th of Never. And if that doesn’t work, they will get themselves drunk silly at some Pride Party in June and pick a fight with random black people. As a protest against Obama no doubt.

  6. says

    How can I put this politely?

    FUCK YOU, Derek! And your ceaseless, senseless attacks on anyone who dares call your unrequited boyfriend to account for his abandoning his promises to the LGBT community, AND simply paying more LIP service last night.

    Try speaking to ISSUES, Mary, not just issue personal attacks. You may be a big fag in the little pond of Las Vegas, but you ain’t the legal, historical, and legislative experts of the Palm Center:

    “The path to repeal will require both a command decision BY THE PRESIDENT and a clear timeline which follows. Leadership from the Pentagon will likely be mixed during upcoming hearings, and votes will be close in the House and Senate. IT’S THE PRESIDENT WHO IS THE GAME CHANGER ON DON’T ASK DON’T TELL IN 2010.”

    Or do you want to flame your pal Dan Choi, too:

    “The White House still has not released a plan to kill it. That’s unacceptable. … America can’t afford to allow this policy to continue one day longer. The time for talk is over. The time for action is now.”

    Big hug!

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    Dear Ms. Jarrett & Mr. President:

    For your consideration, I respectfully submit this action plan which could begin today:

    1. Place the WEIGHT of your administration behind passage of a repeal bill.

    2. Task the Defense Department and the senior command structure in every branch of the armed forces with developing an action plan for the implementation of a full repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

    3. Direct your Secretaries of
    Defense and Homeland Security to develop procedures for taking re-accession requests from those qualified service members who were separated from the armed forces under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and still want to serve their country.

    But I can’t take credit for that action plan. It’s the one published by Mr. Obama on November 29, 2007.

    Looking forward to its immediate implementation.



  8. says

    You can sign the Courage Campaign’s letter to the President:

    “President Barack Obama:

    We, the undersigned, urge you to take immediate action to stop the discharge of gay and lesbian soldiers, like Lt. Dan Choi, as a result of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

    Please use your authority as Commander-in-Chief to take immediate and decisive action to end this discriminatory policy. Furthermore, we ask that you take leadership in securing the swift passage and prompt signing of a permanent legislative repeal of this discriminatory policy.”


    Thank you.

  9. Chal says

    “He’s going to begin a process starting right away to move forward… ?” Talk about squirming. Embarrassing. Ball-less. And at this point, routine for Obama. Where is the guy I voted for?

  10. Jubal H says

    RE: Posted by: Tom A. | Jan 28, 2010 11:49:37 AM

    “He’ll create a plan to start a planning process to figure out how to implement such a plan at some future date. It will cost millions for this process- just do something he should do today with a stroke of a pen.”

    You forgot the first step in the process which is selecting a committee to study the implementation of a plan to start the planning…

    RE: Posted by: DEREK WASHINGTON | Jan 28, 2010 11:57:03 AM

    “Really people? Go chain yourselves to the Pentagon and start protesting on the streets right now if you are that pissed. I’m not mocking you , I’m saying , less typing , more action.

    Cue Bedwell.”

    That’s the first that I’ve agreed with you in a loooong time. Direct and militant action is the only thing that will get anything accomplished securing our liberty in the States. Stonewall and the Plowshares 8 are who we should be emulating so how about it people. Are you going to put up or shut up?

  11. jjasonham says

    You’re too thick to see the irony in your phrase:
    “FUCK YOU, Derek! And your ceaseless, senseless attacks on anyone who dares call your unrequited boyfriend to account for his abandoning his promises to the LGBT community, AND simply paying more LIP service last night.

    Try speaking to ISSUES, Mary, not just issue personal attacks. You may be a big fag in the little pond of Las Vegas, but you ain’t the legal, historical, and legislative experts of the Palm Center”

    FUCK the Palm Center. You want so badly for this to be done EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO. REMOVE YOUR FUCKING EGO, man. It is so sad that you are willing to make the president institute the stop-loss program aka “back-door draft” just to hold discharges for literally a year. I would love to see you convince the family of a recently discharged soldier that he has to go back simply because we want to send a message. IT IS A PROGRAM, NOT A PROCEDURE. And in that program it clearly states that “THOSE SOLDIERS IN VIOLATION OF THE ARMY’S HOMOSEXUAL CONDUCT POLICY” are ineligible for the stop loss program. TO YOU, SLOW ACTION = BROKEN PROMISES. You sound like a meathead when you make that argument.

  12. says

    Sorry Jubal, you’ve missed a few things.

    Nota Bene: Derek said “chain yourselves to the Pentagon”…NOT the White House from which NOTHING will happen unless the Commander-in-Chief…the BOSS of the Pentagonettes…MAKES it happen!

    As for his “protesting in the streets,” you’re probably unaware that he invested a lot of energy when he was on the steering committee of the National Equality March last October to steering criticism AWAY from Obama to Congress.

    EVERY group but the Obambots will tell you the FIRST focus is on the President. The fish rots from the top down and saying it stinks that over 700 gays have been discharged since he took office, that his DOJ has attacked those who’ve tried to overturn DADT in the courts, and he has pretended he doesn’t have legal authority to freeze discharges NOW when he DOES is an understatement.

    When Derek starts saying, “Chain yourself to, protest in front of, the White House, THEN I’ll believe his primary goal is LGBT equality and not defending the leader of his cult.

    Until then, pay no attention to that little man behind the curtain still, if you read between the lines, saying: “Leave Britney er Barack alone!”

  13. A Commentor says

    I think a lot of people are confused to how DADT can actually be repealed. It’s actually a law passed by Congress that the President cannot override with a simple executive inverse (though the inverse is true). So please, instead of bashing the President for taking immediate action, realize he requires an actual congressman to back a bill that will repeal it.

    His STOU address was really on-point regarding the problem with Washington politics – it’s politics.

    On that note, worry more about the Congressman worried about being re-elected, because a lot of people may favor DADT repeal, but that doesn’t translate them to care enough to go out and vote for someone favoring it. In fact, it seems as if the people who disfavor a particular viewpoint are the ones that go to the booths. It’s hard to fight apathy about policies that don’t “concern” the majority of Americans at a superficial level that few dare to delve into.

  14. says

    What ARE you smoking, Obamaniac er Jason??????

    How can a “stop-loss” of those ALREADY IN the military be a “back door DRAFT”?

    How can “stop-loss” apply to someone ALREADY discharged [“convince the family of a recently discharged soldier that he has to go back”]??? He’s already “lost.”

    Show me WHERE it says gays “are ineligible for the stop loss program”!

    It’s one thing to disagree about strategy. It’s another thing to pull nonsense out of your ass, Moronia!

  15. Jubal H says

    RE: Posted by: Michael @ | Jan 28, 2010 2:18:29 PM

    “Sorry Jubal, you’ve missed a few things.”

    I didn’t say that I said with EVERYTHING he said, but I do agree that there needs to be more direct action and militancy on the part of our community instead of just bitching about it on the blogs. Just hammering away on a keyboard is not going to get us anywhere. We need to become a force to be reckoned with and that requires action not just words.

  16. jjasonham says

    What is a Moronia?
    Read this, you imbicile:
    It’ll help if you do a search for “homosexual” as it will list reasons for how you become ineligible for the stop loss program.

    And do your damn research about what stop loss is before you try to call me a liar. It is a program that can make a soldier serve up to 8 years even if they only signed up for 4. Honorable discharge is what is given to soldiers who are finished with their tours but don’t want military careers. You’re eligible for STOP LOSS in times of emergency where they can call you back if they’re “running low” on recruitment. READ A FUCKING ARTICLE.

    You are quite the militant gay. There are no gay leaders. So you have to APPEAL to your straight allies. Being uncompromising and demanding (both aspects) is NOT the way to appeal to someone. Good luck using that strategy in REALITY. Passion is there for the politics, but the way you’re drawing your logic, not much of the smarts.

  17. says

    I won’t call you a liar, Jason. Willfully, invincibly ignorant, yes, but not a liar. It’s not that you know the truth and are lying about it…you are apparently simply incapable of understanding it.

    The Army “milper message” you reference, or ANY OTHER military policy, of ANY branch, is IRRELEVANT, TRUMPED BY, OVERRIDDEN BY, NEUTRALIZED BY a Executive Order from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

    That’s WHY they use the words EXECUTIVE and ORDER. That’s why they call him COMMANDer.

    And since nongays ARE ALREADY BEING “STOP-LOSSED,” contrary to what you think you’ve demonstrated, you’ve only built a case FOR stop loss of gays. Over 700 NONgay servicemembers COULD HAVE GONE HOME THEMSELVES had they not been forced to stay in to fill the vacancies of the over 700 gays who were discharged since Obama took office.

    Over 13,500 since DADT was implemented.

    Over TEN TIMES that amount since gays were first banned.

    Apparently you really like the smell of your own ass because it’s only your tail your chasing with illogical, unsupportable attacks on what the President can and must do…in HIS words:

    “not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it is essential for our national security.”

  18. Donald says

    I like how Derek says less typing and more action and yet from the Obama White House it’s all talk and no action. Valerie said it herself, Obama talked about it in his campaign, talked about it over this past year, talked about it last night. Obama should do less talking and more doing.

  19. says

    “Chain yourself to, protest in front of, the White House,” @Michael: I agree, go chain YOURSELF to the White House. Make O uncomfortable.

    I find it odd that you would claim I spent time trying to keep Obama in some way protected. He wasn’t even on my agenda. I was working on getting Harry Reid on board. I was with someone that you have decided to famewhore your name to as we made the rounds trying to get things done.

    I actually think that DADT is the stupidest thing ever and needs to be done away with. I just think that you have some bizarre hatred of Obama that results in highly hateful attacks on him and anyone who doesn’t share that hatred. It’s weird.

    I also think you need a history lesson on me. I’m no big fish anywhere. I’m well known enough that you readily agreed to be a guest on my show. I treated you with respect and you gave us a lot of great info on Leonard M. I wish you would stick to him because you rep his memory so well. Tell folks about his pioneering efforts to treat people of color with respect. You do him no justice with your relentless fishwife attacks.

    And another thing, Marjorie, I was a Hillary Clinton supporter and delegate. I went to Denver in full Hillary regalia and took loads of shit from Black people because I told them then everyone had way too high of an opinion of Obama and that he was not a Magic Negro who could wave a wand and make it all better.

    He isn’t and he hasn’t.

    I do, however,know a lot more about politics now than I did before the march and am working daily in the fight for equality. Think what you will of the march, but, we worked 24/7 for months to actually do something.I met loads of people who I am now working with daily to keep the struggle moving forward. I also marched with “names” ,however, I’m not vulgar enough to relentlessly out them so that I may have some reflected glory. I am my own glory. As are you. No need to always attach yourself to others and their accomplishments.

    I’m jes sayin’.


    Speaking to the issues:

    I hate DADT

    I work daily to get it repealed

    It is my # 1 LGBT priority even though it actually affects the smallest # of our community as far as important issues are concerned.

    I strongly encourage everyone to do anything to help get it ended.

    The pen is (sometimes) mightier than the sword.

    OH GAWD, I’ve written a tome like Michaels!


  20. FunMe says

    Let me guess? This will happen after the November 2010 congressional elections, right?

    Unless there are RESULTS before then, Mr. Obama can talk to the hand!

  21. says

    @ A commentator:

    NO ONE is claiming Obama can “overturn” 10 USC 654 aka DADT.

    WE ARE addressing the FACT that he can SUSPEND it through the powers given him by Congress in 10 USC 12305 over ANY OTHER LAW.

    If you’re not here simply to make excuses for him by parroting Obama Borg Talking Points, then you should already know that.

  22. A Commentator says

    I’m actually contributing to learn more about the issue from those who know more than I do.

    Reading 10 USC 12305, it seems to only apply to reservists. Does this apply to those in active duty, as well?

  23. JeffRob says

    Over and over and over, we see Matlovich and 90% of Towleroad commenters act like Barack Obama is George Bush, that anything short of painting the White House pink is virulently homophobic, displaying their childish self-obsession while the adults try to discuss the workings of real policy changes.

    Derek and Jason- don’t be discouraged; we “self-hating, elite” (ie: educated, level-headed, possessing some figment of historical perspective) queers are with you.

  24. says

    @ A Commentator:

    No, the part about reservists in 12305 was written by Congress to simply set up a prerequisite situation important enough to justify trumping any other laws. It applies to ANY member of the military.

    Reservists are what there name implies, only to be used when there’s a shortage of full-time soldiers. Congress was saying, “OK, if the situation is present where THEY have to be called to full-time active duty AND we’re in a state of national emergency [which Obama extended last September after the expiration of the status initiated post 9/11 by Bush], then we authorize overriding laws that should be followed under normal circumstances.”

    Similarly, so-called “martial law” isn’t an actual statute but an [typically] temporary action in response to special circumstances: Control of a “civilian population especially in time of war or when civil authority has broken down and civil rights are usually suspended, and the activities of civil courts are restricted or supplanted entirely by military tribunals.”

  25. jjasonham says


    You my friend, are hopeless. I don’t care what you think, and you can wish all you want, but the president NEVER HAS UNLIMITED POWER. NEVER. You need a very basic civics lesson, that even in a state of emergency, an ability to suspend a law is added but the ABILITY TO CHALLENGE, OR CHECK (AS IN CHECKS AND BALANCES) NEVER EVER DISAPPEARS.

    And you keep saying “STOP LOSS FOR GAYS! STOP LOSS FOR GAYS!” It simply does not happen that way, as much as you simply wish it to. Stop loss cannot be applied to gays that have broken the Army’s code of conduct, and no matter how many times I say that, YOU remain willfully ignorant. When you say ‘I WANT TO USE STOP LOSS!”, you don’t get to say “I WANT TO USE PART B D, AND E OF STOP LOSS!” it doesn’t work that way, idiot. So yes. Suspend DADT for a year. But if you want to use a program, YOU HAVE TO USE ALL OF IT, EVEN THE PART THAT MADE GAYS WHO BROKE THE ARMY’S CODE OF CONDUCT (NOT NECESSARILY DADT, which are two different things) ineligible. I’m really starting to feel a tiny bit of pity for you.

  26. FrancoisTrueFaux says

    If Obama was actually considering this, you’d think he would have had people researching for weeks how to get this proposed to announce at the SOTU.

  27. STeve says

    Michael wrote, “Out of the blogs and into the streets!”

    Actually, these blogs provide an organizing tool. A few individual in the street doesn’t influence any official. But, a few individuals in the blogs can convince tens or hundreds of thousands of others to write letters or emails, which does influence most elected official. And, a few individuals writing on blogs can convince thousands of others to make political donations, which absolutely does influence every politician.

    The base problem, of course, is that there are a lot more bigots in the US than there are gays. The only way to offset that, even partially, is to get a higher percentage of gays involved in politics, while simultaneously getting most of the bigots distracted on something else.

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