Election Year Cease Fire in Utah Over Gay Anti-Discrimination Laws

Utah lawmakers have come to an agreement with gay rights opponents to delay taking up a law banning discrimination against gays. In exchange, "opponents of gay-rights legislation will drop any effort to prevent
local governments from passing their own nondiscrimination laws this
legislative session," the AP reports.

Stephenson The agreement is an effort to avoid making Utah the focus of gay rights issues in an election year. Said GOP State Senator Howard Stephenson: “There is a common desire to
ensure that Utah is not the battleground
for the nation on these kinds of issues. We simply refuse to be that
battleground. We hope to set a standard of civility and cooperation and
respect that hopefully will be copied in other states.”

Also: "The move is a 'compromise,' sanctioned by leaders in the House and Senate, intended to halt efforts to overturn or weaken the newly minted anti-discrimination ordinances in Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County."

Lawmakers instead will introduce a bill to study anti-discrimination measures.

"Stephenson and (Democrat Christine) Johnson both
said they want to build on the collaborative spirit that produced Salt
Lake City's anti-discrimination ordinances (endorsed by The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), which bridged divides between
Democrats and Republicans, Mormons and non-Mormons and the LGBT and
straight communities."


  1. sjorgl says

    It’s so absurd that we have to be happy with these tiny little crumbs that straight people throw our way.
    They should shove their “collaborative spirit” up their asses.

  2. says

    This is an example of the effectiveness of a variety of things.

    Those Kiss-Ins had a huge effect on the church Elders. The threat of Utah being boycotted was another big issue. All of the bad PR and subsequent attention drawn to the secretive LDS church was huge. Backstage Harry Reid told the LDS leaders to lay off the Gays. He let them know that funding anti-Gay iniatives was a misuse of church donations and brought nothing but ill will to the church. The combination led to a slew of anti-discrimination ordinances for the first time ever in Utah.

    Good example of GRASSROOTS Activism (not Gay Inc) and backstage politics combinig actually getting something done without sending out those “DONATE NOW” emails.

    And yes, I’m tired of crumbs being “given” to me as well. With more thoughtful actions and coalitions formed we will soon be able to start getting our full rights as US citizens. PLEASE find out what is going on in your local area as far as GRASSROOTS activism goes. I have met people from every section of the country who are doing things. All they need to succeed is your help.

    And they won’t bombard you for the next 30 years with “DONATE NOW” without any results to show for it.

  3. Steve says

    Wussing out once again – they will introduce a bill to “study” antidiscrimination? I thought this country was supposed to represent liberty and justice for all? Or do we have to think about that some more?

    Every delay is a set-back. Every delay is simply a tactic to keep us in the back of the bus.

  4. Rikard says

    It’s a mutual wuss out and that in it’s self is a victory. It is hard to explain the power the mormon church wields here. The fact they have capitulated in any way proves we have found a fulcrum. Now we just need to keep moving up the lever to get enough force to move them. Thanks for the support and outrage from beyond the zion curtian. See The Mormon Proposition and tell any mormons you know about it.

  5. TANK says

    Somebody’s awful naive. You go to states like utah…and others…most rural backward states (so most states)…and you see gays that are just so beat down and wounded that they’re not even whole people. It’s a shame.

  6. YooHoo says

    Tank, you’re an idiot. I’m from Utah and now live in NYC. You have a severely stereotyped view of what you call “backward states.”

    In my experience the NYC gays (myself now included) are more deserving of the label “not even whole people” than my Utah friends.

    Sometimes getting beaten down makes people stronger and more whole.

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