ABC News Pushes Drudge’s Gay-Baiting of Janet Napolitano


Remember when Matt Drudge was gay-baiting Janet Napolitano back in January?

Well, as the Huffington Post notes, ABC News is now pushing Drudge's suggestion that Janet Napolitano's leadership is questionable because she's allegedly a lesbian.

Writes Devin Dwyer in the lede of an article about Napolitano: "The former Arizona governor, dubbed 'Big Sis' by one conservative blogger, oversees more than 188,000 civilian employees, 200,000 contractors and an amalgam of 20 subagencies, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration."



  1. alfredo zapata says

    Oh and I suppose that Michael Chertoff and Tom Ridge were such “Winners” because they were straight? Give me a fucking break!

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Drudge….isn’t that the stuff that goes from people’s toilets to the water treatment plants? If it aint, it ought to be.

  3. TANK says

    Napolitano’s closeted, so gay baiting kinda fits that behavior like a glove…drudge is also closeted, so that kind of stunted behavior is par for the course. I really couldn’t care less in this case, and don’t see a “victim”.

  4. walter says

    and if improves airline safety so be it tell matt if he is afraid of being tiny try a strap on when he goes through the scanner . it might help his image

  5. Brian from Tucson says

    Drudge is a lethal combination of bullshit, glitter, and gossip. he’s the kind of faggot that gives queers a bad name. Wish he would choke on his own ugly bile.

  6. anon says

    I think the point here is about ABC, not Drudge. Besides, these scanners are ridiculous. What are they going to think of next? The ACLU has come out against them, and they are not like Drudge at all.

  7. ty says

    Why are all the nastiest people queens? No wonder we have no rights, we devour each other(and not in a good way)!

  8. Kevin says

    I fully understand the issue with Drudge, but ABC is blameless here. They clearly used “Big Sis” to establish that Napolitano has been criticized in the past for infringing on too many privacy rights — it’s a play on “Big Brother,” and nothing more. Certainly not gay-baiting.

    Also, I happen to know Devin Dwyer, and he’s gay himself.

  9. Sam says

    um, I’m not sure that really qualifies as gay baiting. Mtt rudge is obsessed witht he loss of privacy and he probably sees the scanner as some kind of infringement on civil liberites. But Andy, how did ABC suggest she was unqualified? Nowhere in your post is there anyhting except for the phrase Big Sis, which seems odd.

  10. Caleb says

    I wish I understood how any of this is gay baiting? I’ve read through this twice and still cannot see any implications of Napolitano being a lesbian — by calling her Big Sis? How is that gay baiting?

    Confused. Also that quote from ABC seems equally lacking in any gay baiting?

    Me think thou dost protest too much.

  11. Scott says

    It’s been known for some time that Drudge was a closeted gay guy. From what I hear he is a bitter old queen who doesn’t have many friends at all. Kind of a recluse.