Felony Hate Crime Charges for 3 in Anti-Gay Chicago Attack

In mid-January I posted about Daniel Hauff, a gay man who was attacked on the Chicago "L" train after he tried to help a stranger his attackers had targeted. 

The Sun-Times reportsHauff  "On Jan. 10, 2010, Sean Little, Benjamin Eder and Kevin McAndrew were riding the CTA Red Line train when Little allegedly began verbally harassing and shoving a gay youth.

Daniel Hauff, of Rogers Park, came to the youth's aid, at which point Little allegedly began directing anti-gay slurs at Hauff and pushed him. Eder and McAndrew, who had been watching before, allegedly joined in the assault, calling Hauff a 'stupid fa***t,' and all three men began punching and bloodying Hauff's face in front of train passengers, according to a release from Hauff's attorney."

Hauff said he escaped by wiping some of his blood on the attackers and telling them he was HIV-positive.

Yesterday, the misdemeanor batteries against the three men involved in the attack were dropped in court, but they got a bit of a surprise as they were leaving the courtroom:

"As the three men left the courtroom, they were immediately re-arrested and charged with felony hate crimes as a result of a review of the case by the State's Attorney and the Chicago Police Department."


  1. NancyBoyDrew says

    ‘Bout time these assholes realize just how serious their B.S. can be for them if caught. It’s a felony. Hopefully they will be convicted. Bubba is waiting for them in Hotel Graybar.

  2. Jason Xavier says

    Witnesses confirmed that the Little guy (that’s his last name) was assaulting (threatening) and battering (pushing) a young gay kid. This WAS a hate crime. Hope these guys get the maximum. As a gay man who has endured this type of BS many times myself, it’s time to set an example about unacceptable violence toward other people. This was VIOLENCE against two men for being gay. That, my friends, is a hate crime.

  3. TANK says

    I’m glad that these douchebags were slapped with felony charges for their actions. However, do you really want to see them get sodomized in prison? Is that attitude not why prison rape is so common? Hmmm? Serious issue, huh…until it happens to someone you don’t like. Then, it’s politics as usual.

  4. TANK says

    Oh yeah! andrew sullivan is a staunch opponent of hate crimes laws, using ever cliche and invalid argument in the book to oppose them…I mean, how can anyone take him seriously when he uses such intellectually bankrupt arguments to advance his beliefs?

  5. says

    what part of calling someone a “stupid faggot” and beating the crap out of them when they try to stop another one from beating up and bullying a young gay man is not a hate crime?

  6. Bayley says

    Folks, we have a troll in the room by the name of quicknessm, and me thinks you’re related to one of these three THUGS. Congrats for helping raise 3 thugs who contribute nothing to society and just took up space…now society fired back and said they can’t be part of it anymore.
    Tell your boys to enjoy prison “homie”
    All the money, the jail time a criminal record and yet the millions of gay people in this country will continue being gay while these 3 bacteria rot in jail.

  7. Ryan says

    This is complete B.S. The police report and other people on the scene described this incident a simple misdemeanor,NOT a hate crime. The gay people involved are embellishing the story so much. I’ve seen pictures of the man that was beat up and he had a black eye and a minor cut. This is a political media play to make an example of these guys. I understand making a statement against gay violence, but do it with a case that actually has some legs as I’m sure gays get beat up all the time for their sexual orientation. This is pathetic.

  8. Quickness says

    hahaha so by callin them my “homies” that means that ur probably assuming that theyre black, which if u saw the pictures isnt true, only one is black so your “homie” statement looks kinda dumb. but since u said that, i can assume ur a racist right?

  9. CKNJ says

    Thank you Daniel, for standing up to these thugs and helping a stranger, only sorry you had to suffer so much for your heroism!

    What the hell was the matter with the rest of the passengers on that damn train? Where were they to help the guys? A trainload of people did nothing to help 2 guys being assaulted? Nice one, people!

  10. Actually thinking says

    @ RYAN

    youre so right! I mean I get spontaneous black eyes and minor cuts for no reason all the time. In fact I just got one thinking about your statement.

    Please tell me why a gay person needs tp be beat half to death for folks like you to even begin to consider calling incidents like this for what they are, a hate crime. If you physically abuse someone due to their sexuality, even if it’s “just a black eye” IT IS A HATE CRIME. It’s not the actual act it’s the motivation.

  11. Roo says

    So I network with Daniel on animal rights sites, AND I also knew Benjamin & Kevin from high school. They were ignorant then, and sadly their ignorance has only escalated.

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