CBS Helped Script Anti-Abortion ‘Focus on the Family’ Tebow Ad

According to a story in the Daily Beast, CBS worked closely with 'Focus on the Family' developing the Tim Tebow ad for months!

2_tebow The major broadcast networks have avoided political advocacy ads for years, so CBS's decision to air the Tebow ad caught abortion rights advocates off guard. But Focus on the Family, the Colorado Springs-based conservative Christian group founded by Dr. James Dobson, says that it has actually been working closely with CBS executives for months on the ad's script.

"There were discussions about the specific wording of the spot," said Gary Schneeberger, spokesperson for Focus on the Family. "And we came to a compromise. To an agreement." Schneeberger declined to comment on exactly how CBS changed the ad's message.

CBS has said that in the last year, in an acknowledgment of "industry norms," it loosened previous restrictions on advocacy advertisements, accepting ads that pushed for health reform and environmental activism.

CBS has been criticized by a coalition of women's groups as well as GLAAD for its alliance with the virulently homophobic group Focus on the Family, an evangelical group that works actively against gay rights and advocates for overturning Roe v. Wade.

Tim Tebow defended his participation in the ad last week, saying he's standing up for what he believes.

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Apparently, given its participation, this is what CBS believes too.

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