1. TampaZeke says

    The United Church of Christ is filing a complaint against CBS for denying our ad promoting spiritual inclusion, claiming it was “too controversial” and an advocacy ad.

    This little tid bit of information should come in handy in making our point.

  2. Elias says

    This is outrageous!

    Does anyone know if a CBS exec(s) who supported this might be a born-again, Mormon, Catholic – some type of wing nut with an agenda facilitating this commercial to further his/her own views?

    The people at CBS responsible for approving and enabling this ad should be identified.

  3. ggreen says

    Tebow sounds like a 12 year old girl that just discovered boys. Typical indoctrinated child talk about faith and issues he doesn’t really understand but “mamma said”. So that’s good enough for the he man football player.

  4. JT RAMON says

    Haven’t seen the actual commercial spot yet, but with regard to this clip – I don’t have a problem with someone stating that they are standing up for something they believe in. Good for him. But, that doesn’t mean I have to support the content of the ad.

    It’s a shame that the gay community didn’t come up with a more serious ad which could have been considered for airing.

  5. Frozen North says

    @GGREEN yeah, he doesn’t sound articulate, but I think it’s more to nervousness and speaking to something of this magnitude.

    I think he’s brave to do this, but it’s something someone young, invincible and without a billion dollar sponsership would do.

    And I can’t really hate him til he actually says something anti-gay.

  6. Walter says

    How nice – CBS Executives and employees sitting around making nice to people who spend millions trying to mislead the public into fearing Gay Men as a greater Pedophile risk to children than Straight Men.

    CBS’s corporate culture is obviously very sick. Do they not have Gay Employees ?

    Imagine the situation if the Nazi Party was airing a “Do Not Litter” advocacy campaign?
    Would they air it ?

    No – because they are a hate group.

    Frozen North — so just working with a KNOWN anti-gay hate group that tells people to fear you (if you are gay) because you are a pedophile … you are ok with that?

    If so you are an ass or have not thought it through using LOGIC.

  7. walter says

    he should have spent more time on football he was a dud in the north south game hope he lost all hopes of an nfl contract and as to cbs how do belong to the same company that owns logo and mtv and be so homophobic
    time to let cbs sponsor know how wrong their policies are cbs doesn’t seem to care i sent them an email with no reply maybe the advertisers will care what people think

  8. Jonathan OZ says

    I urge everyone to take CBS off their channel rotations, and contact CBS to let them know it, and the reason why. Working with the so-called Family Research Council to develop an anti-choice ad while simultaneously denying the United Church of Christ ad promoting social and religious inclusion smells like right wing bias to me.
    Its a shame because some of their other programming has gotten better in the last couple of years, but we have to take a stand somewhere.

  9. Henry Holland says

    It’s easy for me to boycott CBS since the only show of theirs I watch is “The Amazing Race” and I illegally download it via BitTorrent so it has all the ads stripped out.

  10. Wes says

    My problem is not with Tebow, its with CBS. They have been obviously hypocritical through this, offering to ‘work closely’ with Focus on the Family to promote their view after rejecting UCC’s ad on the ‘political grounds’ argument.

    They should have just remained consistent but now that they’ve played favorites it just rubs me the wrong way.

  11. Wes says

    They should air an ad with a bunch of gay people saying “we only have kids when we want to, either by caring for the abandoned children of heterosexuals or working hard for the privilege to make one of our own.”

    Abortion is an exclusively heterosexual issue that homosexuals are happy to help in doing our part to minimize.

    End abortion, embrace homosexuality.

  12. George says

    I have posted on Facebook and Twitter that I will never watch another CBS Show ever. I sent a letter to CBS that said the same. This is fucking unbelieveable and disgusting…and of course, millions of you will be sitting there watching that stupid Super Bowl and that ad. I can’t.

  13. voet says

    Just yesterday I read about how Anita Bryant lost her spokespreson job for the Citrus Council because of the boycott that LGBT groups started against orange juice. CBS might also respond to a boycott especially if we could get others to join with us. Since when did CBS spell FOX?

  14. walter says

    has anybody noticed no attempt by cbs to even respond to the criticism they apparently don’t care or are oblivious to people’s feelings a boycott of cbs and their sponsors should start immediately. and remember cbs= logo= mtv

  15. MarkDC says

    It is not called “standing up for what you believe” if the other side is not allowed to present it’s side equally in the same forum. It’s called fascism.

    So fuck you Tebow. What a brainless Nazi douchebag.

  16. Brian says

    Hey pro-choice folks – if you are really pro-choice and not pro-abortion, (and not politically correct free-speech opposers) why would you object to someone who urges folks to choose life – like his own mother did in the face of strong pressure to abort him?

  17. No-one in particular says

    Personally, I don’t see what all this controversy is actually about.

    The mother made a CHOICE to keep her child, instead of murdering it. Isn’t that what pro-CHOICE should stand for? Not “you-must-have-abortion”. Or maybe they should change their name to “pro-abortion”? Cause they seem to be hating on this ‘choice’. Wow.

  18. Steve Davis says

    How wonderful that Tim Tebow was spared from an abortion by his Mother making the “right choice” when seven months pregnant with Tim in the Philippines even though urged by Dr.’s to have one. And then to go on to win the Heisman Trophy, what a great story. Oh but wait, something doesn’t add up here. In 1870 the Philippines criminalized abortion. Since 1930, its criminal code governing abortion makes NO EXCEPTION to save the life of the mother and REQUIRES prison time for doctors and women involved. So in light of this the Dr. recommended that an abortion be performed and put himself and Tim’s mother in danger of prison time. Now that is just too hard to believe, isn’t it? I call “Bull Shit” on the whole thing. He is a pompous bigot and a liar too. And yes, let CBS know of your disgust at them for accepting this lie.

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