1. JohnInManhattan says

    Not yet, although her Wikipedia page is an enjoyable read. Life didn’t pan out so well for Ms. Bryant, poor thing:

    Career decline and bankruptcy

    The fallout from her political activism hurt her business and entertainment career. Her contract with the Florida Citrus Commission was allowed to lapse in 1979 because of the controversy and the negative publicity generated by her political campaigns and the resulting boycott of Florida orange juice.[6]

    Her marriage to Bob Green failed at that time, and in 1980 she divorced him, citing emotional abusiveness and latent suicidal thoughts. Green refuses to accept this, given that his fundamentalist religious beliefs do not recognize civil divorce and that she is “still” his wife “in God’s eyes.”

    Some fundamentalist audiences and venues shunned her after her divorce. As she was no longer invited to appear at their events, she lost another major source of income. With her four children, she moved from Miami to Selma, Alabama, and later to Atlanta, Georgia. In a 1980 Ladies Home Journal article she said, “The church needs to wake up and find some way to cope with divorce and women’s problems.” She also expressed some sympathy for feminist aspirations, given her own experiences of emotional abuse within her previous marriage.

    She married her second husband, Charlie Hobson Dry, in 1990, and they tried to reestablish her music career in a series of small venues, including Branson, Missouri, and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Their plans failed, however, and Bryant and Dry left behind them a series of unpaid employees and creditors. Her career decline is detailed in her book, A New Day (1992). They filed for bankruptcy in Arkansas (1997) and in Tennessee (2001).

    Bryant returned to Barnsdall, Oklahoma, in 2005 for the town’s 100th anniversary celebration and to have a street renamed in her honor. She returned to her high school in Tulsa on April 21, 2007, to perform in the school’s annual musical revue. She now lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, and says she does charity work for various youth organizations while heading Anita Bryant Ministries International.

    In a 1980 Ladies Home Journal interview, following her divorce and in the aftermath of her anti-gay activism, Bryant commented on her anti-gay views and said, “I’m more inclined to say live and let live, just don’t flaunt it or try to legalize it.”[7] However, the biography page on her Anita Bryant Ministries website (written in 2006) continues to defend her earlier anti-gay activism and views.

  2. Disgusted American says

    Fuck her that bitch….into obscurity she goes..and so WILL Fatass Maggie Gallagher…at least AB could sing, all Mags can do is Eat & Bitch, so she can fade away into Jabba the Hut status!

  3. Cristián says

    Can’t wait to watch it. I bet Darren Star could make a masterpiece out of it.
    Please cast Marcia Cross for the leading role!

  4. bunker says

    I’m kind of interested in seeing this. I also think Marcia Cross would be perfect for this part.

  5. PearlsBeforeSwine says

    I am surprised to hear that HBO is attempting this. If they give a favorable picture of her life, the LGBT community will be PO’ed. If they trash her, the right will scream bloody murder and she will play the victim.

    Thanx fer the link JohnInManhattan –

    That sure is some purple prose. She really fits in with the Oklahoma culture (though I seem to recall that Tulsa was really popular with the Lesbians).

  6. SebastianQ says

    Not sure why we need a bio of her, but when they do it, I’m picturing Elizabeth Perkins from “Weeds” playing her.

  7. todd says

    I was just thinking what actress could play Anita but then I remember that John Goodman played Linda Tripp on an SNL skit. Maybe Mario Lopez in drag or better yet, Stephen Baldwin since he needs the money.

  8. Craig says

    I nominate Phyllis Diller to play her – the whole life, from kid to might-as-well-be-dead.

    Just another pie in the face to Anita.

  9. TANK says

    I think dennis franz would be perfect for this role…but walter would be better (goodman). I hope they’re not trying to turn her into a cult icon like they did Joan Crawford. Portraying this bigot in a sympathetic light would be a big mistake. No one needs to feel bad for her because she’s pathetic. She’s a world class douche bag who has richly deserved the misfortunes that have beset her.

  10. David Mudkips says

    I grew up in Florida, and as a kid coming into his own adolescence, I was subjected to a barrage of Anita Bryant’s hate on TV and the radio.

    Imagine being 12 years old, knowing you’re attracted to the same sex, and having to listen to this witch describe you as a degenerate, a pedophile, and a threat to society.

    For fuck’s sake — I was just a kid… and, without doing anything, she was attaching all of these evil labels to me.

    I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I, inherently, knew I wasn’t evil or wrong. Mostly, she just pissed me off.

    That’s not true for a lot of kids that came up during her reign of bigotry though. I can’t even begin to imagine how many suicides and broken lives her broadcast hate has caused.

    I don’t agree with the pie-in-the-face though. Honestly, I felt a brief moment of glee seeing her get pied, but that sort of thing isn’t going to get us anywhere.

    We’re better than that. That’s why we’ll win.

  11. Paul R says

    @PearsBeforeSwine: Darren Starr is going to be directing it. I don’t think we need to worry about it being an overly sympathetic portrayal. And I don’t think HBO kowtows to religious extremists—it gets more publicity if it doesn’t.

  12. Ted says

    David Mudkips, I was 12 years old as well, not yet cognizant I was gay, and yet I remember this event very well. I remember hearing her words of hate and being horrified. I think the pie in the face was the perfect attention getter, non-violent and yet violent.

    I will ackowledge her comeback about the fruit pie was great; if she was more liberal she may have made a great fag hag.

    Gald to hear her life went down the toilet with my then 15-year old feces, where it belonged

  13. Frank says

    An Open Letter to Anita Bryant.

    As someone who was gay, a virgin, and in his early teens at the time of your self-appointed crusade, I have nothing good to say about you. People like you convinced young people that they were evil and didn’t deserve to live. Many, like me, came close to taking their lives BECAUSE OF THE HARSH JUDGMENT OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION PORTRAYED BY PEOPLE LIKE YOU.

    Thankfully, I had a mother who loved me even if she was a conservative Christian. If I’d had a hateful old bitch like you for a mother, Anita, I’d have taken my own life.

    Please, just die and go to Hell.

  14. says

    Only a pie…

    RAZORS,NAILS, USED SYRINGE NEEDLES, ICE PICKS, JAGGED BROKEN GLASS,….. should have been flung at the CUNT on a daily basis!!

  15. TTA says

    A crazy and demented person who did a TON of damage. Add me the chorus of people here who were entering adolescence during her reign of terror, and were harmed as a result.

    But you know who was super-cool at about that time? Phil Donahue.

    Can’t wait for this movie.

    (Andy – I think the comment above by Lasur… should be deleted.)