Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor’s French Kiss Celebration


Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, in Paris to promote their gay prison romance I Love You Phillip Morris, were made knights in the National Order of Arts and Letters at the
Ministry of Culture, Celebrity Gossip reports:

"During the knighthood session, French Culture Minister Frederic
Mitterrand proudly declared, 'I love you Jim Carrey! I love you Ewan


  1. Bud says

    So does that make “Straight Face” (gay actors playing straight characters) just as disgusting?

  2. RJP3 says

    the saving grace of that photo is that it is two intelligent men — who are actually doing it with a bit of class and going right there ….. I do not see them being uncool in that shot

  3. Clifw says

    I feel like this movie has been promoted forever… is it actually coming out any time soon? Or has it been and gone in the US?

  4. says

    Finally 2 straight male actors who, while promoting their movie, don’t feel the need to discuss how strange or uncomfortable it was to kiss another man.

  5. topher says

    My 83 year old granparents kiss more passionately than that!
    And yeah, I don’t get it. Same thing with brokeback mountain. It’s a shame to realize that if the actors were gay in real life, this would only have a niche market in the alternative gay subculture, because no studio would ever endorse such thing.

  6. B-rod says

    Jim Carrey looks uncomfortable and looks like he lacks any feeling in that pic. At least Ewan appears to be trying.

  7. MajorTom says

    I love Ewan (and would do him in a heartbeat), but look at the photo. Their lips aren’t even lined up. McGregor’s lips are on Carrey’s cheek, and Carrey’s lips are between McGregor’s lower lip and his chin. No “lip-lock” going on here.

  8. Blake says

    Jim Carey is fucking gross and his pseudoscience, antivaccination bullshit that he’s pushing with Jenny Mccarthy is going to hurt and probably kill kids. Fuck him and fuck his harmful, anti-science bullshitmongering.

  9. TheNiebur says

    Oh fuck you all. Two high profile actors, who do not care if people start wondering if they could be gay, trying to show us support, and without making fun of us in the process! “Gay face” my azz! So gay actors are not allowed to play straight in movies, huh? They can only play gay? There goes work for a lot of them!

    When someone famous or even semi-famous show their bigotry we are all over them. As we should be! And when someone famous is showing support like here, we are all over them too! Are we a hard group of people to please or what? Jeez…

    Makes me want to put on my “straight face”!

  10. Fredo777 says

    This picture is super-cute. I’m with TheNiebur on how hard to please we seem to be on these blogs. Lighten the f*ck up for once, people.

  11. Ruddigore says

    Jim Carrey is the hyperactive, scenery-chewing Jerry Lewis of our generation. No wonder the French love him.

  12. Lexxvs says

    Good for them. Cool guys. They way to go. They don’t need a cent for doing this, they do it just because they feel compelled to make a (good) stand.

  13. Darrell says

    Being that Jim Carrey is a Canuck and Ewan McGregor is a Brit, they both come from countries that have either gay marriage (Canada) or full civil unions (UK) they probably don’t have the hang-ups that many home grown American actors possibly would have……….I cannot imagine say John Travolta or George Clooney doing this.

  14. Lucy says

    Your Wrong! Ewan Mcgregor is SCOTTISH! not British that is an insult lol I love the Brits We Scotish are amazing so no!! sorry that tweaked a nerve xD

    I freaked out when I read that Jim and Ewan kissed I didn’t know they did a movie together. So I thought the worst hahaha. xD